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Legend holds that the captain of the Titanic also resigned right after the ship hit the iceberg.…/poli…/john-dowd-white-house/index.html

President Donald Trump's lead lawyer, John Dowd, has resigned from the President's personal legal team handling the response to the Russia investigation.|By Jeremy Diamond

It's so cute how we talk about white terror in this country:

"It is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his life that led him to this point," the interim chief said.

We have a crisis in this country of white boys and men committing mass murder with bombs and guns, but TV, the president, and movies are telling us to be afraid of something else, and it's a lie, and we'll keep being slaughtered until we confront it.

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Mark Anthony Conditt, who police say was behind a wave of bombings in Texas, killed himself early Wednesday in what investigators described as an explosion inside his car, leaving them scrambling to determine whether any bombs remain and if he acted alone.|By Faith M Karimi

It's refreshing to see that some personal accountability has finally been brought back to Washington.…/us/ben-carson-hud-dining-room.html

In a rambling, at times contradictory, explanation, Mr. Carson told a House committee that he had “dismissed” himself from the decision to buy the set for his office last year, leaving the details to his wife and staff.

Joy Harjo, Charles Frazier, Robert Gipe, etc.

The literary arts at UNC Asheville are kind of a big deal.…/charles-frazier-and-joy-harjo-head…/

Asheville and Western North Carolina News | Local Matters - Arts, Food, Music and Movies

If you need a happy story I will tell you a story about the time Mallory and I gave Gail Godwin and Lee Smith a ride back to our hotel after an event. Mallory was pregnant, and we were leaving the festival to go on vacation the next day, and she had a body pillow packed in the backseat that was called a Snoogle. The whole ride back to the hotel Lee kept saying "Snoogle!" and laughing, and soon we were all laughing so hard that we were in tears. It was one of the happiest car rides we've ever had.

Scroll down to read the review of Tom McCallister's new novel HOW TO BE SAFE. This book is an eye/heart/soul/culture burner, and everyone should read it.…/63ee6b2c-2b97-11e8-b0b0-f7…

‘Big Guns,’ ‘Gun Love’ and ‘How to Be Safe’ offer a look at our unique culture of violence.|By Ron Charles

In my creative writing class at UNC Asheville this semester, I've promised myself and my students that I will write along with them. This essay is a result of our first assignment.

For any writer — budding or in full bloom — a great story often begins someplace that’s intimately known By Wiley Cash When I teach creative writing, whether to undergraduates or master’s students or community workshop participants, I always tell my class three things. First, I say that the ...

Christians who support this president, as you head to church this morning to pray for the president, take a moment to pray for yourselves as well. Pray for discernment. Make a better decision next time.…/56924c54-29db-11e8-874b-d5…

A former porn star close to Daniels describes the deal cut with a celebrity tabloid. It was halted when Trump lawyer Michael Cohen intervened.

A brief essay about Appalachia, Gastonia, and Ella May Wiggins in Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine from a few years back.…/millbillies-murder-and…/

Wiley Cash Examines the Mill Village-era of Gastonia, North Carolina.

If you're shocked by the UMBC win, just imagine how shocked you're going to be when a sitting president goes to jail.

It's gonna be cray!

Virginia vs. UMBC? Called it for UMBC before the game.

Just kidding. But I did call that the president had been compromised by Russia before the inauguration.

This study of Appalachia and its damaging representations is an elegy to truth and a powerful, often hilarious, condemnation of poverty porn, absentee ownership, and unchecked capitalism. It draws a line in the gravel blast and coal slurry, and asks, "Whose side (of culture, history, politics, society) are you on?" Elizabeth Catte takes her stand, but unlike that iconic southern manifesto to which southerners either run to or flee from depending on the political/historical moment, people from Appalachia and those hoping to learn something about them, will always be able to turn toward this book and say, "Yes, this is us. This is true. This." This was purchased at Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe and is a Staff Pick because Malaprop's knows what's up.

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If only our politicians were as brave as this young man. I'm so proud to live in a state where young people like him are wresting the reins from the people who have failed them. I've reached out to the school about donating to school or community gun violence programs in Justin Blackman's name. Stay tuned if you would be interested in doing the same. Onward!…/student-walks-out-alone-tr…/index.html

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, Justin Blackman got up from his desk and calmly walked out of Mr. Mendez's Spanish class. When he got outside, he discovered he was the only one.|By Paul P Murphy

Whew, it's getting to the point where kids and minorities are making it tough to be a racist, misogynist, NRA-loving, conservative Republican these days!

He hires only the best people: liars, wife beaters, crooks, scam artists, Russian sympathizers, etc. They're the best. Take Ben Carson for example. He said he had no idea about how the $31,000 dining room table cost.…/emails-ben-candy-carson-di…/index.html

Newly-released emails cast doubt on claims by Ben Carson and his spokesman that he had little or no involvement in the purchase of a $31,000 furniture set