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Arman Mirza
· August 6, 2014
Customer service was very good, my bartender was very friendly. The food was also good, though the portions could've been bigger. I like the interior of the bar, reminded me of bars back home in Bos...ton, very grimey but in a good way. The DJ was awful though. As someone who DJs myself, this guy was a mess. It was a weekday evening before going to a basketball game at American Airlines Arena so I wouldn't expect a top of the line DJ but this guy was awful, he doesn't have to know how to mix, but at least make smooth transitions or just don't even try to DJ and just be an "ITunes DJ". He would go from like a Justin Bieber song to a Linkin Park song to a Pitbull song, which in its own is a mess but on top of that just imagine how messy that would sound when a wanna be DJ is trying to make smooth transitions between the songs. Just putting an IPod on shuffle would have been better. Dont think I'd recommend this bar for anybody looking to go out to somewhere with good music, as the DJ plays a crucial part in this, unless a recognized DJ is there which I know there are plenty of well recognized DJs they bring in. I even sent an email to Will Call, which I never do with any bar since Ive only been DJing a little over a year, offering my services as thats how bad this "DJ" was. See More
Roman Fernandez
· January 8, 2014
One of the last hopes for great live music in Miami, let alone the downtown area. And even more rare to find, a great sound system with a good mix engineer. Great after-hour DJs. The vibe is snazzy wi...thout being pretentious. Always up for a night at Will Call. See More
Ryan Sambrook
· June 16, 2013
Miami's newest and BEST live music venue featuring 95% unobstructed sight and sound. Featuring all of the greatest original music Miami has to offer Fridays and Saturday nights then stay with us late ...into the night for the most talented DJs this city has to offer. Just voted BEST AFTER HOURS by Miami New Times - 24 hour liquor license and a great crowd every night of the week. Come be part of the resurgence of true music industry talent in the great city of Miami! See More
Scott Parmelee
· March 5, 2015
Had a great time about 3 weeks ago found this was starving and was treated to the best burger an tater tots best Jukebox looking forward to saying hello this weekend.
Marisol Ruiz
· November 24, 2015
I really love this place after I leave my bar. Need to know when it is doing its Grand opening so, I can be there.
Eduardo Zamora
· November 15, 2013
Great vibe, open late, good bartenders that deserve their tips. Just overall an awesome chill place, especially after you get off work at midnight and there is nothing open.
Goldie Steal
· July 30, 2013
I was inventory here 4 months every night :-) So, WillCall is the best bar I ever been in my life. In the start I was coming during the night- to party. Later I was coming in the morning, to have nice... breakfast and party again... Somehow, its always perfect time for WillCall :-)
And I am coming back soon, yes! Good habits should not be changed!!!! ♥
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Starlette M. James
· September 12, 2014
My 22 year old daughter a college student and her 22 year old boyfriend also a college student, artist & musician went 2 this place last night to see friend perform on stage. My daughters boyfriend ha...s dread locks as do many people now a days. where being watched by the staff the entire they were their last night until finally the manager asked them to leave because they Quote on Quote looked suspicious! Really who does that?! She got home last night literally in tears heartbroken over this incident. I felt and feel so bad for them. how could you ask someone to leave because you feel they look suspicious because of their hair style! I am just livid over this matter, I can assure you (WILL CALL BAR & GRILL) this is not the last you will hear of this incident. 2014 racisim and prejudice still alive!!!! smh! See More
Chino Chino Chino
· July 13, 2014
Nice spot in miamis downtown great ambiance drinks every one is doing their own thing and people welcome you to join them.
Ziggy Pryda
· April 2, 2014
Your staff is Amazing as well as your service. Met Awesome people as well as friends at your establishment :) See you next year !
Roshi Day
· November 6, 2015
Great experience for me! I was very happy to be there and will go back.
DrAkili Xzavier Williams
· July 11, 2014
Awesome sound system, drinks are reasonable, and the staff was superb. holla at Susie the waitress, she is phenomenal.......
Catherine Anderson
· May 22, 2015
Great service, delicious BBQ pulled pork sliders, and tasty drinks...even coffee!
Jeffrey Anthony
· December 6, 2014
A great place to enjoy your self with friends good food but GREAT DRINKS
Angeline Samarian Preval
· August 29, 2014
I love this place and the people, the food and music
Herman Kucukkoseoglu
· January 7, 2014
Ordered a margarita came out sugary and sweet but bartender made up perfectly for it thanks for the hospitality
Roman Frenkel
· January 2, 2014
Great in a pinch, or if it's 6am and you don't want the party to end
Joshua Parker
· June 2, 2015
Ana is the best bartender in the world! I miss her.
Cryptic Maldonado
· January 23, 2016
nice place.. right in front where the miami heat play.
Oski Gonzalez
· October 10, 2014
This place kicks ass! Great Music, Food and Staff. Plus open 24-7!!!

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