Registration - WR13 NHF. To the stupid bint in the Chelsea Tractor, what was so important that you feel that you can just force your way through the queing traffic which Calne sees everyday and almost cause an accident? Spotted: On the Road Spotted in Calne Calne Police
BMW Phone User
Suicidal Seat Driver on A350 Semington Bypass

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The Original Shout Out: Calne

Witness appeal: did anyone witness an individual on the night of Friday 16th February vandalize a car by Broken Cross? We know who did it, but need witnesses to take further action.

Bad Wiltshire Drivers - Just getting out of Bristol is a pain

This video is one of a series of videos about the poor driving I witness on the road every day of the year. It is meant for entertainment purposes. If you're...
WILTSHIRE Council claims the Bradford on Avon Lorry Watch scheme is working - despite no offenders being prosecuted last year.

Another selfish prick parking in Bentley Grove in Calne, Blocking residents in, whilst visiting another resident! Learn to use the car park in the road rather than double parking, just because you are scared of a little rain.

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Bristol Bike Theft Awareness

Please read this carefully! What will follow will be the facts of the matter and nothing less!

Tonight I had my prearranged meeting with ASP to debrief the Q&A ...meeting and what will happen going forward from there however as you can imagine the evening was dominated with regards to the stolen Triumph!

This is what I can tell you. I spent the whole time with the owner.
They are extremely grateful for all who shared, made contact and searched for his bike. He’s amazed at just how big the community is and just how interwoven the IAG is ASP.
They are fully aware of the investigation and how it is proceeding up to this point including the leads that have been followed AND the resources that have been allocated to this one crime.
The bike has now (thankfully) been recovered with great work by ASP. It’s in a safe location and being checked over. I’m not going to comment on it’s condition.

There are an astronomical amount of resources allocated to this investigation. With that in mind I have to make this absolutely clear - the indiscriminate posting of names, locations and threats is causing a serious chance of jeopardising a live investigation!
The police have to relocate resources from investigation to protection of not only suspects but also the victims!
Also most of the information being spread IS INCORRECT making posters and sharers complicit when innocent people are caught up in the aftermath! If you see these posts please ask for them to be removed as that are NOT helping matters. We want justice for him and every other victim so don’t mess it up being a fool!

The owner does NOT want any hunting parties or vigilante action off the back of this theft!
He is FULLY supportive of the police investigation as, like me, he knows a LOT more than the public know and is satisfied with what is occurring.

Finally if anyone knows anything, sees anything or hears anything please report it in!
If anything the theft of this and other bikes so close to the Q&A has really got the charge into ASP! There will be changes and I’ll be putting out more tomorrow.
For now please be sensible and DON’T bring the biking community into disrepute!
We are being watched very closely by not so favourable organisations 😡

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The latest version of Bad Wiltshire Drivers is here.

This video is one of a series of videos about the poor driving I witness on the road every day of the year. It is meant for entertainment purposes. If you're...
Bad Wiltshire Drivers added a new photo to the album: Humour.

Definately not Wiltshire, but still amusing for those of us not stuck in the traffic jam!

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A big throwback for you today... Calne high street in 1963!

starting at the bottom of New Road and driving up Curzon street and into the square prior to the stupid pedestrianisation
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Calne Police

Vehicle stopped today at 11:09hrs near to the A3102 at Hilmarton for showing no insurance.

The driver later admitted to also driving with no licence.

The vehi...cle seized by officers and recovered.

The driver, a 20 year old local male has been reported for driving with no licence or insurance.

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From neighbouring Gloucestershire!

Hipster dad & hipster son compo face of the day

Spotter: Daniel

Ryan Carbin says his son hit the tree after hitting a broken kerb|By Conor Gogarty

BMW driver ‘actually a pretty decent bloke’ claim two people

A MAN who drives a BMW is ‘sort of an okay person, once you get to know him’, it has been claimed by two people.

This week's slow hand clap award goes too.…/15986781.Drunk_man_fine…/

A DRUNK who drove his car into a ditch has been disqualified from driving for 14 months and fined £576.
The Original Shout Out: Calne

To the person that stopped to let me, my partner (in a blue coat) and my nephew cross the road on New Road before the Station Hill roundabout and subsequently got driven into - we're happy to act as witnesses if you need! Just comment and I'll get in touch