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Rebecca Cunningham
· April 4, 2017
In 2015 I was in a bad wreck leaving me with fractured pelvis, hip & multiple compound fractures to my lower left leg. I originally went in to Dr Sikes for an upper back & shoulder "jam up" but he has... been working with me on leveling my legs, hips & spine. In only 2 weeks I can already tell a huge difference in my movement, balance & muscle control. Thanks Dr Sikes! See More
Karol Kolberg Mace
· May 9, 2015
I can't tell you what a wonderful chiropractor Dr. Sikes is. I originally went to see him for back and neck pain....gone. I somehow injured my shoulder and an orthopedic surgeon wanted to do surgery ...on it. Dr. Sikes has taken care of my shoulder and I don't need surgery. The latest thing I did was twist my knee playing pickleball. I couldn't even walk on that leg. Through Dr. Sikes' physical therapy and electric stimulation I am almost healed. Thank you, Dr. Sikes. See More
Sharon L. Armke
· April 19, 2017
Dr. Sikes took me from a state of severe pain, from bulging discs in my neck, to now a state of almost no pain. He did it without severe twisting of my neck and back, using instead his activator and t...he spinal decompression machine. Fantastic result! Thank you Dr. Sikes! See More
Monica Abrego Elmer
· April 9, 2017
I had horrible pain from driving all the time. I was really apprehensive about getting adjusted. Dr. Sikes was fantastic. He explained everything and was patient with me through the whole process. I h...ighly recommend seeing him. He is professional and does wonders! See More
Alec Nicholls
· February 26, 2015
Thought it was about time I plugged Brad. He is an amazing chiropractor, if he just lived a little closer to Austin, I would visit more often. Thanks Brad for all your help both via email and on the table.
Sandy Vasquez
· November 30, 2015
He also gives advice on stretches to practice outside the office, recommendations to make in your work environments & he adjusts babies :) The chiropractic massage is SO awesome too!
Daren Penry
· February 27, 2015
You wont find a more committed doctor than Brad, to help you with your health!
Research shows that people who get chiropractic care are less likely to use risky opioids for their pain and they save money on their healthcare.
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Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — Resolution of Lumbar Disk Herniation without Surgery