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Maureen Young
· April 5, 2014
By being at on of his car show it a great thing he is doing because it a good way of Winning souls for Christ especially the young kids and is testimony alone is so powerful that it makes you want to ...give your life to the Lord ...I love what he is doing all for the glory of God See More
Donna Johnson
· November 18, 2014
God Driven! The most uplifting, inspirational organization I have ever been associated with. A pure life changing experience. You will NEVER see things or feel things the same ever again! Nothing shor...t of a true Blessing from God. See More
Irma Amador
· August 13, 2013
Sammy Maloof and Jennifer Maloof are the truest form of love and compassion for people to have their lives restored through the power of the living God. Miss you guys.
Deborah Rogers
· July 28, 2015
Sammy and the group have a purpose. Hope to go far.
Ce Cilia
February 17, 2013
Sammy and his team are making a mark in people's lives that cannot be erased!
Tina Marie Schneider
· February 11, 2013
I recommend Sammy and His Team at Winning at the Race of Life to any Corporation,your community, Group, Organization, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Teen Outreach, the list of who he can motivate is endless...!!! If there is an Organization ** Sammy's Biblical approach will *Improve * Enhance,* Empower and Increase what is there at this time. I have never met a man who gives of his time, talent, love, energy wisdom and Biblical knowledge as Sammy Maloof! You are always welcome at his shop and while you are there you witness to an endless supply of giving.... one person after another after another. The phone rings off the hook! His cell is a never ending ring... and all the while You are made to feel special and important! He is there to mentor, guide and love you through whatever it may be is happening in your life! He is a PROBLEM SOLVER! I HAVE AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF RESPECT FOR THIS MAN - HIS FAMILY AND " Winning at the Race of Life " Organization! If you want your business to Increase...... Sammy has a WINNING FORMULA ** A RECIPE for SUCCESS You all should witness for yourself! See More
JohnZalika Heart
February 9, 2013
My brother Sammy is a BLESSING to every company and group that he speaks to!
Michelle Bitonti
· January 26, 2014
We love you Sammy!
How do you know if you have Fear
You were never designed to fail. Everyday you should be walking in Victory. That means the challenges around you dont kick your butt you kick their butt! #winningattheraceoflife #thursday #wisdom #inspire #devotionals #buildingchampions
Don't let anything stop your blessings from reaching you. #monday #wisdom #winningattheraceoflife #digdeep

My beautiful Mom at 94 years young is an #inspiration to us all! Here’s her message today at #BibleStudy #Fellowship:

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Our goal is to provide you and your family with the tools to WIN at the race of life, so make sure you check out & #share our awesome new website built by Jennifer Maloof
#ChristianResources #TheBible #Wisdom #Friday #Winning 🏁

Winning teaches people how to find their gifts, talents, vision, calling and purpose in life and help them learn to operate in them every single day

This is how to really win at the race of life🏁 via The Message
#forgive #love #pray #give #repost

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Friends, how you see people is your eyes. How you treat them is your heart. Faith works by love. Your love activates faith. NOTHING will activate it more. Fear activates hate. Fear causes worry, doubt & torment. Confess YOUR sins, not your neighbors! Satan wants nothing more than to discredit your integrity and witness for God. ‪#WalkInLove#ThursdayThoughts #encouragement #faith #focus #FearIsALiar

You’re never alone and you matter. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7/365 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Your call is free and confidentia...

And he said to him, “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.”
Luke 23:43 #BillyGraham

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We have many ways we’re reaching the lost. Will you help us spread the good news? #Share: #TestimonyTuesday #lunchtime

Winning teaches people how to find their gifts, talents, vision, calling and purpose in life and help them learn to operate in them every single day

It’s #TestimonyTuesday and any one of these #testimonies will BLESS your socks off!!!:

We have some of the most powerful testimonies that take place through our Outreach Winning at the Race of Life with Hollywood stuntman, speaker, author and n...

#DidYouKnow you can change the atmosphere when you walk into a room?:
#words #attitude #behavior #love

You can attract people to you and you can also push them away by the atmosphere you bring with you. SUBSCRIBE!! CONNECT WITH WINNING AT...

Do all things without complaining and arguing... (Phil‬ ‭2:14‬)

#GoodMorning. Praying for those in authority will change the course of any nation. A #Prayer for Our Government via Kenneth Copeland Ministries:
#PresidentsDay #MondayMotivation

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries

We are so thankful our founding father George Washington knew the importance of this! We honor him and all the presidents who've served this great nation. How will you pray for the president and governing authorities today? #PresidentsDay

If you’re going through a challenge, don’t go it alone. We’ve got some great resources to help you:
For #Prayer:
& Our website:
#SundayMotivation 🏁

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Winning teaches people how to find their gifts, talents, vision, calling and purpose in life and help them learn to operate in them every single day

If you’re going to win at the race of life, you need to know how to pick your battles!:…/pick-your-battles
#Saturday #Encouragement #Motivation🏁

You need to know where the attacks in your life are and where they are coming from. There are many battles everyday that we have to deal with. In this teaching by Sammy Maloof you will learn how to deal certain battles and have the victory.

Thankyou Sammy Maloof for the millions of hours you pour into SO many people on a daily basis!

#WeAppreciateYou #MentoringMatters #Mentorship #Leadership #Love

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Mentoring With Music

When you truly know the heart of your #mentor, when they touch places that hurt, (and they will) you'll realize they're not trying to pick you apart or tear you... down, they're only trying to build you up. THANKYOU #SammyMaloof with ALL you have to do every single day, we SO appreciate you taking time to help us continue Winning at the Race of Life🏁
#ThankAMentor #ThatsWhatLoveDoes #MentoringMatters #Mentorship #Leadership

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Remember, your focus is your master and what you fail to master in life will eventually master you. When you are willing to take your own thoughts captive, walk in love, THINK like Christ, SPEAK like Christ, ACT like Christ and LOVE like Christ, you will prosper in everything you do. #Order:…/where-are-your-tho…

In this powerful message you will learn that your thoughts or mind can start everything in your life or stop everything in your life. Your thought process can rob you out of every blessing that is available to you. Remember, your mind is the battleground where the ammunition gets thrown into. ......