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Sherry McWhorter Sutterby
· May 12, 2017
Fast and thorough service! Will call on Mark next time I need any computer service.

I'm done with the new Firefox. I managed to get it working for the most part in an acceptable way, but still had problems with video playback, especially on youtube. It also used more resources the longer I had it open. At times I would have to shut it down and restart just to get things running right again. Last night was the final straw. While watching a music video I got the "blue screen of death". I am now testing Opera as my main browser. I do have Chrome installed, but I'm not a fan. Even so, it's better than Firefox now.

Updating my Firefox review:
After a couple weeks, I have worked out most of the things about it that I didn't like. The add-on No-Script takes a little getting used to, but it made a huge improvement in slowdowns. The last remaining problem seemed to be hanging and lockup when I was playing youtube videos. Invariably, after a song or 2, everything would slow to a crawl and it was a trial just to close the program. I did some reading and found that youtube had gone to a new ve...rsion also, and it had been causing problems for some other people. I switched back to the old version of youtube and everything seems better.
To make the switch, look in the upper right corner on the youtube page for 3 dots. When you hover over them with the mouse, "settings" will pop up. Click on "settings" and select "go back to old version" (or something like that). After making the change, close your browser and re-open it.
Let me know if this works for you!

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1 week with the new Firefox. No-Script and Video Downloader, my 2 favorite add-ons have updated versions that work with Firefox 57 now. No more mysterious slowdowns. I'm ok with it, but don't see a huge advantage to the upgrade so far. If you do not use add-ons yet, let me suggest those 2. Each takes a little practice to understand all the ins and outs of using them, but right out of the box, they are a huge user experience improvement.

You might want to hold off on installing the newest version of Firefox. I'm getting mixed reviews. For myself, it's been about the same as making a change to any new program, which is NOT the same as a simple upgrade. I'll post again in a few days to let you know how it's working out.

Today I installed the newest version of Firefox. So far so good. It looks a little different but functions about the same. I'm having no trouble finding the controls I'm looking for (they left the menu across the top if you use that). The add-ons and extensions that I use are not available for this version yet, so if you you use things like Noscript or Video Downloader, be prepared to try something else. It seems a bit faster, and they claim it uses less resources.
To find ou...t what version you are using, click on HELP in the menu across the top and select ABOUT FIREFOX. If you don't see the menu, right-click on the top bar of Firefox and select MENU BAR.
Here's a link from PC Magazine about the new Firefox:…/firefox-quantum-offers-huge-leap-in…
Here's the link to get it:

Be sure you download the correct version. To find out if you have 32 or 64 bit Windows, go to CONTROL PANEL and select SYSTEM.

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The open-source web browser gets a major update, with turbocharged performance, a new look, and better memory usage.
Tony O'Brien

Lost somewhere between the summit lodge and downtown wss: veto pro PAC tool bag filled with the tools I use to earn a living. If found, please call 304-646-3663

If our memories are correct, it has been 50 years since we left the friendly halls of Greenbrier High School to go into the big world.

We are planning a 50 year reunion to see "old" friends and share some memories or even tell a lie or two. Please make plans to join fellow classmates and spouses for a day of fellowship and good times. We plan to keep it simple this year, with a catered picnic and a day of reliving, laughing, and enjoying some time together. So throw a folding... chair in the car and head to Ronceverte.

Hope you all can join us, but if not, let us know a little about you after 50 short years.

Class of '67 Reunion Commitee

Gather at 12 PM. Meal will be served at 2 PM. Stay and visit as long as you like.

Cost: $15 - single $25 - couple
Please contact us by June 10 so we know how namy to prepare for.

Sharon Baker - 304-667-2232 or
203 Kelly St. Ronceverte WV 24970

David Smith - 304-646-3631 or
PO Box 481 Ronceverte WV 24970

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Sat 12:00 PM EDTRonceverte Island ParkRonceverte, WV
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WIRED COMPUTER SERVICES is having a Summer Business Special!
This is your chance to find out what regular computer services can do for your business for FREE. Call me now and receive 3 MONTHS of free computer service and repair at your business.

How does it work?


Schedule a day for an initial consultation. On that day I will come to your business, discuss your needs and expectations. We will look at the individual computers and how your network is configured. If at that time you choose to try my offer, there will be a ONE TIME fee of $10 (ten) per computer for me to ensure that they are all up to date and virus/malware free. This will be the only service charge during your 3 month period. If at some point during your free period you need (or want) new hardware (computer, printer, etc), you will only be responsible for the cost of the hardware, not the installation or any further service needed.

What's the catch? Nothing!

I hope to gain some regular customers out of this promotion, and I'm willing to donate my time to your business to show you what an advantage it can be to have me service your computers and network.

Call to schedule your consultation today! I will be limiting the number of businesses I take on during this period so as to ensure I don't become overloaded and unavailable when you need me.

Wired Computer Services - Mark Mengel - 304-647-8864

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I like it! Other than a few minor annoyances like OneDrive and Skype, Windows 10 has been a stable and easy to use operating system. Now that the free installation period is over, Windows 10 will cost you about $100. If you're still using 7 or 8, there's no need to upgrade. They will be supported for a few years yet. If you're looking at buying a new computer, whether it's a laptop or a desktop, don't be afraid of Windows 10. It's well behaved and stable, and you won't have any trouble mastering the changes in how things work.

Recently I have had a few people ask me about satellite internet service. I have very little experience with it myself. I have had customers who have used Hughesnet and Wild Blue. Each seemed to work ok, but had a fairly small data limit. If any of you have any suggestions or warnings about satellite internet I would greatly appreciate your input. Click on the link above and email me with anything you have.

Merry Christmas from Wired!

I am offering a discounted set-up service for the holiday season through January. If you got a new computer for Christmas and need some help, I will come to your home or business at your convenience.
Set-up service includes:
Computer hardware setup...
Network setup
Printer setup
Transfer of files from old computer
Email setup
Configuration of new computer

All for the low price of $35.00
Call to make an appointment: 304-647-8864

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There appears to be quite a bit of imposter Facebook accounts appearing recently. I have had 3 customers who have had this problem in the last week, If you have people on your friend list asking why you are sending them new friend requests, you may be a victim as well. Warn them not to accept, or to remove that person if they have accepted already. Make sure they remove the imposter, not you.
This does not mean that someone has hacked you Facebook account, or stolen your pass...word. They have simply created a new account using your name, and probably some of the pictures from your page.
To notify Facebook if you find you are being impersonated, perform a search in "Find Friends". Select the page of the person impersonating you. Looking at their cover photo you will see a button with 3 dots next to the "message" button. Click on the 3 dots and select "report". Follow the instructions.
Facebook will review the page and reply within hours.
You will also want to post a message to your timeline letting your friends know to not accept new friends requests. Your account is not "hacked", but someone is trying to scam your friends.

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These are pictures of a disassembled computer power supply that spent some time underwater during the flood before and after cleaning. It now works again.

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