My hard hat from the mill, I really should have replaced it, but it fit well and was a little lighter than the new ones they had at the time, could be why it didn't hold up so well.

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Came across this pin in today, guess it didn't really matter who won.

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Hello Wisconsin Steel family and friends the 37th anniversary will be here soon, hope you are all doing well. When I come to this page I remember the sites and sounds of the mill and a hard days work. I was never afraid of a hard days work, but I'm afraid now I could not do what I could do then. Then I think of my friends and co-workers. The mill was a melting pot of people that work hard to get the job done. I work with people from Mexico, Brazil, Bosnians and Serbians (Yugoslavia at the time) Italians, Polish, and the list goes on. Blacks, Latins and Whites, We worked and socialized together, I felt at home at a Polish wedding or have a beer at Louie's

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well this holiday season and regardless of with holiday you celebrate at this time of year, I wish peace and happiness to everyone.

Even though it may seem I'm not around I still keep an eye on the page. I doing a search of the net every now and then to see if I can find anything new to post. Those of you that stop here please feel free to ask any question or post something of interest.

Take care

We are approaching the 36th anniversary of the closing of Wisconsin Steel, I hope everyone one is doing well?

I thought it would being interesting if everyone post what departments you or your relatives work in.

Those of you from the mines in Kentucky are welcome to share.

I had the pleasure of doing this job, and this is a good description.

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April 2015

Sorry I haven't post anything lately, guess I could have post something to mark that it is now 35 years since the mill closed. But it doesn't seem like something to be highlighted.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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I was holding my breath that the Kickstarter campaign for Exit Zero would be successful. And it was! It was only in the last days of the campaign to raise $15,000, which ended Aug. 13, that I stumbled upon it. Exit Zero examines deindustrialization in our country through the story of Christine Walle…