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So, whilst out getting your Christmas cards, why not buy a copy of the book.

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Wishaw High School

Back in stock and ready for delivery in time for Christmas, if you are quick.

If you stay within Lanarkshire I can deliver the book for the same price as the p...ostage or you can pick it up for no extra cost in Larkhall. Outwith Lanarkshire, postage will be 3 days but this can't be guaranteed due to the Christmas mail.

Book price - £12.50
Posted - £16.45 (Royal Mail 2nd Class)

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If you are in the Wishaw area Aroma Coffee and Kitchen, Wishaw, have copies of the book back in stock.

Whilst you are there, treat yourself to something from their great lunch menu and have a coffee.

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Wishaw High School

Back in stock and ready for delivery in time for Christmas, if you are quick.

If you stay within Lanarkshire I can deliver the book for the same price as the p...ostage or you can pick it up for no extra cost in Larkhall. Outwith Lanarkshire, postage will be 3 days but this can't be guaranteed due to the Christmas mail.

Book price - £12.50
Posted - £16.45 (Royal Mail 2nd Class)

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45 Reviews
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Jim Clelland
· August 12, 2017
It was a wonderful school so many happy memories and great friends; lost touch with almost everyone alas.
Alexander MacKenzie
· December 18, 2015
Absolutely fantastic school. I did my secondary education and left in 1953, the coronation year.

I remember "Papa Wilson" who taught latin and a Miss Dawson who was quite a "looker2 and taught

I remember Jim Murray, Jim Cleland, Ian Write and May Bell who were my classmates but there are a lot of classmates I remember but cannot put a name to. Sadly, old age doesn't come alone.

It was later in life that I realised just what a fantastic start Wishaw High School gave me and I will be forever grateful to the staff and the school and know that my time there will forever be
full of treasured memories.

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Bob Baxter
· March 8, 2015
I attended Wishaw High from 1959-64. I'd been in a grammar school before and and it was a shock moving to a comprehensive, there was a LOT of bullying and some of the Wishaw boys were pretty tough. I ...hated the first two years. Especially the woodwork practicals. The only benefit (from a 14 year old viewpoint was the library across the street and the chance to talk to girls in the cafe near the cross). Eventually. as I moved up in the school, things got better.....I was piss poor at languages but managed to struggle through Latin and French. My saviour was an old Science teacher, Mr Guthrie. He was rather inspired in a laid back way and encouraged me to study... so I got good highers in Chemistry, Physics & maths.. and then got into Glasgow Uni to study Chemistry. There were a few hickups on the way ..since two of us final years decided to mine the octagon with nitrogen triiodide (easly made if you ripped off the school's stock of iodine and ammonia from the chemistry deparment). This is what we describe as a 'contact detonator' only detonated if dry. So, just before the final dance, we sprinkled the floor of the octagon with the stuff, and waited. Our expectations were fully confimed .. The Headmaster and the head girl prefect took to the floor and it exploded in lots of little bangs, smokes and sparks. However it was obvious who did it and I took the blame and got expelled. Not such a bad thing...I worked as a labourer on a building site at £10/week and saved up enough to by a moped for college.

As for the rest...I worked bloody hard... got my BSc and PhD... held academic appointments in three continents and was appointed Professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh. So thanks Wishaw High.
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Clarice Milligan
· July 1, 2016
I went there from '68 to '74. Very fond memories for most of the time. Had a crush on first biology teacher (am now a biology teacher) but favourite teachers were Jack Yuill, chemistry and Stan Gi...bbons, english. Stan introduced me to live theatre which I still love. Nicknames ! Granny Young, Hatch, Big D, Dinky, Luggy Weir, Doc Beaker and many more. See More
Catherine Taylor
· May 21, 2016
I attended Wishaw High from 1956 to 60. I really enjoyed my time there, but unfortunately because of a family situation I left my fourth year and then went on to Secretarial College in Glasgow.
I r...emember Miss Brown (maths) Mr. Mitchell (Bontany and Zoo) Miss Park (gym) Mr. Cook (latin
Miss Young (french) Mr. Weir (history) Mrs. McIntosh (geography) and a few others.
Remember Hugh Young - he lived in Shand St. and his mum was a teacher. My House was Coltness. I went by Irene McNeil.
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Robert Cowan
· January 19, 2015
Times sure have changed, I started in Caulder School then graduated from Motherwell Central High in 1950 ( I guess they call it the County Office Building now ) when I tried to get my records, they ha...d been transferred to Coltness and it took forever to find LoL. Motherwell was the premier town in those days but it seems that Wishaw has taken that title now. awe well I guess that is progress. ??? See More
Andrew Hamilton
· June 27, 2017
The 1950's were a good time to have been there.
Irene Creighton
· January 21, 2014
I was at WHS from 68 -73 and I loved it. I have very happy memories of time spent there. I remember good friends and a real sense of belonging.
Meg Ward
· June 23, 2016
1957-63 Wow!
Loved in OZ
good memories XX
where did the Honour Board from the Octagonal central hall go???????
Linda Irving
· June 20, 2014
Attended from 1966/1972.Great memories Ms Yuill french Ms Sprott maths mr Bonhar history need to search my memory bank.I was friends With Nancy Johnston Marilyn Hastie Janice Hose and loads more seems... like only yesterday x See More
Elizabeth Lindsay
· June 16, 2014
Attended WHS from 1964 - 1968 and have great memories (Granny Young aside LOL) loved Maurice Bonar (history). "Hatch" (amo, amas amat!) Good times.
Paul Young
· December 24, 2013
Yeah really liked school. Was never truly grateful for the start it gave you until you left.
Jim Wright
May 20, 2013
The best days and friends of my life, but then there was John Bonomy
Elspeth Mitchell
· January 21, 2014
I spent 5 years at Wishaw High School leaving in 1969. Have many memories of the teachers there AND their nicknames..... Hatch, Goof, Big Derek, Fanny etc. My best friends today are those I met at Wishaw High!
Eddie Quinn
· March 30, 2014
Was not a fan of school but wished had listened to the teachers more
Jane Mavin
· November 3, 2014
I spent 1st year at Wishaw High then they closed it. Such a shame.
Rita Anne Walsh
· July 2, 2014
I was at Wishaw High from 1962 til 1966. Probably wasn't a model pupil but enjoyed my experience. What a pity that it's no longer there.
Ray Kennedy Robb
February 28, 2013
loved wishaw high school-best school ever x

Back in stock and ready for delivery in time for Christmas, if you are quick.

If you stay within Lanarkshire I can deliver the book for the same price as the postage or you can pick it up for no extra cost in Larkhall. Outwith Lanarkshire, postage will be 3 days but this can't be guaranteed due to the Christmas mail.

Book price - £12.50...
Posted - £16.45 (Royal Mail 2nd Class)

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Looking for that last minute Christmas present?

It is back!

Stock of the book, This Other Eden, The Unauthorised History of Wishaw High School, is now on it's way.


Yes, it sold out the last time, and more stock is on its way.

For those further afield. I will be making it available locally soon, but not in time for Christmas. The delay was caused by the cover not including prices in other currencies. I was advised that before selling it in these countries, USA, Australia etc. I needed to have that currency price listed on the cover. As the first batch sold out, I have now been able to add the prices and will be publishing it through 'print on demand' in other countries.

Yes, it's been a while, but it is coming.

Still the same price in the UK - £12.50 plus postage.

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Thanks go to Elaine for sending in this picture of the cover of a school Christmas magazine from 1984. It would be great to see the content if you have scans of it.

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Elaine Taylor to Wishaw High School

Came across this Christmas magazine from 1984......


Quick update as I have been really quiet on the page here.

The first print of the 2nd Edition of the WIshaw High School book sold out. The second print will have changes to the cover to include prices for other countries. This will then allow the publisher to sell it overseas by using 'print on demand'.


I have a large box of archived articles from the Wishaw Press and other newspapers. These will be getting scanned over the next few months. They cover mainly the later years of WHS in the 80's and 90's.

The video is still being edited, and hopefully I will get it ready some time this year.

I have been told that there is a local organisation who are trying to have the 1st World War memorial restored and displayed somewhere in Wishaw. If I hear anything else, I'll post it here.

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Bill Mcneil to Wishaw High School

Anyone from 46-51 still around
I come back each year and will be there in October

Wishaw High book update.

So far, I have not been able to offer the book outside the UK due to the weigth of the package to post it.

I have alaso been unable to offer it through the 'Publish on demand' service as the cover did not have prices on it for the countries that I wanted to offer it to.


Well, tonight I had to remove the book from sale through Amazon and eBay as I am now down to the last few copies. Once these are sold I can then edit the cover and add the new prices, send it to the publishers and finally have it made available through Publish On Demand on other countries.

If anyone would like a copy of the book I still have a small number available and these can be purchased direct from myself.

Either message me here or give me a call. The number is on the About page to the left.

I am still looking for copies of The Octagon, school pictures, badges, blazer, tie, scarf or any other item of memorabillia that you may bo looking to pass on. Oh, you can keep your old gym shorts.


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Were you in the Class of 1977 at Wishaw High?

Some members of the Class of 1977 are holding a reunion on Tuesday 27th June in The Station Inn, Braidwood.

It looks like they like this Facebook page so much they pinched the WHS logo. Maybe I'll get a free meal the next time I'm in The Station Inn.

Image may contain: text

Here are two Wishaw High School pupils who I shared classes with that are running in the Monte Carlo or Bust Charity Race to raise donations for Les Hoey MBE DreamMaker Foundation..

Have a look at what they are doing and give them a donation.

Robert Mann, is raising money for Les Hoey MBE DreamMaker Foundation SCIO. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.

I've received a message from Janice Clark who is trying to trace her relatives.

'I am posting here in the hope someone can help me. I am looking for my cousins Miller and Wilma Curry. I am not sure if they went to this school but possibly someone who did, knows them.

They would be in their mid sixties now. I have few details as Miller and his father, George, usually came to us in Greenock. I know they lived in Wishaw and Wilma attended a church youth group. My maiden name is ...Easton which may help if either of them read your post.'

Can anyone help her find her cousins.

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I've been quiet here due to a number of things, one being an argument with a pane of glass.

If you don't have a copy of the book yet, you better get it quick as the first batch are nealrly sold out. I think I am down to the last 10 or so copies.

The book is still available at the following locations:


Amore Coffee Shop, Wishaw
Occassions, Carluke
Burns the Stationers, Larkhall
Paper Box, Carluke

Get it quick.

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Here are a few snapshots taken from the Wishaw High School movie, Carry On Teacher. This was made in 1975ish and shown in the school hall. The people in the picture were all in my class, including myself.

Thanks go to Anita for posting this memory of her time at Wishaw High School.

Anita Heger to Wishaw High School

I used to work there as a teaching assistant in the German Departement from 1978 - 1079.
Wishaw wasn' t the loveliest place to be at that time, but there were... some corners I loved, among them the beautiful building of Wishaw High. Sorry to hear that it was knocked down.
I had a great time in Wishaw, got to appreciate the people that lived there and found some awesome friends. I will always remember our evenings at Girdwood's Pub......buying last rounds at 10.30 pm.....

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Are you still looking for a copy of This Other Eden?

The book is available through the following locations:

Aroma Coffee House, Wishaw...
Occassions, Carluke
Paper Box, Carluke
Burns Stationers, Larkhall.

Copies can also be ordered online through the website at

I don't have many copies left from the first printed batch and will need to order more, so make sure you get your copy before it sells out.

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This Other Eden - The Unauthorised History of Wishaw High School