THE LEMON HAS REACHED 800 FOLLOWERS or like or whatever Facebook think is an achievement.

Still, it's a great opportunity to thank you all for having clicked the blue button. THANKS

I also hope you understand that I'll see this as a strong engagement to buy my book (coming soon since 1885) at a premium price.


I won't hate you if you don't, but I might write you down as a villain during in my next short story.

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Without a lemon's photo.
Without a lemon

Like, you know, EGGS!

What's your best source of eggs? Egg me in the comments. Not in the eggs though. Being egged in the eggs tends to egg.


Eggy eggy eggs eggity egg McEgginson. EGGS!

So called scientists lie to you all the time. This book contain the truth to EVOLVE YOUR DNA!! (!!!!!!)

Spelling is free, my book isn't. Evolve your DNA and buy my bloody book!

Life sure is a hell of a ride. HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!

A year is a long time. You never really know what can happen. When what happens sucks, though, there are little bits of motivation hidden in the corners which can keep you going, here's 9 of them.

Priorities, people!

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Good news everyone!

Dr. Prof. Andre Brant seen here practicing ominousness. (source) “This is a game changing breakthrough”, declared yesterday Dr. Prof. Andre Brant, after finishing analyses on his last batch of C0T1, better known is scientific circles as ‘The Super Cooties’. Once released, the airborne C0T1 will spe...

"Politics, religion, morals... aren't what hurts us. What hurts is is the divide we create between each other when we chose shouting over listening.
Also, bees. Bees hurt like a motherfucker, sometimes"
~The Wise HoneyMaker

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Boom! Headshot!

Some words hurt, this one word makes any relationship vanish.

"“But, Mr. Thorne, how comes their holy books were only found in temples, couldn’t they just access the data?”

We can laugh at Zeus' golden showers now, but how will mythology be seen in a thousand years?

The Porcelain Dogs: They're out to get me. Or something.

I see many things as a Facebook group admin, but nothing hits me harder than those damn porcelain dogs.

FREE HD WALLPAPER: Frangipane Flower
Get it here:…/hd-wallpaper-frangipane-flo…/

I live in Bali, and Galungan, one of the most important religious events of the year, is tomorrow.
For this occasion, here’s a little something for all to enjoy: a wallpaper of a frangipane flower, so commonly seen on the island and so often used for offerings that we forget that it has fantastic shapes and colors, showing beauty in simplicity.

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After a year of void, the Lemon is back in shape, with more articles, a better design, more photos, more free stuff, and still the short stories you used to like!


Plus, good news for those who want to be featured, for whatever reason from link plugging to personal folio to smoking rant, the Lemon now accepts guest posting!

Take a look, like, share, spread the world!

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6 reasons why you fail at being happy

Not posting enough sunrise yoga pictures is not one of them. Actually, it might be quite the opposite.

Read on:

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WIthout a lemon has now 360 fans. To celebrate, I rotated all the characters in this sentence by 360°

Everything has a name, including these 48 things you didn't know had one.

48 Names For Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

The Lupine Tree is a pine tree mutated by a werewolf bite. On full moon nights, the Lupine Tree will bark at the sky and howl, shaking its needles, wishing it could uproot itself and hunt for his own kind, looking for resins to live.

By day, the Lupine Tree will prove to be marginally tamer and stand still for hours at end, while occasionally shooting a cone or two at a passing tourists and cats.

Taller than average, generally aggressive towards other conifers, and extremely territorial, its behavior never fails to remind us that, at its core, the Lupine Tree is nothing more than a giant pinus.

"You are enlightened!" They told me. "You have come to such a level of consciousness that your aura is visible to the naked eye, you're glowing!"
And I was. Faintly but I was.
A single week of meditation in Japan had completely changed my perspective after years of not believing.
I went for a complete checkup, to confirm my pristine health and share the result with all my friends. When my doctor ask me if I liked iodine, though, I got quite confused. "It's not your aura that's glowing, son. It's radiations." he explain. "Iodine will help, but it tastes like crap. Good luck."
Maybe Fukushima wasn't a good place for a retreat.