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Just finished my wrap complete with homemade buttons.

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

All the Christmas ornaments for the church fair are done. Now I’m making Christmas presents and cards - it’s all go!


I know I have been quiet for a while (did you miss me - no don’t answer that lol). I’ve been having a puppet building break and taking time to do some of the other crafty things on my list, and as usual the run up to Christmas is crammed with things to do. I thought I’d share some of the finished results. These are all items going to the church Christmas fair for fundraising.

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And on today’s catwalk

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Here is the finished outfit. Looking forward to seeing it on the catwalk!

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Image may contain: people standing

Made some branches out of flower sticks, recycled spiral binding, wrapped in the dress and skirt lining

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I sewed raffia onto the trousers to give a bark type effect for the winter tree

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These were the clothes from Oxfam Darlington that I got to make an outfit for the Festival of Thrift. Theme: Growth, seasonal

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Hello friends!
just a quick note to say my order book is closed until after September. I am having a break from puppets for a while (other than the four I am doing at the moment) to do some other projects. The main one is to have a go at doing recycled/repurposed outfits with a 'growth' theme alongside other local sewing enthusiasts and led by Oxfam Darlington. The outfits will be part of the fashion show at the Festival of Thrift in September. I am just waiting to find out what season I will be doing!

After more than a year sitting in the shed I finally took time to do my garden sculpture . Needs waterproofing but this is it in situ

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Sewing Maggie Moo pieces

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It's good to have a day when I can sit and sew completely. I am currently sewing nostrils on a couple of Maggies before pinning in the mouths. I have also tacked the ends of some legs in and pinned linings to bodies so I can get them all done on the machine in one fell swoop. Love bank holidays 😍

Happy Easter. Alleluia

Finished this reel of cotton yesterday. My Mam gave it to me as it was a colour she never used (mustard) but perfect match for Holly Hen. You certainly don't get reels like this anymore!

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