Adonia Lugo on bike justice and the Women's Bicycling Forum

When will enough be enough? (via Glamour)

One of the biggest stories emerging from Interbike, North America's "largest bicycle trade event and show," sadly isn't about technological advances or accomplishments in the industry—it's about socks. Cyclists, please tell @Interbike that products like...

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Last year, we awarded $3,000 in mini-grants to support new and growing programs that engage young women in bicycling. Next week, we'll hear how Bike Easy and NOLA Women on Bikes, mini-grant recipients, were able to boost their efforts through their Youth Spokeswomen Mentorship Program. Marin Tockman…

The 7th Annual North American Women's Bike Polo Championship kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco! Any of you going to be there?

Bike Prom! We are taking a break from sponsorship profiles today to talk a bit about the bike prom which is brought to you in part by our beloved Machine and his band: This year, bike prom will be taking place at 2183 Mission Street in San Francisco on Saturday night after the main event. Get ready…

"While bicycle retail sales for men have virtually flatlined in recent years, sales for women continue to grow. Women now account for 51 percent of adult bicycle owners and are projected to spend approximately $2.6 billion on new bicycles and bicycle-related products this year. Despite those figures, only 38 percent of women bicycle owners visited a bike shop in 2014." via Momentum Mag

A report from the League of American Bicyclists Women Bike Program advocates for gender-accessibility in bike shops.

New report: Bike Shops for Everyone -- Strategies for Making Bike Retail More Welcoming to Women

Bike shops as we know them are dying. From 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle retailers in the United States decreased from 6,195 to 4,055. Why is it the concern of the League's Women Bike program if they do? The League of American Bicyclists believes that independent bicycle dealers in providing a…

Great post from Velojoy! How to keep your purse safe while using Bike Share!

My purse vanished while I was riding on bike share in NYC. The bag was found, but here's a Citi Bike riding tip that I'm using to prevent a repeat.

This Sunday is CycloFemme! With over 276 rides registered to take place around the world, where will you be riding this weekend?

Villa de Leyva - Boyacá ColombiaCONTACT: Ciclotrip————————————————————MORE DETAILS

Juliana Buhring is taking it to the next level. We're inspired by her grit and perseverance.

“You grow up in a cult,” says Juliana Buhring, “and everybody thinks there’s something wrong with you.”

While it's exciting to see cargo bikes featured in the New York Times, we are disappointed they only quoted men. Women have played a incredibly significant role in the rise in popularity of family biking.

Eco-minded urban parents are leaving their car keys at home and relying on high-capacity cargo bikes for family transportation.

Women helping other women learn to ride dirt! Great feature of Maryland's Muddy Pedals!

Last fall, Jennie Bromley found herself searching of a fun way to get back into shape. She tried taking her bicycle on the road, but found that to be boring. She had tried mountain biking when she was living in Colorado in her early 20s, but that was nearly two decades ago.

Making gains! Highest participation of women ever at this year's 25th Annual Sea Otter Classic. Get it ladies!

The face of your typical cyclist is changing, and there’s no better place to see that than at this year’s Sea Otter Classic at Laguna Seca. The event started on Thursday with more women joining the sport.

Curious about bike racing? Inspiring story of two women stepping up as coaches in their community to train women riders to race! Way to go Women Bike Philadelphia!

Michelle Lee reached out to me on Twitter. She said she had a story from a teammate that she thought would be a good fit for the Ella audience. Could she send it my way?
Women Bike shared a link.
Suffragette Frances Willard realized bikes could bring women equality as well as freedom

Happy 1 year anniversary to the Wheelwomen Switchboard! Do you know about this great tool that connects you with hundreds of women across the country passionate about bicycling?

Lesson #4 from this recap? Women are taking the lead internationally in the bike advocacy movement #womenbike

The World Bicycle Forum (#FMB4) in Medellín, Colombia was recently held, The FMB4 is the world’s largest discursive event on bicycling mobility and urban cycling cultures. Here are eight lessons from this amazing and transformative event.

Awesome to see Marilyn Price, founder of Trips for Kids, honored as a CNN hero! She's our hero, too.

Marilyn Price and her nonprofit, Trips For Kids, are helping at-risk children from the San Francisco Bay Area get off the streets and onto bike trails.