Women have been winning for a long time!

Sometimes you just have to create your own opportunity and give yourself the start you need. It certainly worked for this Friday's Fearless Brand - Madam C. J. Walker

Madam C. J. Walker from sharecropper to business woman, philanthropist, activist, first U.S. self-made female millionaire, African-American & fearless brand

Excited to be appearing on 550 KTRS radio tomorrow with St. Louis news icon Jennifer Blome - a woman who's been winning for her entire career - to discuss #WomenWhoWon!

Join us - tune in at 10:10 AM CST Tuesday January 16th!


Incredible talent. Beautiful performances. Congratulations Bradie Tennell!

If you’re not familiar with Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, I encourage you to view this video and get connected!

Check out the truly epic journey of Katie Forrest and Taylor Collins...and their EPIC bar

To build a fearless brand you must embrace your passion and follow your gut - sometimes quite literally! Check out this Friday's Fearless Brand, EPIC bars, and the story of Katie Forrest and Taylor's truly EPIC.

EPIC Bars. grass-fed beef protein bars, disrupted a category and became a fearless brand via the efforts of entrepreneurs Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest

Is it any wonder that Dafna Michaelson Jenet is featured in Women Who Won?

Dafna Michaelson Jenet

In six days the next legislative session begins. I didn't expect to battle cancer during my interim. Here are my thoughts and my battle plan and here's to a productive and powerful 2018 session.

8 years ago I was flying high. I had just completed a year long project to travel to one state each week for the 52 weeks of 2009 and to find and share the stories of ordinary people solving problems in their communities. I felt like we were at a turning point in our society. The economy was in sham...

Have a Rockin' New Year's Eve - all the best to you and yours in 2018!

Whether you know Dick Clark or not - this Friday's Fearless Brand has impacted your life!

Happy New Year - have fun, stay safe, enjoy!

Dick Clark knew early on that he'd be in the radio business, which led to entertainment in general; on-air celebrity, producer, businessman, fearless brand

A magnificent book achieves a milestone. Congrats Bob Burg and John David Mann...and thank you!

Congratulations Bob Burg and John David Mann on the 10th Anniversary of "The Go-Giver" being published! We thank all of the loyal readers for helping to spread the Go-Giver message around the world. Please know how much we appreciate you!


It seems like just yesterday but it’s actually been 10 years. In fact, exactly 10 years ago today Bob Burg's and John David Mann’s book, "The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea" was published by our awesome publisher, Portfolio (Penguin-Random House, but only “Penguin” b...

The perfect last minute gift idea...
Women Who Won on kindle!
Easy, great price, powerful content!!

A source of learning, inspiration and motivation delivered through the true life stories of women who wonWomen Who Won is an invaluable compendium of inspiring and motivating examples of achievement. Profiling 28 women from around the world - some of whom are absolute icons and others who will be...

A message of joy and hope for all............

A Christmas wish for our world...
"...and on earth peace and goodwill towards men"

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a global tradition, a fearless brand, a Christmas Miracle. It's a simple style delivers a powerful message of goodwill to all

Transformational EBW2020 Tuesday

Part of EBW2020's mission is just this. To transform the entire world by 2020. Why not join be a part of such an amazing moveme...nt that stands for all women across the globe?

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(Photo credit: Victor1558) For the first time in 13 years, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study of 59 economies shows that women are creating businesses at a greater rate than men in three economies and in four others, the rates are nearly equal. In Ghana, Nigeria and Thailand the rate of...

Women leaders - redefining their roles...

Twelve women executives discuss how pivotal headlines caused them to rethink their values and transform their approach to leadership.

This Friday's Fearless Brand - Chelsea Krost (Chelsea Krost Business Page)

This Friday's Fearless Brand, Chelsea Krost (Chelsea Krost Business Page) is smashing stereotypes and making a difference. One thing's for certain, fearless brands are not determined by age.

Chelsea Krost has become an icon in millennial marketing and a fearless brand by finding her voice, embracing her passion and purpose and persistence.

Fantastic advice on appropriate gifting for your boss and business colleagues from John Ruhlin of Gift-ology

John Ruhlin

ASK: Can you please take 7 seconds and share this video about how to give the perfect gift?

We were flown to NYC last week to help a Fast Company Magazine journ...alist buy an important "biz gift" for her "big boss".

Very delicate and easy to screw up with egg on both our faces...

We shared our secret sauce and helped her hit a home run.

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Writer Katharine Schwab is on a personal mission to become a better version of herself. Buying a gift for a loved one is easy, but buying a gift for a colleague is difficult, and nobody wants a generic candle. She's meeting up with John Ruhlin, author of "Giftology," to find the perfect present for?...

Congratulations to Bridgette Kossor on living out her BIG DREAM!

Our Gateway to Dreams/CPW December Sponsor and member-Bridgette Kossor is saying YES to her BIG DREAM! Love music? Love personal growth? Check this out! Jan...uary 9th at the Sheldon... $25 to $100, bring your girlfriends! “I Am Enough: An Empowering Musical Experience That Transforms Limiting Beliefs About Ourselves and Each Other” is written, composed and created by Bridgette Kossor. “I Am Enough” is a powerful experience for anyone who has ever questioned their worth and believed they were anything less than enough. The music and lyrics tell a story that belongs to every person in the audience, giving a voice to our inner awakening, the beliefs that we carry with us from the past, choosing a new and authentic life, feeling empowered as we own who we really are, reclaiming our innocence, connecting to our spirit and celebrating our inner knowing that we are all connected. We leave this experience knowing that we always have been, and always will be, Enough.

We are literally being the change we want to see in the world...

Bridgette Kossor - vocals and narration
Mitzi MacDonald - piano and vocals
Dave Black - guitar
Amy Camie - harp
Ranya Iqbal - cello
Holly Laws - violin and vocals
Ashby Laws - penny whistle and barron
Wendy Watson-Hallowell - vocals

About the Composer, Author & Creator:
Bridgette Kossor is a singer, songwriter, author, performer and transformational healing consultant with more than 30 years in the entertainment and self discovery fields. Her passion for life, connection and people inspires her performances, creating a spark of soul and an opening of the heart between Bridgette and her audiences. She wrote and recorded, "I Am Enough,” the CD, in 2002 as a gift to herself and did not know that it was a connected body of work, a journey connecting from one song to the next. After 12 years, she noticed how it always seemed to show her where she felt "blocked" in her life. Now it is a process she uses to heal the past, remember who she is and her purpose in life. Her intention and hope is to bring this production to as many people as possible, to heal and transform our collective beliefs about our worth, breaking the generational patterns of abuse, judgement and exclusion, so that we can evolve our vulnerability, acceptance and empowerment.

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“I Am Enough: An Empowering Musical Experience That Transforms Limiting Beliefs About Ourselves and Each Other” is written, composed and created by Bridgette Kossor. “I Am Enough” is a powerful experience for anyone who has ever questioned their worth and believed they were anything less tha...

2017 TIME Magazine's Person of the Year: "The Silence Breakers" -- Many more strong women in past decades paved the way to break the silence on sexual assault as well as workplace sexual harassment, and discrimination based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, & age. In 2017 women shouldn't have to break any silence because these issues shouldn't exist. It's at least empowering that the media & public are calling attention to the issues and recognizing these women and the importance of speaking out

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Another Woman Who Won - Nicole M. Sahin

Obstacles in your way? Perfect says this Friday's Fearless Brand Nicole M. Sahin - because that's your path to success.
Read how having the courage to move away from OK in pursuit of your dream - along with lots of hard work, initiative, and talent - result in stratospheric success

Nicole Sahin, entrepreneur, CEO, seeker, traveler, relationship builder, wife, founder of Globalization Partners and Friday's Fearless Brand