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A source of learning, inspiration and motivation delivered through the true life stories of women who wonWomen Who Won is an invaluable compendium of inspiring and motivating examples of achievement. Profiling 28 women from around the world - some of whom are absolute icons and others who will be...

He's a sports superstar and baseball icon - but much more. This Friday's Fearless brand - Hank Aaron - is a marvelous example of the power of conviction, resilience, and character!

Hank Aaron is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. More so, he's a man of great character, resilience, determination and Friday's Fearless Brand

Whether playing his most famous character, Madea, or not - there's much to learn from - and admire about - Tyler Perry! Read on....

Want to enjoy incredible success? Check out this Friday's Fearless Brand - Tyler Perry. He's achieved fame, fortune and tremendous popularity. but that's not how he measures success.

Tyler Perry has achieved stratospheric success, in spite of an abusive childhood, through determination, faith and forgiveness. He's Friday's Fearless Brand

Sure to be an insightful discussion with Bob Burg - Bob Burg

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Kathy Tagenel is with Bob Burg.

Join Bob Burg tomorrow at 3:00 pm ET for his new Go-Giver Influencers: Making a Significant Impact Facebook Live Show on his Facebook page:

A MUST read - the latest Go-Giver book is masterful and timely. Great wisdom from co-authors Bob Burg and John David Mann

For reasons that escape me, Facebook has chosen this post to present an unexpected challenge - getting my blog to post properly.

This is very disconcerting as ...this Friday's Fearless Brand features a must read addition to The Go Giver franchise.

"How to Create Influence - the Go-Giver Way" features The Go-Giver Influencer. This "little story about a most persuasive idea" is timely and powerful - delivering great wisdom in an immensely entertaining manner.

Co-authors Bob Burg and John David Mann have done it again. Read the blog, buy the book, enjoy the early order bonuses, and learn how to become more influential.

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Thanks to the Midwest BankCentre’s Women on the Rise group, especially Nicole Ursch, for such a warm welcome today. Last year’s talk was the catalyst for #WomenWhoWon!

Bill Ellis - Personal Branding Coach, Speaker, Author, Go-Giver

What a treat it was today to talk to Midwest BankCentre’s Women On The Rise group about personal branding! What a bright, talented, impressive group of women! #WomenWhoWon #PersonalBranding

Seeing my book on the shelf never gets old! This one, at Barnes & Noble Chesterfield, is autographed. Go get it! 🤗 Barnes & Noble

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Yet another woman who is winning.... Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach

Can a business be successful by leading with hope? Absolutely says this Friday's Fearless Brand - Libby Gill - Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach. She's done the... research and demonstrates the power of hope in her new book The Hope-Driven Leader - Harness the Power of Positivity at Work!

In so doing, Libby will impact countless businesses, owners, and employees. She also adds the distinction of being the first ever repeat Fearless Brand to her list of accomplishments.

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Libby Gill left entertainment giants Sony & Universal to become an entrepreneur. Coach, speaker, author she delivers a message of hope as a path to success
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March 7
Dubbed The Superwomen Flight EK225 flies from Dubai to San Francisco
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March 2

Well done Dafna Michaelson Jenet and the entire Colorado House!

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Dafna Michaelson Jenet is with Faith Winter.

Today in the Colorado House of Representatives we got it right. We raised our voices for women everywhere and we expelled a serial sexual harasser from our body. May this be the sea change we need for the Capitol to be a safe place for all who enter to be treated with dignity and respect.

Confident public speakers, those who have a powerful and well delivered message, have an advantage in business and in life - regardless of gender!

Afraid of public speaking? Would you choose to be in the coffin rather than give the eulogy as Jerry Seinfeld suggests? This Friday's Fearless Brand - Ralph C. ...Smedley - created a program nearly 100 years ago to help people gain confidence and overcome that fear. Toastmasters International

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Ralph C Smedley created a program to help boys at his YMCA gain confidence. It's grown to become the international icon of self-improvement - Toastmasters

Intelligent. Composed. Well-spoken. Spit on!

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Yes She Can - 2018

Our future is looking bright

West Point graduate. Lt. Colonel. Corporate COO, and Benedictine Sister...Nancy Rose Gucwa is a woman who's winning in life...and touching lives as she discovers her true purpose. #WomenWhoWon

It's not about what you's about who you are. Check out the story of this Friday's Fearless Brand - Sister Nancy Rose Gucwa - to see how one woman followed her heart on a journey of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Sister Nancy Rose Gucwa's career spans West Point & the military, corporate America, & the monastery as a Benedictine Sister - Friday's Fearless Brand


This year's honorees for the Saint Louis Visionary Awards have been announced, honoring women in St. Louis who are making strong contributions to the arts.

Get inspired by our mini Q&A's with each of these women.

Full story here:

Meet these six St. Louis women who have deeply contributed to the local arts landscape.

In the most recent Go-Giver Podcast, the ever insightful Bob Burg interviews Annie Duke, a woman who's winning on every level. This is a must listen podcast...seriously!!

How does a cost-benefit analysis relate to one’s happiness? And, we’ll share an amazing discussion with Annie Duke that will take your decision-making ability to an entirely new level.


Read how one man's conviction has provided medical and mental relief for thousands of children - Steve Sosebee is the founder of the PCRF - Palestine Children's Relief Fund, humanitarian, fighter for social justice and this Friday's Fearless Brand

Steve Sosebee, is the founder of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF), a humanitarian, fighter for social justice, and a fearless brand.

Camryn Green - just wow!

Camryn Green, 13, started Camryn’s Creations, in which she sells her artwork. She lives in Raleigh and attends Thales Academy in Rolesville.

Jamie Anderson from the USA becomes the first women's snowboarder to win two gold medals

Jamie Anderson from the USA became the first women’s snowboarder to win two gold medals after her victory in the women’s snowboard slopestyle. Her triumph at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, four years after her Sochi gold, follows the victory of teenage team-mate Red Gerard in...