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Kelly Charron
· March 27, 2015
Well let me just start by saying that this place is my guilty pleasure... seriously, it's in my budget. From the moment I walked in I felt at home. Everyone was so professional but most important, t...hey are so sweet and friendly. I always look forward to walking through the door and seeing Ashley and Ashley (yes, there are 2) smiling to greet me. I can't tell you the compliments and comments I get on my skin. Thank You Ashley Mckiel and Dr. Hausen❤ See More
Krista D'Alessandro
March 9, 2013
I am getting married in a few months and called Ashley because out of nowhere my decollete (chest) and back broke out from unknown causes. After one treatment on my chest and back, my skin was softer ...and clearer. Going back for my second treatment in two weeks! :) See More
Woodbury Medical Spa is pampering myself.

Make beautiful skin a priority!

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New Year, beautiful skin! Let us help you kickstart the New Year looking more beautiful and bright than ever!

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Can't make it to the spa but want confidence in your skin this holiday season? Try these quick fixes in the comfort of your own home!

Combat common holiday skin care concerns with our expert tips.

Always remember to include this important step in your beauty routine!

If you don't exfoliate it's time to start. From what exfoliation is to the best ways to exfoliate your skin, we're sharing everything you need to know.

Don't forget to protect your skin even on a cold winter day! Keep that skin looking youthful and radiant💕

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Skin Beauty Tips

Get out of the sun
Without sun protection, people who spend lots of time outdoors often develop skin that makes them look older than their actual age. Staying o...ut of the sun is ideal, but if you need to be in the sun, sunscreen is a must for preventing skin damage. Jacknin stresses, "The most important habit to develop to prevent wrinkles and age spots is to apply a full-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater to your face and hands every morning, even if you are just driving to work in the car."

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Come on in to check out some of our HOT summer deals!

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The holiday season has officially arrived and over here at Woodbury Medical Spa we have the specials to prove it as our gift to you! 2 customized holiday facials for $99.00 or 1 facial for $55!

Winter is upon us, as frost hits the ground and the first snowflakes fall in some parts of the country. With the change in season, pumpkin is phased out to make room for her holiday friend peppermint (and chocolate, gingerbread, etc.).
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- Removes impurities (dirt, excess sebum)
- Brightens the complexion (Due to an increase in circulation, oxygen and nutrients are brought to the skin's surface, replenishing cells and making the appearance brighter.)
- Gets rid of the dead layer of skin (stratum corneum)...
- Improves product penetration (Products penetrate better once the barrier of stratum corneum has been removed.)
- Helps slow the appearance of aging (As we age, our cell renewal process slows down. Exfoliation helps speed the renewal process, keeping younger cells on the surface of the skin.)

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Chemical vs. Mechanical Exfoliation:

Chemical Exfoliation- include enzymes, alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), and betahydroxy acids (BHAs) used to loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, allowing them to slough away.

Mechanical Exfoliation- includes salt glows, body scrubs and polishes, dry brushing, and microdermabrasion.

Exfoliation: Detoxifies the SKIN and Brightens the Complexion.


The skin's natural exfoliation process slows as the skin ages, resulting in an accumulation of dry skin cells. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and encourages the production of new skin cells on the surface level, allowing skin to benefit from the products we use daily.

...Because when we take care of our health and wellness, everything else FALLs into place.

FALL in Love with Your Skin Care 💛 FALL SPECIALS 🍁🍃🍂

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It's a simple equation. HEALTHY SKIN = BEAUTIFUL SKIN ✔️

I Am A Professional.
I Am Licensed.

The Professional Beauty Industry is regulated by each state to protect consumers from harm and the spread of infectious diseases. Licensed professionals study skin and scalp care, chemistry, anatomy, biology, and are trained to utilize chemicals and tools safely. Being licensed and part of a regulated professional industry helps keep consumers safe!


Licensed Beauty Professionals..
- Complete hundreds of hours of schooling
- Learn proper techniques and best practices
- Successfully pass their state board exams
- Practice proper sanitation procedures to minimize the threat of viral and bacterial infections
- And care about the industry and the safety of their clients!

**Make sure YOU seek only licensed professionals for your professional beauty services.**

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