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This page has been set up to share details about the happenings at Woodlands Primary School. To ensure this page is a positive reflection of the great things happening at our school we ask you respect our Facebook Page Guidelines.

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  4. The school will not respond directly to requests or messages on Facebook. If you need to contact the school, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher or call us directly on 9446 3363
  5. You may use names in posts when you wish to acknowledge someone's great work or contribution. We wish our Facebook page to be used to build spirit and for 'patting someone on the back' publicly as we believe it goes a long way towards building a positive school and community. Where students are named they should be referred to by their first name only.
  6. As the page administrators we reserve the right to remove any content which we deem to be in breach of these Facebook Page Guidelines. This includes discriminatory, illegal, obscene or misleading/fraudulent comments, spam or any content which may break intellectual property laws.
  7. Should you fail to comply with the Facebook Page Guidelines you may be banned from the Woodlands Primary School Facebook Page.

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The uniform shop is open every Wednesday from 8.30am - 9.30am. For more details, including how to order online please visit:

- Posted by the P&C

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School Banking Reminder:
This Morning and every Tuesday morning this term before school from 8.20am in the Year 5/6 learning block’s multi-purpose area.

For more information please visit:…/f…/school-banking-2017-term4...
- Posted by the P&C

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Sat 11th Nov to Sun 12th Nov...More details coming soon!

We still need a few more dad’s/father figures to help with arranging some details for this event:


-Organise delivery and drop off of 5 or 6 BBQs and people to man each station for dinner & breakfast
-Organise coffee truck for breakfast Sunday morning
-Organise some games/activities (treasure hunt, basketball, tug of war, etc)
-Organise the movie: kid friendly
- General & Day-of helpers

If you can help with one or more of these arrangements please let us know asap by emailing

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School Banking News :
We have two new rewards for your Dollarmite tokens this term, the earphones and pencil case are now available to order.
Coming up, we also have the announcement of the Tokyo Disneyland holiday competition; fingers crossed for our Woodlands' bankers!

PLUS we also have two great prize draws running this term. For everyone who makes 3 or more deposits between Monday 14th August & Friday 10th November, you will be in the draw to win one of hundreds of hig...h tech prizes, including racing robots, activity trackers and 3D pen sets. In addition, for a chance to win one of 50 Nintendo Switch Console packs, play the Future Savers App ( available to download from Monday 16th October) and complete the online entry form.

For more information please visit

Anyone who would like to join the school banking programme please visit

We’re looking forward to seeing all our SUPER SAVERS Tuesday mornings from 8.15am in the science block.

- Posted on behalf of The School Banking Team

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Learn about the School Banking program, the Dollarmites Rewards program and how to get involved.

It's Classic Joke Friday - Posted by the P&C

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P&C in Term 4:

Please make sure you note the dates of the following P&C events & activities planned for this term.

• Thursday Oct 19th: Lap-a-thon ...
• Monday 23rd October: Week 3 General Meeting
• Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th: November Dad’s Camp Out
• Monday 20th November: Week 7 General Meeting
• Friday December 8th: End of Year Picnic & Carols

Other P&C Activities:
•School banking every Tuesday morning
•Uniform shop opens Wednesday Mornings 8.30am to 9.30am
•Canteen operates Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
•Lego Club on Thursdays from 3.30 to 4:30pm:
->Junior Lego Club is for K, PP, Year 1's and their older siblings and is held on the Thursday's of odd weeks.
->Senior Lego Club is for Year 2+ and is held on Thursday's of even weeks.
•P&C Busy Bee planning for the proposed Nature Play Zone

For more details about the above P&C events & activities please visit the school calendar and click on the event for further information:…/events-calendar or contact us at

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Some Pics from the Busy Bee
-posted by the P&C

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Bike Enclosure Busy Bee:
A HUGE THANKS to all of the families, friends and community members who helped with the P&C Busy Bee over the school break in order to get our new bike enclosure area completed! It was a true collaboration of the wonderful resources in our community.

A special thanks must go to Greg Robinson, Sergio De Campo, Evan Bowey and Glenn Fowler for all of their advice and dedication to help research and plan for this project.


A BIG THANK YOU to Marco Klous and Laila Ansari of MK Building Solutions and Greg Robinson of Southern Cross Surveys (parents at our school), along with Rick Ross from Creative Concreting Solutions, who arranged for all materials and equipment hire at cost and donated a substantial amount of time, skill and labour in order to get this project done within range of our very modest budget.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the P&C executive team, Gavin Power and the school grounds committee for their support of this project.

Nadia Bowey,
P&C Co-President 2017

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Lapathon - Next Thursday October 19th

It’s time to start collecting your sponsors. The sponsorship form is available for download on the school website @…/fundraising-even…/lap-a-thon
or from the office. Please remember to collect sponsors safely, there are some handy tips on the sponsorship form.


The lapathon will take place next Thursday October 19th. This year, the Lap-a-thon is being organised by Miss Collins and her Year 3 students in Room 7. All details including prizes etc will be announced soon.

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Important Changes in the Canteen forTerm 4:


- Year groups will no longer be allocated (a) specific week/s to cover any gaps in the roster. The filling of the roster will fall to the parent community as a whole.


-The canteen volunteer roster will NOT be online this term. To help out, please put your name down on the paper roster outside the canteen or contact me on 0435 25 7415 or

-Our URGENT goal is to get the shifts filled now:
They are 9-11am and 11am-1.15pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We know the weeks fly by this time of year and pre-planning helps things run more smoothly, so please put your name down NOW for a spot during the term. Even if your children don't order from the canteen, you can still help!

The new menu will be issued shortly, please make note of the few changes. The menu has been simplified due to low volunteer numbers and to keep stock down in the run up to the end of the year. There are still lots of fresh and delicious options to choose from. Please note Vivid ‘Water in a Box’ and Brownes choc-mint chill are no longer available from our suppliers. If you have any queries, as always feel free to contact me.

We provide a valuable service to the school community - both staff and students - and as we're run through the P&C, all contributions help your school :)Thank you again to all who volunteered last term, it is appreciated!

- Posted for Yvette Sharp, Canteen Manager

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The uniform shop is open every Wednesday from 8.30am - 9.30am. For more details, including how to order online please visit :
- Posted by the P&C

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Term 4 Coming Events:
All upcoming event details are easy to access on the school website. If you click on the event you can access any related forms and permissions slips (in case you can not find the original).…/events-calendar
- posted by the P&C

Woodlands Primary School

We hope you enjoyed the term break. Welcome back to term 4 at Woodlands PS. - Posted by the P&C

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Monday 9th October is a staff development day. Students do not come to school on this day.

The first day of term 4 will be : Tuesday 10th October

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It's Classic Joke Friday - Posted by the P&C

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Coming Events:
All upcoming event details are easy to access on the website. If you click on the event you can access any related forms and permissions slips (in case you can not find the original).…/events-calendar

Woodlands Primary School

It's Classic Joke Friday - Posted by the P&C

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