How I'd build a premium business website 2018, featuring HTTPS version, SEO, fixed media header on a mobile view, and so forth. If you have any questions please post your comments below. Thank you.

Building a WordPress website 2018 - HTTPS - SEO Full Tutorial. Video tutorial on using self-hosted WordPress ( and not to make a ...

Gutenberg will likely be added in WP version 5.0. How many plugins do you have installed on your website, whether they are compatible with Gutenberg or not? If you decide to try out the compatibility plugin, please consider reading this post.

Ideally, the majority of WordPress users should be able to use Gutenberg on the day WordPress 5.0 is released. They'll hit "Update WordPress", navigate back to the editor, and contin…

HTTPS using Cloudflare free SSL is not as secure as using HTTPS using Let's Encrypt. Both are free but Let's encrypt securing the connection between your visitor and your server, which Cloudflare's SSL is not.

Gutenberg will be likely added in WordPress version 5.0 which is estimated to be released in April this year. Your voice matters, do you want Gutenberg to be added as core feature of WP? Give your opinion on poll, support, review of the now-still plugin Gutenberg:

The demo:

Is Gutenberg WordPress editor for you? Watch how I use on preview mode Gutenberg editor in this video. #gutenbergwp #gutenbergwordpress #gutenbergeditor #wordpress

Gutenberg WordPress editor demo video. How we will preview this Gutenberg WordPress editor complete video. The coming WP version, which I think in version 5....

Happy New Year to Everyone 🎆🎇

My experience after using SiteGround for a year, if you want to move there, take Black Friday offer for 2 years minimum. Because;
Black Friday offer for 2 years : approx. 180 USD.
Black Friday offer for 1 year: approx. 56 USD, but renewal about 160 USD.
So taking Black Friday offer for 2 years is more affordable than taking one year, and have to renew next year.

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Quick video giving you an example how separating your domain registration is giving you benefit. This is just an example canceling a web host plan, in the de...
WordPress 4.7.5 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.7.4 and earlier are affec…
Confuse about what is WordPress Noopener noreferrer new atribute that has HTML code, rel="noopener noreferrer"? This is the quick fix.
Have no idea about WordPress CDN setup steps? Setting up CDN for WordPress and its SEO with MaxCDN and W3 Total Cache plugin complete guide.
Twenty Seventeen one page parallax scrolling website style, is it possible to achieve this? Yes, it's possible, fast and quick in this video.
How to add Google map in WordPress contact page or embed Google maps in a page of your website with easy methods without using a plugin.

Underlining and justifying texts in WP 4.7 - Use keyboard shortcuts

This quick video, I will show you how to underline and justify your text in WordPress 4.7. As you notice, in WordPress 4.7 version, the Justify and Underline...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

How to edit your Twenty Seventeen Theme with its child theme. I would not edit the original file directly in the parent theme. Avoid this please.…/

Twenty Seventeen Theme has footer text that says "proudly powered by WordPress". This video will show you how you can edit or remove that footer text. I woul...

Adding YouTube Channel Subscribe button to your WordPress website manually, and tested plugins that work with recent WordPress 4.7 version. #WordPress #YouTube

YouTube Subscribe button can be benefit for your website as your visitors can click this YouTube subscribe link from your website's button directly.