This program is nice for studying SAT words that you get tested on when graduating from High School. Those words appear in magazines and newspapers a lot.

Try Access 2007 database file, taken from Multiplication table link in the menu of the site. You can add your words in, and this is also FREE. It works like a flash cards game. You would need to install Microsoft Access some how. If you don’t want to buy it, you can download the Access 2007 Runtime from WordyPlay site.

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This program is created for nontechnical people. Setup is the only step that will be new ground. Still, we can guarantee that to be easy. Everyone can do it.

#Jumanji & #Zathura Network Games - FREE! Download from the home page, at ... No Installation is needed, only the latest computer .NET 4 Framework. 😀

Here is a video for Instructions about how to install:

The download is at this page:
- Click "free trial" at the bottom right.
- If you don't have a .NET 2.0 x86 installed anymore, download that also. It's on the same page as the program.
- After installing .NET 2.0 x86 bit version framework (yes it can be installed side by side to the 64 bit), run the installer executable for "Setup_StudyMaster5000.exe". And that will install it.
- When running the program, right click it and run as admin, so that... all features are allowed by the computer, like saving and printing.
- And this is it, you are free to create your own word lists, now.
- Well, there is also a buy screen for 2 weeks when the program starts running. There is nothing unusual there. Just decide if you want to buy it or not

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Actually the program is free to try, if you want to see how it works. I have studied English word lists, and decided to make a program like this one, after living in USA 🇺🇸 for 20 years now.

There are wordlists usually that you can study 📖 on different subjects. This program is good for that.

Hey, this is a very good, educational program. It helps in many areas of work, where vocabulary is important.

This program is perfect for somebody to get a first time introduction to a language. At least for me the experience is the same. One doesn't know anything in the beginning, and after some interaction with the words acquires knowledge that is needed as a foundation for the next steps.

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PC Game, .NET 4, no installation required. Visit site to download. Try before you buy. Windows 10, 8, 7. #Snakes and #Ladders . Solitaire type.

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