We now have a Linux build.

This means that we will support Steam Machines and Windows!

I would have had a video out today, but I just deleted two months of work. Hopefully my data recovery works out well.

Zombie Monitors

Here is another video update. We've made some changes to how quests are in our game. Check it out

Spoiler alerts for Cave In Part 2.


Thank you Chris, Simon, and Dan for the help with this quest.

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We made some major improvements to our questing engine. Check out what's new and what to expect in future quests. Special thanks to Chris, Simon, and Dan for...

I was suppose to have a video for you last weekend but due to a few bugs it is delayed. The downside is, in have content ready for a video, I just can't record audio as I am currently sick.

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Just a few more bugs to work out and this quest will be done. It has taken a decent amount of work to implement this quest. I had to make a pretty decent change to the questing engine to support dynamic map changes depending on where you are in a quest.

Expect a video this weekend.

Also shout out to Dan and Simon for the audio work, Chris for the storyline

Had an interesting idea last night.

Should World Factions support split screen gameplay with multiple users on the PC? Each user with their own controller? Or do you think this feature is a waste of time?

Another update video:

Player data and items are synced up to a server. So you don't have to worry about loosing your progress.

We have player data synced over the network. This now opens up the territory of high scores and competing with fellow players on becoming the best.

We're still working on the game!

Look how big it's grown.


Still a ton of work to do, but it's getting better.

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We've expanded the game map enormously. It's actually starting to look like a legit game! Don't forget to subscribe.
World Factions is feeling excited.
May 27, 2017

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In order to get us on steam easier we have decided to release a greenlight campaign.

Feel free to give us a vote!…

Steam Workshop: Greenlight. World Factions is an indie MMO game in a fight between dwarves and elves over land and their way of life. The game features several skills and a leaderboard to compete with your friends. The game offe

Working on character backgrounds with BBQ

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So an update as I haven't done one for a while.

The smiting skill has turned out to be quite a difficult task to implement. Mostly in all the amount of work that has to be done for it.

Currently I have the ability to do basic smelting. "Turning ores into bars"


There is no level requirement to smelt ore. Ore smelting logic will be based upon real life type smelting. Such as Iron/Steel, ect. This will cause an item in the game to be removed (Coal).

On smithing I have a UI setup along with backend code generated for different crafting recipes. I went with the Minecraft approach as this seemed to provide the ability to create a unique assortment of items, along with making it less "click & wait"

Because of this I am having to re-write a lot of the UI for inventory/item management to support the ability to split items into stacks, or just drop a single item on to a spot. Something that is needed IMO anyways.

I'll try to have something out this month to show you guys, but no promises.

After finishing the UI I'll have to spend a ton of time on data entry for crafting recipes, add new items such as helmets, platebodys, platelegs, ect to the game, and add UI to wear these items.

After this update we'll probably be focusing back on content as a lot of gameplay will be good to go for an MVP release. I know Combat needs more polish so that will also be focused on.

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Yay. New PC parts. Now I should be able to record more gameplay

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So a status update as to where the game is at.

I am still unable to record any video footage at this time. I should have new PC parts arriving Tuesday which will solve this situation.

Back in December I set aside 3 months of goals for December, January, and February.


After 3 months we've accomplished about half of the goals we intended to. So back to the drawing board to plan out the next 3 months.

The first step on the task list is to get the smithing skill out along with the Smithing quest. This will allow players to turn ore into bars, make weapons/armor and deconstruct items for raw materials.

Since this is kind of a big task this update won't happen for at least another 2-3 weeks.

If anyone is interested in Voice Acting, please get in touch with Simon Osborne or Chris Johnson to be a part of the smithing introduction quest.

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Jonny has been experimenting with new textures / fonts for the logo, what do you think?

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