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Sune Asmussen
· January 22, 2018
Come on WG. Introducing more and more premium ships? Try fixing some game mechanics before doing that. One great example of your statements and your implementation: 2017: This will be the year of the ...CV. Nothing happened - no improvements what so ever. Your management is unreliable, your game mechanics compete with you in that regard, for a 1. place. See More
Shaka Jinx
· December 26, 2017
Had you asked me a couple of years ago I would have given it 5 stars easily. Now that I've matured into it slightly and the blinkers are off I can offer an objective point of view. The game is great, ...and fun to play - after all - it's naval warfare and it's easily accessible and looks great. This is enough to keep me here since I love naval warfare and it's rich history. That said, realistically, although free to play this game is hellishly expensive to play if you wish to progress within the game. The higher the tiers, the more it costs and you'll find yourself needing premium time all the time unless you're a very good player. The cost of premium ships and other ingame goods are overstated and as such very expensive in real money terms. The forums are alive and players care, but there is no loyalty scheme in appreciating of veterans who actively support this free to play title. And lets not talk of the matchmaking. Also needs submarines, haha. Shaka_D See More
Dave Woodhouse
· February 9, 2018
HE spam and the current "META" is rather boring and unsatisfying. been on ships nearly from the start and the skill level has been dumbed down quite a lot especially with the implementation of the bri...tish BBs. angling and aggressive gameplay has been hit.
good game here and there. nothing more
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Mario Luketic
· January 17, 2018
After waiting for almost a decade now for a transfer from NA to EU i was finaly given a hint that WG NA is open for THE FIRST EVER transfer to EU but since it is a project that requires both EU and NA...,and EU has not ever given NA a hint about a transfer,hundreds of player are still stuck with their acount on NA.Can the person in charge of this page and social media over all please pass this concern to the people that can do somethign about this issue.It has been 7 years that i keep track and there still has not been a single step towards this issue,just fake promises in the past like there will be a transfer then later there was talk about roaming and at the end nothign of it was made.
The players pay the price and you nothign else butto make a new acount on EU and spend more $ into the company.
After information given by WG NA it is clear that a certain player base is kept hostage on NA because of the low number of palyer and this is an issue that has to be resolved after almostt a decade now.Thank you for your time and this is a World of tanks matter but this is blocked on WoT Fb page so sadly i am forced to turn to the WoW staff for attention
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João Gomes Mestre
· December 19, 2017
World of Warships I just finished a combat mission and the prize was 2 containers. But the 2 containers were premium acount for 24 hours, and I already have premium acount, so I just think that it's n...ot fair for who already have premium acounts earn more. I think we deserve another prize, like doublos, or anything else. By the way my nickname in game is Mestrinho89.

Best regards
João Gomes Mestre
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Loons Choons
· December 17, 2017
Game is ok ish,,, for some reason it goes very weird at t3...... almost like Pay to play only to succeed!! 20 games in a row, no kills, very little offensive damage and pretty much get one hit deat...h every time.!!!! almost makes me hopefull of War thunders release.!! See More
Andy Burton
· December 13, 2017
Fun game recently got back into it after finally losing all patience with WOT. Find it a much more steady paced relaxing game. Just hope subs make an appearance one day. Maybe in their own game mode l...ike operations. See More
Andre Vos
· January 23, 2018
Matchmaking could be better, most of the time i come in games with starting players, in my team and more advanced players in the other team, not good!
Helmuth Hagens
· December 10, 2017
at present players abuse the ingame report system leading to several 24hour chat bans

these players report other players like me because they dont like how we play or don't follow their "rules"....

if you adress this with wargaming support trough the ticket system, all you get is a standard response of someone who is not able to handle a position of support and lacks the basic knowledge of EU law.
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Bogdan Chiriac
· January 25, 2018
well looks like dev/admins and so on are playing the game in random battles ..if they lose or don`t like something they will delet your credits... reports and so one ... looks to me like some power abuse.
Matthew John Reid
· January 3, 2018
I love this game since I started playing it a few years ago. The historical aspect is really good as well as the actual game play itself. �
Nicolas Farias Salas
· February 12, 2018
worst company ever, and the worst support team ever, they are racist and disrespectful. even if you spend money in the game they treat you like shit.
Ignas Račkus
· November 19, 2017
Please stop those single sided historical videos, where only Germany was evil, and SSRS iš better. Fact is that SSRS and Nazy signed document, in which they shared Europe. Also as always forgotten to ...mention, that Poland was occupied not only by Nazi but also by SSRS... See More
Alex Reed
· February 2, 2018
It can be fun. Most of the time though, it's just frustrating, and I'll tell you why.

To begin with, I'm a very experienced player, with mostly unicum stats on the EU server, currently playing with m...y second account in the game. I have more, than 9000 battles, I've grinded several lines to T10, have experience with all of the ship types pretty much.
I have many tech tree ships, and many premiums as well.

Tutorials ingame are extremely poorly implemented. In the beginning, you will struggle to do anything effective for your team, or just simply damage-wise. You will struggle stying alive long enough to do at least something helpful honestly. That's considered normal in the first few hundreds of battles. Yeah.

Once you've got better, you can start enjoying the game mostly mid-tier. T4-7 is pretty ok, there's plenty of wonderful and strong tech tree ships along with premiums with the same qualities. T6 is messy a bit, because it's constantly uptiered to T8 (I don't know the reason, I think the game already have more than enough players to fix this, but whatever).

Once you got the skill, and have some nice ships, the real struggle will start at T8. T8 is constantly uptiered to T10 for once.
Repair prices are insane in T8-9-10 for players without premium. And they're insane in an unplayable level, believe me. In my first 3000 battles, I played without it.

But high tier's most annoying aspect is twofold.
For first, the game's most cancerous low and mid-tier annoyances as bad MM, DD inbalance, radar inbalance, player skill inbalance between teams came back as game-breaking stuff.
Fun facts.
Most of the times, the team with more DD wins.
Most of the times, the team with more avg xp wins.
Most of the times, the team with more divisions.. well, you already know.

So matchmaking is terrible. It's way too terrible to be totally random, so my guess is there's some kind of an algorithm behind the curtains doing the heavy lifting.
If you have a little tool named Matchmaking Monitor, you can see it in action.
Sometimes the matchmaker decides: "hmm, you've put on all your xp flags and camouflages to make a nice xp boosting game? Then I'll put you in teams WAY below your skill level, matching you with enemies far above your team's skill levels."
So you will lose. A lot. (You have better chances in a nice division (it's max 3 players together in a team. It's recommended anyways, to play a lot with better players, observing their positioning, communicate with them, and learn to operate with others smoothly.)

There's more to high tier.
Maps. At least half of the high tier maps are simply terrible.
If you're a very good player, in most of the maps, you can attempt to carry your team, or at least do your best, and present nice results even in a loss.
You can't really do this in those maps.

And the most unbelievable: detonations.
Sometimes you will detonate. Explode. Game over. Bye.
From a single shell. Without reason.
Sometimes, this will happen at your team with someone. For example, with a DD of yours. A ship, that has the most impact. Sometimes, it will happen with multiple ships in your team. Sometimes, you will detonate someone. It feels bad, when you want to kill him with your skill, and nice predictions, not with this.. questionable mechanic.
Of course, you can buy flags to protect yourself, but they're advertising like "free to play", not "pay to not explode randomly", so.. :)

I have to say, it's not pay to win. Not at all. You will suffer with premium account, in the nicest premium ship as well.

I know Wargaming knows most of this, the entire skilled community says-writes things like this better than me.
Still, it's some kind of a one step ahead, two steps back -game with the game's development.. nowadays they're releasing lines that are more and more easy to play.. punishing skill, rewarding bad play.

So.. if someone ask me if I recommend this game for someone I like..
The answer is no, except that person has nerves made of steel, a lot of free time, and affinities to watch videos, learn fast, and pay premuim to help their grind.

Too bad, the base concept is amazing.
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Ståle Hansen
· March 1, 2018
I am shut off, not even their support know whats up, Can log in at homepaige still, but after 2 years of FUN play, I am DENIED.. NOT HAPPY.. Any good ideas for a simular game??, not to high prized..
Ole Johan Håheim
· November 24, 2017
Very fun game, perhaps consider givng a limit on torpedoes? Carriers are limited on aircraft... Why should others have endless torpedoes?
Lowis Lewis Fry
· December 29, 2017
Needs to be released on ps4 just because all my mates on there don't have a pc great game love playing
Kevin Williams
· January 21, 2018
ranked battles is a joke you get put into battle with a bunch of noob in which half dont speak english not enough irrevocable spots
Davor Hodak
· February 3, 2018
just please to much battle with 2 tier diference, tier VI ws tier VIII
why? it's lot of player, just waiting longer to fit in 1 tier diference is ok :)
Roberts le'Defector
· January 12, 2018
Rigged game where pay to win is in order. Soon to die same as EA Games :) #WarGaying
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