A Check and a Towel

We've worked with thousands of auto accident victims, but this may be the strangest cause of an accident we've ever seen. What were they possibly thinking?

A SUV full of teenagers crashed in Idaho after one of the passengers lit the driver's armpit hair on fire with a lighter, authorities said Wednesday.

Today is National Constitution Day, a day set aside for remembering the fundamental freedoms we enjoy under the US Constitution. As lawyers, we see how this document protects us from government tyranny every day. Guarantees to freedom of speech, religion, and restrictions on unreasonable searches and seizures would not be possible without this document. It's worth taking a few seconds to recognize.

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September is Alzheimer's Awareness month. Although it doesn't get the same type of attention as Breast Cancer does in October, Alzheimer's and dementia impact a tremendous number of people, often robbing them of their dignity and quality moments with family.

We have personally seen our family members impacted by this and would ask everyone to consider a donation to the Alzheimer's Association, which is constantly looking for a cure.

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For those who don't know, a thief stole a local Boy Scout troop's fundraising money last week at a community festival. We were fortunate enough to be in a position to help -- but everyone should know we were far from the only ones. The entire community stepped up and rallied around these kids.

As Eagle Scout Peter Stark put so eloquently, “One person did this thing, but so many came forward to help. It puts it into perspective how many people are good compared to how many ar...e bad.”

We just hope our own young daughters grow up with this kind of wisdom.

These boys are so amazing - and what the adult volunteers do to help the lives of our kids every day is both astounding and inspiring.

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VALPARAISO | A local law firm has stepped up to replace the cash stolen from a Boy Scout troop at the Popcorn Festival and is offering a reward for information

Every day, we are amazed at how people help one another. What have you done today to make the world a little better? Share and inspire. #workingtogether

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Really? Who steals money from the Boy Scouts at a community festival? I like to think that people are good at heart, and we do see that everyday. Sometimes you wonder, though.…/article_1d76a8e0-4ded-56ae-86d6-9…

VALPARAISO | A local Boy Scout troop reported the theft of $3,500 in donations during the city's annual Popcorn Festival Saturday.

During our Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge, we received a touching email from Elizabeth Stachovic. Her 64-year-old grandma was diagnosed with ALS just a few weeks ago and the family is struggling to figure out how they will manage this disease and pay for medical care which isn't covered by insurance. They have started an online fundraiser to raise money to help.

We haven't met Elizabeth or her family, but this is a family worthy of help. If only a small percentage of our f...ollowers donated $10 to this family, we could have a tremendous impact on their lives as they try to cope with this debilitating disease in the coming months.

Everyone can help. Please donate if you can. If you aren't able, but still want to help, simply SHARE this on your timeline or tag others who might be interested in helping. We can make a difference together, whether our contribution is big or small.

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Please consider a small donation to the family of Diane Stachovic, who was recently diagnosed with ALS. She will be moving in with her family as her disease progresses, and they need help to make their home handicap accessible and to assist with nursing care and other medical costs not covered by insurance.

Dangers of drunk driving are pretty well known. You might not know that texting and driving causes more than 1,000,000 accidents each year. Spread the word about the impact of texting and driving-- it really can save lives!

Learn more about "It Can Wait" at: Xzavier, Chandler, Debbie, and Reggie all know the horrors of texting & driving firsthand. Acclaimed...

As a thank you to everyone who helped us raise money through our Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge, we are giving away 2 tickets to see the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on September 28, 2014!

Just click the link below to enter!

For anyone interested, Don Wruck had the chance to sit down and speak with Sarah Scantlon of the ALS Association. She talks about how the ALS Assoc. works to battle the disease, help its victims, and how the Ice Bucket Challenge is expected to impact these efforts.

Lots of thanks to Sarah and all the others out there who devote their time and energy to helping people in need.

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The buckets are empty, the checks are written, and we've learned some important lessons: People really do want to help. And social media can make a difference, even if it's just a post SHARE or Page Like.

So the question is, what's next? Tell us what we can do to help and we will start planning our next campaign. Let's keep this going.

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A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who helped support our Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge. It has raised thousands of dollars to battle ALS and awareness to millions. Watch the donation ceremony below, meet our kids, and see the not-so-surprise ending!

Also please let us know where we should turn next in efforts to help the community. We want this to be a beginning and not an end!

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A few days ago we linked to tips on how to limit the risks of injury from school sports. Here's an interesting graphic about whether you should let your kids play football. Not to spoil the ending: football players may suffer head injuries.

But you know what may surprise you? Twice as many kids under 14 suffer head injuries from riding their bikes as they do playing football. Please, always always put a helmet on your kids when biking.

Over the past ten to twenty years football has become one of if not the most popular youth sport that our children want to play. Because football combines both high speed and full contact participation by the players it causes more injuries then any other youth sport in the United States. While foot…

With "ice bucket fatigue" setting in, many people are wondering whether the ALS Association is legit and where donations will go. Lots of rumors and false info out there (it is the internet, after all). Here is a good article with the facts.

If you haven’t yet taken the ice bucket challenge or seen dozens of videos of others pouring a pail of frigid water over their heads, you’re likely reading this in print because you don’t own a computer or smart phone. For the other 85 percent of Americans, ice bucket fatigue is beginning to set in…

Over 2 million people have viewed our Virtual Ice Bucket Challenge. The response has been OVERWHELMING. In two words, THANK YOU.

Some people have asked "Why the Page Like? Why not just donate?" It's a good question and deserves an answer. First, like the ice bucket challenge itself, we want to raise awareness about ALS. You'll find links to important information about this disease on our page. Second, we want to give everyone an opportunity to "do something" to help, even as ...small as "liking" a page. Not everyone can do the ice bucket, and not everyone has the means to donate. This gives an opportunity for everyone to participate and show support.

Most importantly, we want to build a community of people who care. This exercise has proven that there is more that unites us than divides us. People do want to help. As terrible as ALS is, there are many other people and causes that need your help, even if all you can do is spread the word. We are planning campaigns in the coming weeks for other worthy causes, and hope you'll be a part in whatever way you can.

Again, a heart felt THANK YOU. Please continue to SHARE and spread the word.

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