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Emily Collins
· January 19, 2018
This is for WMC’s billing department. My family and I had our second baby last January. Because we had several other sizeable bills within the last few years, to include our 1st daughter’s delivery, I... knew that if I paid in full then a discount could be applied to our account. When we received our statement in May 2017 for baby #2 I called financial services, was informed that “we need our money too” and I would be expected to pay in full- no discount. On that note, payment arrangements were made. This January (with one last payment remaining on our account) we received a letter that we could pay off our account for a 20% discount. I called again today to clarify why this wasn’t able to have been accomplished in May as I had done so all the times before. The answer I received was “we offer this promotion through April. Looks like we had your account finalized April 28, 2017 but because the statement was mailed May 12, 2017 you were outside of the discount timeframe.” WMC, if you are going to offer “pay in full discounts” then do it all year round, do it fairly, and don’t yank people around. See More
Kathy M Clore
· March 17, 2018
If people knew half of went on here they would never use this hospital. They ignore their patients, and make security do nurses jobs is not a place to go. Many go here as they feel they have no... choice. Well I will choose any place else. Too many 381 that all nurses and staff ignore. In case you don't know what a 381 is is someone who threatens to commit suicide or people coming off drugs. If it was not for a few good security workers they would never make it. The ER is a nightmare. You are lucky if you get seen and when you do get in you will be there all day. You are lucky to know what is wrong with you and you will have spent enough money to be in deep debt. The hospital says that they will work with you if you have no insurance. Sadly many people do not have insurance. They will not take what you can offer to pay them. They want a large amount of money and then will come after you for money you do not have They are very short on staff so many times you need help , you will ring the buzzer and have to wait. A hospital is there to help people, not to make their life more miserable. Nurses and doctors need to shape up and be what they used to be. What I have written is knowledge from people who have worked there as well as seeing it first hand .Enough said.... See More
Ashley Daily
· November 19, 2017
Never been treated with respect on any occasion. Had a dirty room on one visit and our last one was horrible. The nurse staff has no bed side manor and opened a door without knocking and knocked our s...on down and didn’t apologize. The triage nurse had no patience with our 21 month old son. The resident doctor and nurse rolled their eyes at us over our health history. We will no longer be patients at wmc for ANY reason. See More
Cher Krueger-Blank
· January 19, 2018
After all the ups and downs this last week, it is so nice to see a professional, empathetic group of people. The staff in the Nuclear Medicine department were so amazing. Clear, straight to the point ...answers and very professional. So glad I went there for my parathyroid sestamibi and CT scan. See More
Taylor Callies
· March 17, 2018
On march 3rd, I was brought into the ER by my mom because I was having a huge bloody nose that was bleeding from both nostrils. We got in to see someone right away and within 10 minutes of being there..., I was in a room in the ER. The ER nurses we had, Lauren and Jayme, were amazing. While I was out of it, they made sure I was comfortable and okay. My mom says Dr. Hall (we think that was his name) was just as awesome at taking care of me when I wasn't responding at one point. The staff here was on top of it and gave me a blow up heating mattress when I was shivering during a blood transfusion.
I was admitted that evening and was there through mid-afternoon March 6 when I was transported to a hospital in Colorado. I was assigned two amazing nurses during this time. LisaBeth, my night nurse, was incredible and always on top of things. And Sarah, my day nurse, who was equally great. Both excellent and I appreciate their help and what they did while I was admitted.
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Amanda Williams
· April 16, 2018
This is for Mesa primary Immediate Care I just checked my son in there to get a note for his school for his finger I was seen the Friday before and was made to be a liar because their system did not we were there Emily Clayton was very rude and when I went in to have her fix the note she didn't even have the decency to come out and talk to me about what was wrong with the note and just said no she could not fix it the whole reason we went there was to get a note for his gym teacher and the teacher for recess and she gave him a note for his absence which never happened I was treated as if I was an idiot with no bedside manner whatsoever I wish I could talk to her supervisor after the rudeness I had to endure today See More
Maria Krueger
· April 9, 2018
I had a csection one week ago and I am amazed how great the mother & baby unit is. I loved every single nurse, they all were so nice, starting with my doctor and ending with the room service - all 3 ...days in the hospital were great. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!!! See More
Linda Ruff Montoya
· March 27, 2018
Every single person I encountered before and after emergency surgery was very professional, respectful, and never once made me feel like a nuisance. Let me repeat that...every single person. Big thank... you to the entire staff.
Room was clean and comfortable, visitors in hallway yelling at their kids was the only problem I had.
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Holly Leturgey Morgan
· April 23, 2018
Amazing place! Excellent care all the way around, my dad spent two weeks in the wyoming medical center. Before going there he had been sick and misdiagnosed for almost two years! The wonderful Dr's fixed his heart, lungs and stomach in two weeks! See More
Nathan Kuhle
· January 16, 2018
The E.R. doc that saw the Mrs. failed to put the patient's complaint in the record notes, failed to add his own notes and completely dismissed her symptoms.
Within the next 5 days the Dr. Notes and P....A. notes did not get put into the record properly or as it actually happened. The nursing staff must have been the "F" team. They were rude, inconsiderate, and worst part is that they couldn't be bothered to actually listen to the patient.
It was even that way for the patient in the next bed.

If there was a lower star I would go with a minus 2 stars.
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Morgan McPhetres
· February 6, 2018
Huge rave for our nurse Courtney at WMC med/surg unit!! My dad had a major operation on his kidney and Courtney was outstanding! She was so friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable in a...n uncomfortable situation. I am in my last year of pre requisites to apply for nursing school, and watching Courtney take care of my dad was inspiring and makes me want to be a nurse just that much more! Thank you Courtney � See More
Nathan J Miller
· November 1, 2017
Where do I start? My wife went into labor Sunday. By Sunday night our baby was born. I was honestly on the fence for the first 5ish hours. This changed quickly due to the amazing anesthesiologist. The... man who gave my wife her epidural really cared for her and her well being. He went far beyond his job duties! The nurses were very helpful and kind. We have 2 other children and the experience this sunday surpassed all of them. Very satisfied with the service they did for my wife and child. Thank you all so much for making it such a pleasure to be there. An amazing staff you have in labor and delivery and mother and baby unit. Keep up the great work! See More
Lacey Loo
· January 22, 2018
What. A. Joke. The billing department sent us a receipt showing we had a $0 balance after we paid in full. They kept sending bills after that and we were forced to pay again after we paid in full. The... billing lady hung up on my husband and would not listen to what we had to say. When making appointments we were always placed on hold for long periods of time. The doctor could not help with my husband's medical problem. I would not recommend Mesa to anyone. See More
Ellen Baker Thomson
· April 20, 2018
Got the best treatment Ever! I have been here for 5 days. Great place to be, if you have to be in hospital.
Alexis Carroll
· March 23, 2018
5+ hour wait in the ER when we were referred over from our Ped. All for 20 minutes of treatment, and an outrageous bill to boot. Not a happy mommy.
Toni Billings
· November 22, 2017
My father spent 3 1/2 weeks at WMC from October 16-November 8 on the 5th floor. EVERY staff member we encountered
(from the doctors to the cafeteria) was friendly, helpful, caring and professional! T...hey made his time there bearable for us all!! Thank you!!� See More
Alex Smythe
· January 4, 2018
Disgusting place with unhelpful receptionists who think they are above the patients that walk in. Heads up sweaty heart you are a receptionist not a doctor, not a decision maker and take qualified rec...eptionist. Hopefully one day you’ll get sick and when you reach out for help get told it’s ‘ok then’ and then be removed. See More
Taylor Boren
· August 20, 2017
I'm from out of town visiting my family and I had a bad allergic reaction. We have several medical people in my family so I took everything over the counter possible and it wasn't working. I showed up... and they were great! I had gabby for a nurse and Dr. Bruno. They acted like I was the only patient they had and they were aggressive in my treatment and had my facial swelling down in minutes! From a Healthcare professional this has been the absolute best treatment I've ever had and maybe even seen! They explained everything and we're so nice! Thank you guys for treating me so well and making my nerves from being out of town not knowing what to expect completely disappear! See More
Melissa K Mestas
· July 20, 2017
I had a hysterectomy done yesterday 07/19/17 and I was sent to the pediatrics floor. The nurses on this floor were very sweet, caring and lovable. I really liked Caitlin and Martha. They helped my alot with what I need and right on time. They gave us great suggestions and we're not pushy or didn't get upset if we said no thank you to anything or if we asked for anything. I think they should really get recognized for there generosity, had work and their sweet souls. I hope to see them again outside the hospital and show them how appreciated I am. May God bless these 2 wonderful ladies. I wish them the best. Thank you WMC, Caitlin and Martha. ((Big Hugs)) See More
Aurora McCarty
· April 24, 2018
Will be giving a one star review until they remove the nurse who publicly posted that she improperly and might I add nnprofessionally uses her position of power to mistreat patients depending on how s...he feels about them. Despicable. See More
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