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2. Drop food donations off at their office (330 S. Walsh Dr.)
3. Fill out a short questionnaire

Our first group had a work day in the garden last night! Thanks to St. Patrick's youth group who got a lot done in a little amount of time. The gardens are nearly ready to be planted. Now, we just need warmer weather and a little bit of time, to get the water online so the plants can go in the ground! As much as we would like to say that will happen before the end of May, will be prepping some more until then! This is only one of many areas around Casper that we have Gardens, and we would love to have you and your group be a part of this effort. All of our Gardens are grown for the good of everyone in our community, there is no need to ask before you pick. This food is free for everyone and we do it out of love. Will you join us? You can come get your hands dirty, or, you can give financially to help fund our work. If you believe in a community as we do, where everyone deserves dignity and access to healthy food, then please consider being a part of our work as a volunteer, or, as a donor. #bethechange #cultivatecommunity #powerofone #wyfood4thought #lovelocal #localsolution #childreninthegarden
Things are growing here at our Urban Farm in north Casper. We are growing soil and food today. Thanks to our amazing partners, this is happening! Ireach 2, Inc. Frontier Brewing Company and Taproom Starbucks Starbucks Metro Coffee Co. Crescent Moon Coffee Stop The City of Casper, WY
Many hands fill many bags. #community #dignity #volunteer #cultivatecommunity #powerofone #wyfood4thought #lovelocal #localsolution #bethechange
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Mary Barnes Price
· December 2, 2017
It is a great place to learn new things. I am very impressed with what the staff are doing for the community. I volunteer and love every minute of it.
Cody Lou Goss
· February 25, 2017
Just got home with my everything! Thank you so much for making it possible for people like me to get fresh eggs, honey, jam, and so much more!!!! My kiddo and his friends loooooooove the treats we f...ind, and it's so nice to not be afraid of my food for once. I got milk from cows that have names! I thought we would be a food desert forever, thank you for changing it!!!! See More
Ed N Charla Putman
· April 26, 2017
It's a great place for anyone to learn about gardening and gardening is always good for the soul.
Nuriéh Zarrín Glasgow
· March 7, 2015
Because WFTP had a health care navigator at the Winter Market, I was able to talk with her and learn some very important, money-saving information I would not have found out until it was too late. T...he markets are true community events. Thank you! See More
Sandy Hibler
· January 18, 2017
Amazing group of people with so much heart! Would be nice if one day this is not needed though.
MeritMobile D T Svcs
· March 21, 2017
Thank you for all you do for the community! You are awesome and the people are ever so grateful for your services.
Scott Hawley
· March 22, 2017
A fantastic organization working to combat a very real problem in our community.
Rae Smith
· October 31, 2014
Jamie and Cassandra are true leaders in organizing a way for our community to show the world "hunger is not allowed on my watch".
Kristie Sutton
· September 21, 2016
Had a GREAT time last night can't wait till next week n so looking forward to the winter market!
Michele Heaphy
· October 13, 2015
Outstanding program supporting local people! Great leadership and vision!!
Alicia Lynne
· December 9, 2013
Amazing organization, with wonderful people at the helm.
Gertrude Hutchins
· February 24, 2017
Outstanding program and a great leadership too..... ♥
Eric Wiggins
· December 5, 2014
I don't know what we'd do without you! Thank you Wyoming.
Rita Parker
· January 4, 2014
I love this program. It supports our community.
Stephanie Turner
· December 26, 2013
Amazing thing you do for our children! Thank you so much