Happy New Year 新年快樂!


With effect from June 2016, route 216 and 221 will be changed to "town bus"; route 203 (Huicheng to Tianhu) will be diverted via Chenchong. Moreover, route W231 will be introduced providing shuttle service between Shuangshui terminal and Dasheng Temple.


據廣東省紀委消息:經廣東省委批准,江門市委副書記、市長鄧偉根因涉嫌嚴重違紀,正在接受組織審查。 ​​​

According to official announcement, the vice-secretary of the CPC Jiangmen Commitee, mayor of Jiangmen Municipal, Mr. Deng Weigen is under inspection for serious disciplinary violations.

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The tradition of dragon dance in Lianhe village and Xinjiang village (Sanjinag town, Xinhui) has a long history. It is said that the tradition can be traced to the Qing Dynasty. Villagers regard dragon dance as a prayer for good fortune and great harvest in the coming year.

People in towns celebrating new year.

Happy Chinese New Year. Let's come and join our "Spring of Guifeng Cultural Temple Fair"!

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It was still called Xinhui County at that time.

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