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Who here loves cars? Do you share your passion with your kids? one of my latest from Nick Jr.

What would you prefer... a home made go-kart or mini car??

Car-obsessed husband and wife duo make a kids version of Pimp My Ride.
My little man reading. Many #excitement . So #skoda . Very #skodafan . New #skodaoctavia

Just thinking about how my journey as a dad has affected me and changed the way I look at the world.

It's easily the most beautiful blessing, and yet equally frustrating, and sometimes lonely, endeavour.

To all the dads and dads-to-be, remember take care of yourselves too. Talk to other guys, other dads. You don't have to go it alone. (Feel free to drop me a line!)


Here's a piece I wrote last year for Nick Jr. about opening up some dadversation and seeking dadvice if you need it.

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The great folks over at BeyondBlue present a 4 part web series following new dads on their journey to fatherhood, discussing topics such as sleep, juggling work, friendships and relationships, and your own emotions.

If you've got siblings, this ones for you.

I hope my boys will grow up to be like this 😪💪🏽👍🏽

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NBC Sports

MUST WATCH: This is the most inspiring video you'll see all year!

Two-time Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee helps exhausted brother across the finish line over a potential World Triathlon Series Grand Final win.

A short, strong message for modern times.

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Pinoy Rap Radio

A salesman stops a father from buying a tablet for his 5-year-old son

Via www.viral4real.com/dad-buys-tablet-for-son-salesman-stops-…/
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One for the dads! Woohoo

Posted by beyondblue

We know that mums really do have a tough job. But we also know that a dad who’s feeling on top of things is better placed to be a supportive partner and involve...d dad – which is good for the entire family.

Many new dads feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of fatherhood and the majority of dads don’t seek information or support. It’s why we’ve launched ‘Dadvice’, an Australian-first web series, which encourages new dads to look after themselves – and take action when they need to. Comedians Sammy J, Dave O'Neil, Lawrence Mooney and Ben Lomas are joined by a group of 12 regular dads who share all the ups and downs of becoming a father. The episodes tackle stress points like work, relationships and mates and highlight real-dad experiences in real time. To get some good #dadvice, cringe at dad jokes or watch the full series visit www.dadvice.org.au

Dadvice was developed by beyondblue and funded with donations from the Movember Foundation Australia.

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Worldstar Hip Hop

Kid gets made fun of for wearing #Filas

Here's his response. This kid is definitely going places! 🙌💯

I love the confidence and character that these individuals on the autism spectrum exude. Everyone is different, everyone has their own unique gifts, and this should be celebrated!

BBC Three

"What's your special ability?" And other Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person.

This is SO SWEET! #brothers #family #love

Just a quick stop off

Thanks Digital Parents Australia and Subway Australia for having us this afternoon at the advanced screening of Finding Dory!

Photo by my amazing wife Krishia Discover more of her skills over at The Cbays

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Yep, it happens!

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HowToBeADad is with Caity Dalton.

Sounds like my recipe for cold meals too.

By Toni Hammer, Is It Bedtime Yet?

YDad shared Nick Jr.'s photo.
May 12, 2016

If you've got boys, I'll bet it's 90% +

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Nick Jr.
May 12, 2016

But seriously, why? #Parenting #PAWPatrol

Yup. This!

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HowToBeADad is with Evelyn Santos.

In case you missed it, here's what happened last week on HowToBeADad.com:

Seth Meyers shares the birth story of his son!

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We need to stop talking about Dads like they’re an inept accessory to parenting, says Rosie Writes.

So very true!

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Nick Jr.

A simple flip of the age-old question, but such an important one!

YDad updated their cover photo.
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