Good Evening,

All qualified Yanke Group drivers will be given an opportunity for employment at Celadon Trucking. For the time being, continue business as usual. Over the next 60 days we will work with your schedule to arrange a brief orientation in either Winnipeg or Kitchener. You will be compensated for your time at orientation, after completing first dispatch with Celadon Canada. Expect a phone call from Celadon Canada’s recruiting team. Feel free to ask us questions, we ...are here to serve you!

You can also visit:…/Celadon20…/EkDefault.aspx… to answer any additional questions!

Thanks for all of your patience!

Celadon Trucking

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A winter driving resource provided by Transport Canada!

At temperatures below 7°C, all-season and summer tires begin to lose elasticity, resulting in reduced traction. Winter tires retain their elasticity to grip at much lower temperatures.