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About Yasar
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    Hello, my name is Yasar; my friends call me Yasi. I am a photographer and I am here to network and learn. I love my job and it keeps me very busy. I spend my spare time with my family and / or my friend. I have a pug / Chihuahua mix named Toto who is a ton of fun. He looks like a Chihuahua on steroids. I am something of a Netflix / Hulu addict and really enjoy getting comfortable in the evening and watching a movie or catching one of my favorite shows (like The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family!).

    I am also very involved at my community. I am a quiet person that prefers intimate settings over noisy ones. Only time you will catch me in a bar or club is in the company of friends. I am independent and confident, but humble. I believe that everything happens for a reason. What has not killed me has made me stronger and made me appreciate the truly good people and blessings that I have in my life. I have a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor and LOVE to laugh! Over all I am a pretty laid back person who loves to enjoy life to the fullest.

    When it comes to goals, I am a go getter and may come across as aggressive. I apologize in advance for this. Sometimes you you can't just wait around for an event to happen.

    Here are some quotes that I love:
    1) Good Fortune happen when opportunity meets hard work.
    2) When the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain. and Finally
    3) Poor is the man who’s happiness belongs in the hands of another.

    Aside from that, I really enjoy reading, blogging, browsing eBay, and watching the Texans hoping they will win some day (did I mention I am very optimistic)

    I have been around cameras all my life and have worked with Agfa, Fuji, Hasselblad, Polaroid, and Nikon cameras. Recently, my interest has grown in the digital SLRs and I have very rapidly progressed thru the current series of Nikon DSLR. With many years of experience in Information Technology, IT Network Security, Graphics Arts, Photo Editing, Photo Restoration and much more. I feel that I can progress in the field quickly. Therefore, I would gauge my experience as advance level photographer.

    My primary areas of interest are Fashion, Glamour or Glamor, Portrait, Shooting People (with a Camera), Composition and Lighting. I am open to other areas of this trade but have not had much exposure in those arenas.

    Based on my Interests and concentration areas I am seeking seeking the following

    1) I would like to meet others who are passionate about photography and are willing to teach, share their expertise and networking.
    2) I would like to reach out to any established or individuals who are interested in starting a modeling career and/or and are interested in updating their portfolio and interested in helping me build my portfolio at the same time.

    PORTFOLIO BUILDING, TF, TFS, TFP, TFCD, As I mentioned before, my background is in photo editing, photo restoration and graphic arts. I am open to TF Shoots as long as it helps both of us build / update / Improve our portfolios. If you need some photographic work in an area that I have not mentioned or is not listed in my portfolio, please approach me. I may have not looked into that area and / or I can still assist you in trade for some TF work in areas that my portfolio is lacking. I will share a real example: Recently I posting an ad for some High Fashion Photo Shoot. An Alt Model aka Modified Model approached me with if I would be interested in shooting her. She didn't want to be photo-shopped and wanted to show who she is – Not as in Nude but more as as her Purple Hair Tattoos, Piercings and all. I totally fell in love with her look and the entire genre. And have since Shot 3 other Alt Models and cant wait to shoot more alt models. What I request is that you that you share what you are trying to accomplish and I we can find a win-win solutions for both of us. If the shoot is for monetary project then we can agree on if you do not know what that is look below. Please be serious and professional. If you have a friends interested have then contact me.

    COMMERCIAL Shoots: As I mentioned before I am seeking win-win solutions. You are welcome to use photos from our mutual shoot in your portfolio as long as my logo is visible and not altered. However if these photos are used for any other purposes such as Publications, Commercial Purpose, or Monetary gains then require shared credit and compensation.

    At present, I am based out of Houston, TX and do a lot of work around Texas and Surrounding states. However, I am not tied to Texas and can do assignments across the globe depending on scheduling, terms and conditions

    #PORTFOLIOBUILDING #TF #TFS #TFP #TFCD #Photographer #Models #Glamour #Modeling
Favorite Quotes
  • 1) Good Fortune happen when opportunity meets hard work.

    2) When the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain. and Finally

    3) Poor is the man who’s happiness belongs in the hands of another.