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January 19

And we're still finding straw to this day... #NeverForget #5YearsWOW

Thanks to Eric for immortalizing us on custom Cards Against Humanity cards! (Maybe this is how we find out our next project...)

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Unsure as to whether they're advancing on the theater, or the parking lot of cars. But a battalion has been spotted. #Cones

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Whether Bagel or Ranger, happy Independence Day to all.

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Our yearly tradition continues of a new silly video on April 1st. Here's the brand-new (err, "newly assembled") outtakes reel from our first [72] Mind2movie outing: "Hunting & Fishing"

Blooper reel from the filming of our short film "Hunting & Fishing" ( )

This calamitous crew commentated! Half of us hadn't seen all of "The Dictionary on Film" episodes before tonight, but we recalled what we could and laughed a lot at the (newly-edited) outtakes reel.

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Watching footage from 10 years ago (!!) is both hilarious and awkward. So: great fodder for outtake reels. All part of revving up to record "The Dictionary on Film" commentary next week!

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Good luck to the teams competing in this year's "72" competition, beginning TONIGHT! We'll certainly miss the excitement, but not the exhaustion.
(Middle photo courtesy Rochester Movie Makers)

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After much discussion, we've decided NOT to compete in "72" this year. We wish all the teams the best of luck, and we look forward to attending the screening!

Instead, we're going to take some time to brush away the cobwebs on some of our oldest and weirdest projects from the last 15 years. We'll be putting already-completed shorts on disc (and/or online) with some simple "making of" material, and unfinished shorts will either get finished, retooled, or we'll show off the progress and then abandon them for good.

Our first focus will be "The Dictionary on Film" - a three-episode web series from 2006 about the dangers of metafiction!

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Thanks to Mike McFadden of Rochester Movie Makers for including clips from "Hunting & Fishing" and "Ghost or No Ghost" in a teaser for this year's "72-Hour Mind-2-Movie Challenge"

Bigger. Better. Warmer. Assemble your crew and prepare those coffee makers for the 6th annual RMM72HRM2M Challenge! HOW IT WORKS: RMM delivers a set of eleme...

But wait! There's more! A second "Ghost or No Ghost" video offering! Here's "Kendra's House Tour" where we made our actors wander around the house improvising about its supernatural tendencies (or lack thereof).

Additional footage from the filming of our short film "Ghost or No Ghost" ( )

As per our tradition of releasing a new foolish video every April 1st, here's the brand new outtakes reel for our 2015 short film "Ghost or No Ghost"! Dr. Hannah Harvey-Granger thinks outtakes are very serious business.

#FormerFilmFriday In January 2014 we completed our 72-hour short film for the year: "The Astounding Lagomorph." In April 2014 we put together a "Producer's Cut" -- with new title cards, new music, and some other minor edits -- and took it to a couple festivals around the country. Now that version is finally online for all to enjoy! If you've never seen it, now's your chance!

Watch "The Astounding Lagomorph" (Producer's Cut) at:

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One year ago today we completed "Ghost or No Ghost," our entry for the 2015 Rochester Movie Makers 72-Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge. Thanks again to our talented cast, crew, and encouraging supporters! We're not as talented as Dr. Hannah Harvey-Granger, so without you we couldn't have even done it once!

Watch "Ghost or No Ghost" at:

See photos from the making-of at:

Happy Halloween! May it be spooky, regardless of whether it includes a ghost... or no ghost.

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Back in February, Matt answered a couple quick questions about "Ghost or No Ghost" on The Rochester Movie Makers "Director's Forum." The episode was just released and includes interviews with reps from 9 (out of 18) teams from this year's 72-hour "Mind 2 Movie" competition, INCLUDING all of their short film entries! So if you weren't able to attend the exhibition at the Cinema, but are still interested in seeing what other teams made in those same 72-hours, this'll show you half of 'em! (Matt shows up around 40:51, and "Ghost or No Ghost" plays immediately after)

Video with 9 of 18 RMM Mind2Movie 72 Hour Films from January 2015

Proof that whether you're making "Death of a Matchbox Car" or a billion dollar grossing blockbuster, the techniques are exactly the same. We're pretty sure this puts Matt in the running to direct "Furious 9" in 2019.

If you haven't watched "Matchbox" yet (and why not?!), here's the link:

“Planning shots & stunts w cars is exactly how you would imagine. #playingwithtoycars #Furious7”