Mae'r ymgyrch YesCymru yn cychwyn efo ni - y bobl. Ni sy'n arwain y drafodaeth. Ni sy'n arwain y wleidyddiaeth. Ni sy'n arwain ein dyfodol.

The YesCymru campaign starts with us - the people. It is us who lead the debate. It is us who lead the politics. It is us who lead our future.


Now our musea are TOO WELSH!?!
We should just build a giant iron ring in Flintshire to balance it all out!

A report on Wales’ national museums has been criticised after it called on them to abandon a “narrowly Welsh” perspective on history. The report was written by Dr Simon Thurley, who served as Chief…


Amser am newid / Time for change

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Over the last 24 hours we've heard that 3 new YesCymru groups are in the process of being formed! Details to follow. If you would like to start a group in your ...area, our 'Top Tips' PDF is available here -…/2017/06/TopTipsforStartingaYesCymruGroup… Go for it!

Mae'n ymddangos y bydd 3 grŵp newydd gan YesCymru o fewn 24 awr! Manylion i ddilyn. Os hoffech chi gychwyn grŵp yn eich ardal chi, mae 'Top Tips' ar gael yma -…/…/06/ArgymhellionCychwynGrwpYesCymru1.pdf Ewch amdani!

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Dwi ‘di clywed fod o’n cefnogi annibyniaeth hefyd.... fel Big Nev!

I’ve heard he supports an independent Wales too.... like Big Nev!

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Stopiwch be’ ‘chi’n ‘neud.... den ni’n ‘dywysogaeth eto, yn ôl bob sôn.

Stop what you’re doing.... we’re a ‘principality’ again apparently.

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Plaid Cymru

Watch to the end / Gwyliwch i'r diwedd:

What assessment has been made of the benefits of home-basing Welsh regiments in Wales? Jonathan Edwards - Plaid Cymru was not impressed with this answer! / Doedd Jonathan ddim yn hapus gyda'r ateb yma!

Who is best placed to make decisions regarding Welsh rail services?
A bunch of elitist, corporation-hugging wastrels (half of whom have probably never even been to Wales) or people living in Wales making decisions for the people who call it their home?

Oh, sorry. We weren’t even consulted. Decision made.


It was the former, by the way.

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All of Westminster’s new rail projects announced earlier this week, described as being for “England and Wales”, are in England, Plaid Cymru has revealed. A policy document published by the Westmins…

Aye, our most precious (and abundant) natural resource is worth nothing....

With water usage and droughts across the globe rising, the race is on to manage water more efficiently.
Ifan Morgan Jones Wales as a modern nation was forged in the fires of the industrial revolution and that experience has shaped our national character to the present day. In an environment where peo…

Rhywbeth dylai pawb ei ddarllen. Beth ydy’r gwahaniaeth rhwng Llywodraeth Cymru a’r Senedd? / Something everyone should read. What’s difference between the Welsh Assembly and the Welsh Government?

Our Members discuss, debate and make laws that shape life in Wales. We have powers to change a number of areas of Welsh life including education, health and the environment.​​ Find out more.​​

Gwneud i ti feddwl, yndi?

Makes one think, does it not?

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YesCymru Sir Fflint / Flintshire

Just trying to work out what the message is here....

Jyst trïo gweithio allan be' ydi'r neges yma....

Plwg bach i grŵp sy’ wedi cefnogi annibyniaeth i Gymru (ac i bob gwlad Geltaidd) am amser maith.

Quick plug for a group who have supported Welsh independence (and independence for all Celtic nations) for a long time.

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Yr Undeb Geltaidd - Cangen Cymru / Wales Branch of Celtic League added 3 new photos.

Carn 169 will soon be winging its way to members. This issue is in full colour and, as always, offers stories relating to Wales and the whole Celtic world.
If y...ou’re not a member but would like a copy, please get in touch via this page. Alternatively, you can sign up and subscribe via the Celtic League website ( and receive every copy of Carn hot off the press every time.

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Quick survey for a student in Caerdydd. Took me 30seconds to complete. Diolch.

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Let’s debate Wales’ future....

Or not!

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Amser am newid / Time for change

“Cymru 2018 - Time for change 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿”

Erchyll yng Nghastell-nedd

'The town council appears not to have learned from the disgraced 'Ring of Shame' installation planned for Flint Castle'

Outcry over move, which has been likened to the controversy over the aborted iron ring sculpture at Flint castle