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Hannah Longacre as Gollum in our Talent Show
Abby Swoboda our Talent Show Grand Prize Winner!!!

Check out our new promo video with some of our Young Writers Workshop alums and faculty!

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This is a summer writing program with residential and commuter options held on the campus of Messiah College, located just 12 miles from Harrisburg, PA. Registration is open to students entering 9th - 12th grade in the Fall 2018.
Through this enriching, summer writing camp environment our students improved their skills as writers and make great friends with people that share their same passion.

Jul 8 - Jul 12Young Writers Workshop at Messiah CollegeGrantham, PA
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YWW alum Eli Harkins is off to med school!

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Messiah College Campus Store

Look at all these books! This is Elias Harkins, a December 2017 Messiah grad with a B.S. in Biopsychology. He will be attending Penn State College of Medicine next summer as part of the Class of 2022. Blessings to you in your future studies and book collecting!

Annie Kreiser reads her short story that she wrote during the Young Writers Workshop Summer 2017! Great work Annie!

A wonderful short story written by Amelia Nimla during the Young Writers Workshop Summer 2017. Great job Amelia!

Short poem written by Ashleigh Kennedy during the Young Writers Workshop Summer 2017. Great work Ashleigh!

A short story written and presented by Samantha Martin during the Young Writers Workshop Summer 2017

Throwback Thursday!
A short story written by Dana Taylor.

Reading by Samantha Mei Dong, written during the Young Writers Workshop Summer 2017. Great story Samantha!

What happens when a dream you've held since childhood ... doesn't come true? As Lisa Bu adjusted to a new life in the United States, she turned to books to expand her mind and create a new path for herself. She shares her unique approach to reading in this lovely, personal talk about the magic of bo...

Writers Almanac Wednesday!

“Sincerely, the Sky” from Dear Sincerely by David Hernandez

Yes, I see you down there...
looking up into my vastness.

What are you hoping
to find on my vacant face,

there within the margins
of telephone wires?

You should know I am only
bright blue now because of physics:

molecules break and scatter
my light from the sun

more than any other color.
You know my variations—

azure at noon, navy by midnight.
How often I find you

then on your patio, pajamaed
and distressed, head thrown

back so your eyes can pick apart
not the darker version of myself

but the carousel of stars.
To you I am merely background.

You barely hear my voice.
Remember I am most vibrant

when air breaks my light.
Do something with your brokenness.

The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor

A poem each day, plus literary and historical notes from this day in history

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A poem each day, plus literary and historical notes from this day in history

Writers Almanac Wednesday

“The Idea of Living” by Joyce Sutphen from Modern Love & Other Myths.
It has its attractions,...
chiefly visual: all those

shapes and lines, hunks
of color and light (the way

the gold light falls across
the lawn in early summer,

the iridescent blue floating
on the lake at sunset),

and being alive seems
to be a necessity if you want

to sit in the sun or rub your
toes in the sand at the beach.

You need to be breathing
in order to eat paella and

drink sangria, and making love
is quite impossible without
a body, unless you are one
of those, given – like gold –
to spin in airy thinness forever.

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