The original wood door is back on the beach house! 🎉 Still plan to sand it and seal it to lighten it and bring back some richness, but it sure beats the plank of plywood that was nailed up for the last six months. ❤️🚪(also: no shoes were lost in the making of this boomerang)
When I stand in this spot I can still remember staring at the crumbling walls and thinking... can we do this? So so glad we took this old house on. It has taught us so much and it’s so rewarding to see it coming back to life ❤️🙌🎉 #YHLBeforeAndAfters
All day, every day. 🌪❤️

Guys, it’s a big day. John finally fessed up to a design choice that he insisted we make in the beach house kitchen... which he now realizes was NOT the best idea. 🤦‍♂️ Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to undo 🙌 There’s also a polarizing design “trend” that literally can make people get rage-y, and it’s all on today’s podcast episode 85 ❤️ (click the link in our profile to listen or tell Alexa to play Young House Love Has A Podcast)

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Oh nothing, I’m just A FREAKIN’ ROCK MANIAC NOW. 🤣 As you can imagine, John is thrilled. 🤦‍♂️ #ButHeDidntSayNo

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Ding dong, duplex demo is done! 🎉 The crazy thing is that in February of 2017, the pink house had just been demo’d (along with the collapsing side being rebuilt)... and here we are a year later with the duplex at nearly the same stage! That fact, paired with the brick chimney we found behind the walls (going all the way up both sides of the house!!!) is giving me A WHOLE LOTTA FEELS! 🙌❤️😊🎉 Like enough to forgive that family of squirrels for so rudely living in the HVAC system. 🤣🐿🙅‍♀️ #YHLDuplex

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We’re headed back to the beach house, and nobody’s more excited to be reunited with a pillow than this guy 😂❤️ #YHLBeachDog

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You guys, this week I fell into a hole. A deep deep hole. Full of crystals. Shiny rocks for grown ups to pet and collect? YES PLEASE. Basically, they’re more fun than making friendship bracelets with lanyard in 7th grade. There’s more on this week’s podcast episode 84 - along with an exciting update about whether our Cape Charles neighbor still thinks my name is Laura 🤣🙈 (click here to listen in for free: or tell Alexa to play Young House Love Has A Podcast ❤️)

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"How do I know what to buy for my house that I'll like for many years to come?!" Well, we realized we've had a bunch of home items for over decade (or more!) despite our multiple moves and shifting styles. So on the blog today we rounded them up so you can see what has stood the test of time (and be reminded how awful our photos were when we started this blog 🤣)

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💖 Dear beach house pantry: although we are apart, you are always I my heart. Will you be my Valentine? 💖 (Sidenote: my entire family once unanimously voted me “weirdest child.” 🤣) #PantryLove #YHLBeachHouse

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❤️ In honor of Valentine's Day, we're sharing everything we love about each other. Just kidding, that would be boring.🤣 We’re walking you through three of our home-related disagreements, one involving this bed, and how we’re planning to work through them - hopefully without too many hurt feelings (although I'm pretty heated about one of them already 😡). We also cover a whole slew of updates, from the historic review board's verdict on our duplex roof proposal (😱) to my never-ending Invisalign saga (😭). It's all on this week's podcast episode 84:

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Didn’t get out to the beach house this weekend and like any weirdo who loves more than one house, I feel like I betrayed an inanimate object. Because that’s a normal thing to feel, right?! 😂👌🙈 #HouseLoveTriangle #YHLBeachHouse

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I always love this picture because it shows just how close the duplex is to the pink house. There is literally just one house between them! Makes me laugh because a few of my friends joke that they want all the babies and I want all the houses (and I specialize in not very cute ones at the start - but they grow into their looks later 🤣)

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We’ve bought some pretty random things online for the beach house this year (from a huge glass shower pane to this vanity, the patterned tile in the mirror, and even our fridge in the pantry). So we’re sharing what we do to feel more confident when we can't see our purchase in person first, along with some tips for minimizing your risk (including how to unlock even more reviews, and what items we haven’t had the courage to buy online... yet). It’s all on this week’s podcast (listen in for free here 😘❤️ )

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It has been freezing but John has taken the most gorgeous photos from his morning runs. Dang it if our city isn’t the most beautiful place ❤️😍❤️ #RichmondVA #RVA #TheRiverCity

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One of the top questions we’ve been getting for months is “who do you order your photo books from now that MyPublisher is gone?” Well, we finally made a decision and John attempted to answer all of your burning questions (about layouts, quality, pros & cons, cost, etc). Just click the link in our profile to read the post while we bask in the glory that our stack still looks good! 💃❤️🙌

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My desk is basically just full of stuff made of stone and stuff that’s pink (ok, and a laptop) and I’m FEELING IT. 🌸😊💕 I shared a little “desk tour” on InstaStories (and simultaneously proved how quickly I get off track 😂🙈).

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We’ve bumped into a few frustrating setbacks with our duplex renovation, but thanks to a small technicality we were finally able to charge ahead and start demolition. 🎉 Gotta love a loophole! 😂🙌 So we’re sharing our work-around, and the surprising thing that was discovered during demo on this week’s podcast episode 83 (it made us laugh nervously for at least five minutes). Plus, we share the verdict on whether a weighted blanket is actually solving my sleep problems. 🤔 Listen in for free here: ❤️

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Just got a message from someone that our second book is 70% off right now on Amazon! Just $8.23 down from $27.50 🎉 Amazon usually raises the price as soon as they realize that people have caught onto the sale (boo!), so grab it while it lasts (here's an aff link): (Also, our first book is on sale for $15.54 which is 43% off - not a bed deal either 🙌)