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Elvin Web Marketing

Just 8 days left to enter our #contest for a chance to get a FREE website worth $500.

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Elvin Web Marketing

It has arrived! You can now enter our amazing giveaway for your chance to win a completely free website designed & built courtesy of Elvin Web Marketing.

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Webydo is a web canvas, made for designers by designers. Start building your web design empire!
SEO Fundamentals has been written with small business owners in mind, covering topics that matter most to you, it’s not an “all singing and dancing” parade of all SEO has to offer. Who can benefit from SEO Fundamentals? • Those who are new to SEO and want to see how it...
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Elvin Web Marketing

The essential social media check list for 2015 - Start getting more out of your social media marketing!

Do you think Facebook could ever rival Google for #search? Mark Zuckerberg thinks so... #bizitalk

How Facebook could rival Google for search in the next few years.. As part of Facebook's 10 year strategy Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for Facebook search

Looking for a proven method to lead-gen online? Try these 8 techniques today...

Looking for some proven suggestions for generating new leads online? I have put together 8 of my favourite modern techniques for lead-gen in 2015...
Complete SEO Checklist to increase your website search rankings in 2015. Check off each item with the quick list or follow the comprehensive guide...
Company officially confirms what many have been anticipating for years.

Your website not converting? Here are the steps to take right now!

If your website is more of a couch potato than a sales powerhouse, you might be wondering where it went wrong. The reasons your visitors aren’t converting can often be fixed quicker than you think.Here are 10 of the most common reasons that your website might not be getting you the results you hoped…

Planning your mobile app using free app builders.

Free App Builder with no Coding Knowledge required. Come try

Your website is probably mobile friendly, but is that really enough?

The benefits to a responsive website are hugely publicized, yet consumers are now spending more time using branded apps, here’s why you should build a mobile app for your small business.

After falling back to an 8 hour a week job Emma was forced to cut costs and save money, following support from friends and family she set up her money savings advice page: Extreme Couponing UK.

She now works full time on the page and recent webstite, with huge plans ahead!

I caught up with Emma to find out more about her story and the road to where she is today.

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I recently caught up with Emma Mumford self confessed coupon queen, and quite rightly too.. Having saved an overwhelming £540, on her Christmas shop just last year.Emma has achieved a lot in in the past 12 months, so I was keen to talk to her and find a little more about what she does and how she go…

Top 10 tools to working more productively online, what do you use?

Here is a list of the top 10 tools that help you to become more productive online. Some are free, some not so free, some optionally free.1. Google Drive (Free/Paid)Google Drive gets the number one spot because it is a folder that can be opened ANYWHERE. Google Drive is now more or less integrated…

Is your website "Sticky"? You'll have them feeding from the palm of your hand time and time again..

Sticky content online, or in business really, anything sticky is the idea of “trapping” readers/consumers in your shop, game or website, or app. Whatever it may be. The idea is to keep people making you money and not someone else. Sticky content could…

When's the right time to start a business..?

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