New blog post: Have you ever made a claim for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and had it turned down?

Well, guess what? Thanks to a new court ruling, there's a new reason that you could be due a hefty payout - and now is the time to make another application for compensation.

Read my latest blog post to find out how about the clever online tool that means you can make a claim in minutes - and you don't even need to have any paperwork to hand.


Go on, you might as well try. After all, what have you got to lose?

Check it out here:…/a-new-rule-mean…/

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Trying HelloFresh this week after my friend Erica kindly passed on a free voucher for four meals for a family of four (say that five times fast! 😂).

I’ve written about it in my latest blog post, where I talk about the #fivefrugalthings I did this week.

I figured that even if the subscription service doesn’t end up to be good value, you can’t complain about a box load of free food normally worth £64. That will feed the three of us for a week.


Will report back on how it works out.

Here it is:…/five-frugal-thi…/

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New blog post: this week I joined in with some of the other UK Money Bloggers for a round up of five fabulously frugal things I did this week.

One of which was getting £64 worth of free food delivered to my door- thanks Erica!

Check it out here:…/five-frugal-thi…/


What have you done this week to save money? Any top tips?

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This is a great story by fellow freelancer Holly Black. Have you thought about seeing a financial adviser? Or is it something you keep putting off due to time, affordability or feeling too young?

''The main job of a financial adviser, it seems, is to force you to confront those difficult questions that you have put to the back of your mind,'' writes Holly Black.

First week for writing The Bargain Hunter page in the Metro. Looking forward to sharing all my favourite money-saving hacks every Wednesday.
Here is the link:

What are your favourite tricks that save you cash?

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A heads up for those of you that use, the cash back website.

When cashing in my balance, I discovered that if you opt for your payout in a Debenhams gift card, for instance, you can earn 15% more.
That’s £15 on a £100 payout, I’d take that.


Other retailers that pay through gift certificates (rates vary) are Amazon, M&S, Halfords and New Look. Check it out.

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So this arrived today. It’s Sugru, a mouldable glue that feels a bit like modelling clay, but it dries after 24 hours and appears to fix EVERYTHING.

It’s waterproof, flexible, heat/cold resistant and even electrically insulating. It sticks to everything - glass, metal, wood, ceramics, and even fabric. Plus, if you want to remove it, you just slice it off with a knife. Easy peasey.

I feel like this is going to be a game changer - and save me a fortune. Tomorrow I’m tackling my... fraying phone chargers, a broken suitcase and the mangled dishwasher rack.

Check it out:

Have you tried it before? What did you fix?

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New blog post: Everyone knows there will be decent sales in January, but did you know that the best time to bag a bargain on digital camera is in May? Or that June is the best month to get a deal on a new television?

Throughout the year, retailers adjust their prices as demand for different items fluctuates. As a result, when your favourite shops will have product-specific sales is more predictable than ever before.

The good news is that you don't need to have a crystal ball ensure you get the best deals on offer. In my latest blog post, I've written a guide outlining the very best time of year to make your purchase to ensure that you get the lowest price possible.

Check it out here:…/best_time_to_buy…/

Do you have any top tips on sales timing? Is there a bargain month I've missed?

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Killing time until payday and feeling skint? Check out my article in The Sun Money for a round up of the best free things to do in January…/the-best-things-to-do-for-…/amp/…

IF you’re feeling the pinch this January then you may feel like the boredom is already settling in. And with the average family forking out an average of £821.25 on Christmas it’s not w…

While I’m at it, here’s last week’s top tip as I forgot to post it here:

If your child loses a part of their favourite Orchard Toys game, the company will happily replace up to three lost game pieces per year for each customer - for free!
I’ve used the service several times and it means that games that would be once unplayable, no longer go to waste - plus it saves you money.
Info is on the company website....
(Not an ad, just love the service)

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Today’s top tip: it may be hard to believe, but the nail varnish from Poundland is my favourite.
The brush is perfect (flat and wide), it dries really quickly, only requires two coats and lasts ages. Oh, and it’s only £1.
I came across it by accident, but it’s possible that I’ve bought every colour over the years.

(Not an ad, just love it. Also, not sure why my hand looks so weird. How do the beauty bloggers do it?!)

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New blog post: If you work for the NHS and don’t whip out for ID badge whenever you reach for your wallet, you’re missing out on money saving deals.

Here are 10 cracking discounts for NHS employees that you can get simply for flashing your staff card.

What are your favourites? Are there any I have missed?

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Shout out to all of you that have an NUS card. I just discovered that I could have applied for 20% off the cost of my O2 airtime plan had I used the student discount when I renewed my contract! I missed out as it's too late - but thought I would share it with you guys in case anyone was looking to upgrade or within 28 of a new contract.
Here is the link:

Find out more about our offers for O2 Students and how to get your discount with UNiDAYS.

New blog post: If you are still using your Amazon Prime membership simply for the free delivery, you are missing out on more than you think.

Read on for eight Amazon Prime perks that could save you money:…/amazon_prime_per…/

What are your favourite Amazon benefits? Have I missed any?

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New Blog Post: Hands up if you cocked up your Christmas shopping? This year, I accidentally bought duplicate items four times. That's right, FOUR. Sigh.

Lucky for me, I had additional consumer rights because the purchases were made online, so getting refunded was easy.

But do you know your rights - or where you stand - if things go wrong when you are shopping? In my new blog post, I look at the problems you might encounter in the last few days before Christmas - and what you... can do to sort it out.

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New blog post: Have your beloved GHDs died a slow death? Well don’t throw just give up on them – you can get paid to “recycle” them and earn money for a new pair.

Also, a few more ways to recycle and earn money at the same time.

Check it out:…/get-paid-recycle…/

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