Super pumped to have my big sister in town for a visit!

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Today was my daughter’s 5th birthday party and due to a crazy week at work I decided that rather than make her cake like I do every year, I would just buy two cakes from @Tesco and stack them.
Have that Pinterest.
My girl was thrilled and I didn’t end up baking until 2am.
#workingmummystruggles #cantdoitall #shewasdelighted #iwasntcranky #winner #birthday

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Fancy saving yourself a few hundred quid tonight? Why not spring clean your finances?

I do it in May every year as that’s when my car insurance is up for renewal as it prompts me to take action - and the annual savings will shock you. I like to think I’m paying myself a few hundred pounds for two hours work. Winner.

Have a look at my latest blog post - written last week when it was POURING with rain. ...
But seriously do it, you will save a fortune. I’m not making this stuff up. 😂

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On the hunt for a case study for a story I am writing.
Are you a homeowner who is forced to make their kids share a bedroom because the high cost of moving means that you can't afford a bigger place that is more suitable for your family size?
Can you help? Or know anyone who would fit the bill?

New post alert: When it comes to teaching my daughter about safety and good manners, I like to think that I’ve got it well and truly under control.

Yet when it comes to educating our kids about money, few parents know where to start. Myself included.

In fact, according to research from Yorkshire Building Society, just a quarter of us regularly talk to our children about money.


It seems like a massive taboo somehow. What’s more, unlike other parts of parenthood, there is’t any playground chatter about the topic, so we simply revert to doing what we know and pass our habits, both good and bad, down to our kids.

So how do you overcome teach your children to be financially savvy?

Read my latest blog post for seven ways you can get started:…/how-to-teach-y…/…

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Food bank use has hit record levels according to new figures from the Trussell Trust charity.

Last year, more than 1.3 million three-day emergency food supplies were delivered to people in crisis - an increase of 13% from 2016. What's more, two-thirds of the food bank provision across the UK was requested by children.

In the lead up to Christmas last year, our family did a reverse advent calendar to gather donations for our local food bank.


The concept is simple: rather than the usual advent calendar where you open a window a day to see a picture, get a chocolate or some other treat, you add a non-perishable food item or hygiene product to a box which you will then donate.

If you want to get involved, don't feel you have to wait until Christmas - food banks need donations all year round.

Here is my original blog post if you fancy doing something similar:…

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Throughout November, my family are doing a "reverse advent calendar" to collect for the local food bank – and you can get involved too.

Guess whose blog is website of the week in today’s Sun? Yay!

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Shacking up, cohabiting or living in sin. However you label it, it means the same thing – moving in with your partner before you walk down the aisle first.
In my latest blog post, I look at the financial and legal consequences of setting up a home with your other half.…/moving-in-with…/…

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I always thought I wasn’t the gambling type. But it seems that rather than having a flutter at the race track, I like to do mine with online shopping returns, leaving the trip to the post office as close to the deadline as possible.

#willtheyarriveintime #orwilligetacreditnote #dowhatisaynotwhatidokids

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New blog post: Ask any parent about how we protect our children and we'll spout all the ways that we try our best to keep them safe: car seats, vaccinations, teaching road safety, chopping up grapes - the list is endless.

Yet research from Scottish Widows reveals that 60% of women with dependent children do not have any life insurance, leaving their families in a precarious situation if they were to die or become seriously ill.

Is your family properly covered financially sho...uld the worst happen? Here is how to make sure you are covered.

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New blog post: Six ways to stop fighting about money.

Cash is one of the top causes of arguments along with sex, housework and children, with more than a quarter of couples admitting that financial problems are the biggest strain on their relationships.

Here is how you and your partner can overcome this obstacle:

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A heads up for any cinema lovers, Cineworld’s IMAX Film Fest is this Saturday, March 10 and means that you can watch a recent blockbuster on IMAX for just £3 a ticket.

The films showing will be:
- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
- Beauty and the Beat...
- IT
- Dunkirk
- Thor: Ragnarok.

Available at theatres in Ashton-under-Lyne, Basildon, Birmingham NEC, Birmingham Broad Street, Broughton, Castleford, Cheltenham, Chichester, Crawley, Edinburgh, Glasgow Science Centre, Hemel Hempstead, Ipswich, Leeds, London Enfield, London Leicester Square, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stevenage, and Telford.

To book tickets go to:

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Some films have just got to be seen in IMAX; the epic scale and jaw-dropping special effects feel more real. It’s an immersive experience that puts you right at the heart of the action.

Are you squirrelling away money for your kids' future? If you are, is the lump sum sitting in a bog-standard bank account?

The bad news is that thanks to a pesky thing called inflation, if you opt for a cash Junior Isa (Jisa) or a children’s fixed saver the balance will shrink in real terms.

In my latest blog post, I write about how I invest on behalf of my four-year-old daughter - and how her portfolio is up 30%. ...
What's more, I explain how you can get a piece of the action, even asking three financial planners for their top tips for funds.

Go on. Have a read. You'll thank me later - and so will your little darling when they have a tidy nest egg when they hit 18.

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New blog post: You are good at your job, and you know it. But when was the last time you asked to be rewarded for all your hard work with a pay rise?

The sad fact is that women still get paid less than men for doing the exact same job, with the latest figures showing that even before we have children, women earn about 10% less than men. And that gap keeps on getting worse in the years that follow - by the time our first child has reached the age of 20, mothers earn almost a t...hird less per hour, on average, than similarly-educated fathers.

I know it's depressing, but you don't have to just get on with it. Here are five ways to ask for the pay rise that you deserve - and actually get it.…/how-to-ask-for…/…

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New blog post: If you are a teacher - or even work in the school’s office or as support staff - you could be missing out on some serious discounts. Here are six of the best offers available for those that work in education.…/discounts-for-…/…

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New blog post: Five frugal things I did last week. What have you all been up to?…/five-fabulousl…/…

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