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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai just announced a vote to kill Net Neutrality, the principle of a free and open internet, without which internet providers like Verizon and AT&T can have more control over what we see and do online. Congress can still convince him to pull the vote. Call your representative and ask them to defend Net Neutrality and tell Pai's FCC to pull the Net Neutrality vote at the December 14 FCC meeting. 844-241-1141
Here's more info: -->…/the-fcc-has-unveiled-its…/…

The move would roll back the Obama-era rules on net neutrality, setting the stage for a vote next month that could reshape the entire digital ecosystem.

Every day that Congress delays action to pass a clean Dream Act, hundreds of DACA recipients lose the legal protections that allow immigrant youth who came to America as children the ability to go to school, work, and support their communities without fear of deportation—that's more than 20,000 DACA recipients who will lose protections between when Trump announced he was ending the program and the end of the year.

Speaker Paul Ryan has the power to hold a Dream Act vote in t...he House of Representatives and has claimed he wants Congress to fix DACA, but so far he hasn't acted. And he's claimed there's no urgency until March ... which just isn't true for DACA recipients and their families, who may be detained by Trump's deportation agents at any moment.

Will you call your member of Congress and ask them to push Speaker Ryan to stop blocking the bipartisan Dream Act and bring it to a vote before the end of the year? 844-241-1141

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Senate Republicans are coming closer to passing their outrageous tax scam. Last week, they even added an attack on the Affordable Care Act to their bill. This would drop the number of people with health insurance, raise premiums for everyone else, and send the Affordable Care Act into a death spiral.

Meanwhile, House Republicans also just passed their version of this terrible bill on Thursday. Under these bills, tens of millions of Americans will see their taxes go up in the ...years ahead—and see funding for Medicare, Medicaid, education, and more go down. Republicans are feeling momentum right now, after the House passed a version of the tax bill on Thursday, but the fight is not over. We have to ensure senators know just how politically toxic the tax bill is, before the Senate votes and the House has to vote again.

House and Senate Republicans still need to come to a final compromise before they can send this terrible bill to Trump for his signature. Tell your senator, "Don't support this tax scam. It harms heath care for 13 million Americans and raises taxes on millions of middle-class families to give money to billionaires and corporations." 844-241-1141…/senate-like-house-opts-to-keep-ta…

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A provision in the House and Senate tax bills will change, but not close, the so-called carried interest tax loophole, which benefits wealthy people.

This week, a federal court allowed Trump's Muslim Ban 3.0 to go into partial effect. This reckless decision will close the door to immigrants and visitors wishing to come to the United States.

Areej Ali, who was detained when the first Muslim Ban was implemented, sat down with MoveOn's Video Lab team to speak about her ordeal.

The Muslim Ban kept her from coming home. "I was scared, I was confused, I started thinking: What if I don't even end up coming back to the United S...tates?”

Can you watch and share the video to show the cost of this immoral and discriminatory policy?

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The Muslim Ban kept her from coming home. "I was scared, I was confused, I started thinking: What if I don't even end up coming back to the United States?” #NoMuslimBanEver

On Tuesday, Senate Republicans made their morally outrageous tax scam even worse—inserting a repeal of the health care individual mandate, which would take health care from 13 million Americans, raise premiums for everyone else, and send the Affordable Care Act into a death spiral. And this is part of a larger giveaway of more than a trillion dollars to corporations and billionaires that would raise taxes on 36 million middle-class families.

We stopped the repeal of the Affor...dable Care Act before by focusing our action on calling senators, and we can do it again. Tell your senator: "Don't support this tax scam. It harms heath care for 13 million Americans and raises taxes on millions of middle-class families to give money to billionaires and corporations." 844-241-1141

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Republicans also said they would set all of their tax cuts for individuals to expire at the end of 2025, but deep cuts in the corporate tax rate would be permanent.

Today's Daily Action: Call your representative - 844-241-
1141. On November 8th, voters across the country rejected candidates who ran on an anti-immigrant platform of hate and division. Now, it's time for Congress to reject Donald Trump's anti-immigrant decision to end DACA, a decision which puts the lives of 800,000 young American immigrants in turmoil.

Congress can—and must—act by passing a clean version of the popular and bipartisan Dream Act, one that does not use and their families as a bargaining chip for Trump's toxic agenda. And Congress must pass it before the end of the year; Congress should not go home for the holidays without giving Dreamers the protections that they deserve.

Members of both parties have said that they want to act. But they need to hear from us that this is a priority. Say to them: Don't go home for the holidays until you pass a clean Dream Act!…/358718-shutdown-threat-growing-over-im…

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Democrats believe they have leverage to demand an immigration deal.

Republicans in Congress are racing to pass their tax scam—a massive giveaway to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations at the expense of everyone else. And they may push it through the House this week, with the Senate following soon after.

This bill would
- increase taxes on many middle-class families;
- end deductions that support veterans, teachers, people with student loans, and folks with serious medical conditions (and the Senate version would actually eliminate AL...L deductions for state and local taxes);
- lead to deep cuts in health care, education, and environmental protection; and
- move more than a trillion dollars to the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

Fortunately, there are actions we can take to stop this nightmare—just as the Resistance stopped Trumpcare again and again—but we have to act now.

That's why MoveOn is joining with Senator Bernie Sanders and People's Action, the Center for Popular Democracy, and the Working Families Party on a national organizing call this Wednesday, November 15 at 8 p.m. ET to discuss how we can confront and defeat this bill together.

Get involved in tax fight! RSVP

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We’re now more than one year since Trump’s election, and we’d like to know how often you’d like to keep getting Daily Action texts. Help us plan for the resistance in 2018.

Text POLL to 228466.

Then, check out this look back at how our work together started.

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One lifestyle writer turned entrepreneur is out to help you raise your voice and be heard.

Trump and the GOP can dress it up, but this tax scam’s a huge giveaway to the rich and corporations. The tax scam would ultimately be financed by lethal cuts to health care and other vital programs. The resistance movement that has repeatedly defeated health care repeal will fight every step of the way to ensure the GOP tax scam meets the same fate.

Watch and share the video to learn more about how GOP tax scams hurt average Americans!

Many of us have been calling, signing petitions, and rallying to call on Congress to protect hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth from deportation. But part of winning this fight will be showing that people everywhere stand with Dreamers and against Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. Getting a free stickers is a memorable and beautiful way to share this message.

Voters rejected anti-immigrant candidates across the country on Tuesday night. Now it's time for Congress to rejec...t Trump's anti-immigrant decision to end DACA—by passing a clean version of the popular, bipartisan Dream Act by the end of the year. And these stickers will help send the message that this is a priority to the American people. worked with artist Pablo Stanley on these stickers. Here's what he had to say about his original designs:

“I'm using the faces of Dreamers looking up and forward, to the future, using a minimal color palette for simplicity and to mimic offset posters. The colors reflect the American flag.

"I'm using a geometric typeface in all caps for the main message. The illustrations have bold outlines hand-drawn with a marker. The skin colors are all different, and the posters portray a woman, a man, and a gender-neutral person. I made an additional [design] of the typical fist in the air, resisting—but on these, the hands are holding different flowers.

"According to the Victorian meaning of flowers, the red rose represents love, the white poppy means peace, and the blue violet dedication."

Wow! Sign up to get your free sticker with Pablo's powerful symbolism—that we stand united and dedicated to fight for a clean #DreamActNow:

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Last night, the Resistance won big in Virginia. Voters just trounced the GOP in multiple races -- from state delegates to governor. Republicans in Congress are undoubtedly scared of what may come next.

But right now, those same Republicans in Washington DC are putting the finishing touches on their tax scam bill. This bill will fund massive tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy, while eliminating tax breaks that help veterans, teachers, people with student loans, and ...people with disabilities.

Call your senators today. Tell them, "Not one penny in tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations." And if either of your senators are Republican, tell them to pay attention to what happened in Virginia last night. 844-241-1141…/republican-plan-would-raise-taxes…

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The Republican tax bill would cut taxes on average, but it would raise them on millions of middle-class families, especially those with large medical expenses.

Today is Election Day in many places around the country—with races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey, and races for mayor, district attorney, county clerk, and other local positions in many cities and counties.

Many of these races will be super close—making it all the more critical that you vote and remind friends and family to turn out to vote across the country.

This is the first major election day since Donald Trump took office, and it's a chance to support candidates who are fighting for economic and racial justice, access to health care, voting reforms, environmental protections, and more.

So, please, vote if there's an election near you! And remind others—especially in Virginia and New Jersey—to head to the polls.

If you're not sure where your polling place is, click here:

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Wondering where you vote on Election Day? Use our polling place locator to find out.

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai is out to gut Net Neutrality, a policy that is critical to a free and open internet. He's made it his hallmark issue, and fresh off of being reconfirmed by Congress, he seems ready to schedule a vote. But Congress can stop him. If members of Congress speak up in public and private, they could convince Pai to back off. Net Neutrality affects all of us and keeps corporate monopolies from dictating what sites work for consumers. Tell Congress to demand that they intervene to save Net Neutrality. 844-241-1141…/ajit-pai-fcc-net-neutrality-o…

The FCC chairman leading net neutrality rollback is a former Verizon employee and whose views on regulation echo those of broadband companies

Today's Daily Action:

This Republican tax scam is a one-two punch that will fund massive tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy on the backs of people whose health care, education, and other programs will be slashed. Trump and the GOP can dress it up, but this tax scam’s a huge giveaway to the rich and corporations.

Call your representative. Say, "Not one penny in corporate tax cuts. Not one penny in cuts to health care and programs that invest in the American people...." 844-241-1141

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Republicans’ decision to add to the nation’s debt jeopardizes attempts to fix the tax code, budget experts say.

Today's Daily Action: Call your representative. 844-241-1141.

The Johnson Amendment is a key piece of the separation of church and state—it bars churches and other religious institutions that receive tax-deductible charitable donations from donating to political campaigns.

Now, a small but powerful lobby is trying to slip repealing the Johnson Amendment into the big tax cut bill Republicans are releasing this week. Doing away with the Johnson Amendment would release a flood... of money into our elections, essentially allowing big-money donors to get tax deductions for their political contributions, which has earned this repeal the moniker Citizens United 2.0.

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