Father of Columbine Victim Walking in His Son's Shoes
A Community Ripped Apart by Deportation
He escaped the airstrikes

VICTORY!! Yesterday Daily Action takers like you made over 4200 calls to First National Bank and Visa to get them to drop the NRA. Today First National bank announced they will no longer issue the NRA Visa card. We know calling works. There are 21 more corporations with ties to the NRA, they are next.

Sign up for the Daily Action by texting DAILY to 228466 or online at

The bank says "customer feedback" caused the change.

Donald Trump is at war with the FBI over the Russia probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. On Friday, he demanded that Attorney General Jeff Sessions fire FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, just 48 hours before McCabe's planned retirement.

Then, he produced a series of unhinged, misleading tweets attacking the FBI and the team working on Mueller's investigation, going so far as to unleash his personal attorney to call on Rod Rosenstein, who's overseeing Mueller's work, follow Sessions' lead and can Mueller. Call your senators and tell them to pass bipartisan legislation immediately to protect special counsel Mueller from being fired by Trump. 844-241-1141

And after you call, sign up to join more than 260,000 fellow Americans who have already RSVP'd for more than 800 rapid-response protests around the country if Trump fires Mueller—so that together we can declare, "Nobody is above the law!"

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Donald Trump is publicly considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the person leading the Department of Justice investigation of possible criminal actions by Donald Trump and members of his presidential campaign, as well as the efforts to conceal those activities. It's also possible that, r...

FedEx offers huge shipping discounts to NRA members. Many companies have severed ties with the NRA. It's time for FedEx to do the same. Tell FedEx to stop their immoral business alliance with the National Rifle Association. Sign the petition here:

Tell FedEx to stop its immoral business alliance with the National Rifle Association and join other corporations in putting the NRA on notice that it's time for a change. #BoycottNRA

His 15-year-old son Daniel was shot and killed at Columbine High School in 1999. He came to Capitol Hill to place his son's shoes among 7,000 other pairs of shoes representing other children who have been taken by gun violence. Watch his story #NotOneMore h/t Avaaz

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On Sunday, March 18, to mark the 15th anniversary of the start of the U.S. war in Iraq, MoveOn members and allies will join with activists from more than a dozen nations on a video call featuring Senator Bernie Sanders and expert thought leaders.

This is the first step in a campaign that will make it absolutely clear to Donald Trump, his foreign policy team, and members of Congress that a lasting and peaceful solution to mounting U.S./North Korea tensions is the only viable ...option. And the stakes were just got higher, with news that Trump has picked a known bigot and warmonger, Mike Pompeo, as the next secretary of state.

Remember: George Bush's deceptive rush to war was made possible by a "coalition of the willing"—a handful of nations that gave political and military cover to sidestep the United Nations and enable the invasion. We've learned a lot from that experience, and so did millions of fellow progressive-minded people around the globe.

Now, 15 years later, we're wiser, stronger, and better connected to each other than ever before. This video call is a unique chance to hear from international organizations, understand the fast-changing news out of the Korean Peninsula, and begin discussing what MoveOn members and allies can do to ensure our nation's serious commitment to talks with North Korea and a diplomatic path to peace.

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An urgent global huddle with leading peace activists and people from many nations, coming together to tip the balance towards a real and lasting diplomatic solution for Korea, the U.S., and the world.

Yesterday, Donald Trump abruptly fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and proposed a replacement—CIA Director Mike Pompeo—who would put us on a path to more wars.

Pompeo is a vehemently anti-Muslim bigot who has shamelessly embraced the use of torture and is an opponent of diplomacy. While Tillerson was more inclined to support the diplomatic deal with Iran, Trump stated that Pompeo agrees with tearing it up. As Trump approaches the high-stakes meeting with North Korea, Ame...ricans need a secretary of state who believes in diplomacy.

We need someone who will end our support for unjust wars like the Saudi Arabian assault against Yemen, not put us in greater danger by supporting Trump's worst ideas.

The Senate can, and must, reject Pompeo's nomination—and they should end our involvement in Yemen with SJR 54 before Trump's next nominee takes office.

Call your senators and say, "Vote no on confirming Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, and vote to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen on SJR 54." 844-241-1141…/pompeo-trump-tillers…/547217/…

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If Rex Tillerson is replaced, one barrier keeping the president in check will fall away.

The Senate will vote this week to repeal Dodd-Frank banking regulations. These rules were passed to protect consumers after the 2008 financial meltdown. But champions such as Senator Elizabeth Warren are leading the charge to protect consumers and our economy and to push back against the Big Banks and their lobbyists. Let's join Sen. Warren and demand our senators do the same.

Sixteen Democrats and one independent have joined with the Republicans to advance this bad bill. Ca...lls are needed, especially from these states: Alabama, Colorado, Deleware, Florida, Indiana, New Hampshire, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Tell the rest of the Democrats to hold strong in opposition. 844-241-1141…/democrats-warren-bank-regulation…

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For the bill’s supporters, the legislation is a chance to show voters that it’s still possible to get things done in an often paralyzed Congress.

For three years, the U.S. has been providing military support to a Saudi-led war in Yemen that has has only escalated and led to one of the worst humanitarian situations in the world. Over 42,000 people have been harmed, and over 18 million people in Yemen require humanitarian aid.

The U.S. support of this humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen is a moral stain on our nation, only made worse by the fact that Congress has actively abdicated its constitutional duty to debate and vot...e on our direct involvement.

Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont; Senator Mike Lee, a conservative Republican from Utah; and Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, have introduced Senate Joint Resolution 54, a bill that would require Congress to vote on U.S. participation in the war in Yemen. This bipartisan resolution is grounded in the War Powers Act, and it will likely be brought to a floor vote in just a few days. Call your senators now and tell them to support S.J.Res.54 now. 844-241-1141…/the-sanders-lee-resolution-can-end…

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How a Senate resolution can end Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen.

The FCC is repealing Net Neutrality, but we can stop them by using the Congressional Review Act (CRA). We need one more vote to win in the Senate.

We have only a short time to make this happen. Call your senators and say, "One more vote to save Net Neutrality. Will it be you?" 844-241-1141…/fcc-net-neutrality-rules-the-…

By publishing its plan to roll back net neutrality regulations in the Federal Register, FCC sets the clock for opposition from lawsuits and Congressional action.

Conservatives are working with Donald Trump to sneak riders into the budget that would unleash even more dark money into our elections if they pass. They include blocking enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, which keeps churches from donating to political campaigns.

They also want to stop the Securities and Exchange Commission from requiring corporations to disclose their political donations and to stop the IRS from creating clear definitions of nonprofit engagement in poli...tics. Finally, conservatives would like to remove the requirement that federal contractors disclose their political donations.

Call your senators and say, "Pass a clean budget bill with no riders that will harm our democracy by letting more dark money into politics." 844-241-1141…/376864-what-to-watch-for-in-congresss-…

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Lawmakers are moving this month to pass a massive spending bill that would fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year, sparking a rush of lobbying activity.

Bass Pro Shops is a major outfitter for hunters and other sportsmen. But they also sell assault weapons. There is no place for weapons of war in everyday life—and Bass Pro can still support recreation without being a purveyor of military-style weapons that are the weapons of choice in too many massacres.

Other companies have started taking action to address gun violence—and have shown they can stand up to pressure from the NRA, for the good of the public. Pubic pressure is w...orking. Walmart, Kroger, and L.L. Bean have raised the age to buy guns and ammunition from 18 to 21. Dick's Sporting Goods no longer will sell assault weapons. All companies need to stand up for public safety over the greed of the gun manufacturers—and it's time for Bass Pro Shops to do the right thing.

Parkland students aren't resting anytime soon, and neither should we. Advocates of all ages across the country are still pushing more retailers to take action. Yesterday, the parents of the Sandy Hook Elementary School kids met and held constructive talks with the CEO of Bass Pro Shops about ending sales of assault rifles. We can help keep the pressure on.

Call Bass Pro Shops and ask them to stop selling weapons of war that are killing our children. 844-904-7411…/bass-pro-ceo-holds-constructive…

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The head of Bass Pro Shops, who has remained on the sidelines of a gun debate engulfing retailers like Walmart Inc. and Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc., spoke privately with representatives for the families of victims in the Sandy Hook elementary-school shooting.

Congress is under pressure from the financial sector to roll back banking regulations passed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The Senate is set to vote this week to repeal some of those regulations, giving in to Big Bank lobbyists and hurting the rest of us.

There's a reason Citigroup and other Big Banks want this so badly. While much of the bill is seemingly written for smaller banks, there are key provisions that the largest financial institutions could exploit to... avoid the limits on their behavior imposed by Dodd-Frank. This would weaken the oversight needed to stave off the type of dangerous lending and investing that brought the U.S. economy to its knees.

Tell senators, "Don't roll back regulations that rein in the Big Banks and keep us safe." 844-241-1141…/e6115438-1e37-11e8-9de1-14…

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A dozen Democrats stand ready to support the GOP in weakening one of President Barack Obama’s largest legislative achievements.

Two brothers who fled the violence of El Salvador as children became a part of this Maryland community. Now their family and community have been torn apart, grieving the loss of their loved ones after they were abruptly deported.

Lizandro and Diego Claros were talented soccer players and recent high school graduates from Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Lizandro had received a full scholarship to play soccer in college and was about to go off to school when they were sent away to a country they barely remembered.

“It’s important that Congress fight to give us the opportunity and pass the Dream Act because we only came to this country to have a better life,” said Fatima Claros, Lizandro and Diego’s sister.

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The Democratic Party presidential nominating process is often confusing and difficult for voters to participate in.

After 2016, the Democratic Party formed a unity commission to review the process to find ways to make it more democratic.

Suggested reforms include these: ...
1. Reducing the number of unpledged superdelegates by 60 percent
2. Democratizing primaries and caucuses with same-day registration and same-day party switching
3. Taking steps toward more transparency and oversight in Democratic National Committee (DNC) spending

These reforms are strong steps in the right direction and broadly supported. Read more and sign the petition here:

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Add your name urging the DNC members to affirm their support for the URC recommendations!

The war in Yemen is one of the worst humanitarian crises in decades — and the U.S. is making it worse. Sign the petition to end U.S. support for this immoral war:

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The crisis in Yemen is deepening. After three years of attacks by the Saudi-led coalition and an additional blockade, millions of people in Yemen are on the brink of famine, with millions more requiring humanitarian assistance.

The attacks are supported by the U.S. military, and our involvement is completely unauthorized. This is an illegal and immoral war being fought with our tax dollars.

Yesterday, Senators Bernie Sanders and Mike Lee introduced a resolution to end U.S. of the war in Yemen. They're using the War Powers Act, which means the resolution must be brought to a floor vote within 10 days, and the clock has already started.

Call your senators now and ask them to vote to end U.S. support of the war in Yemen. 844-241-1141…/bernie-sanders-is-right-get-the-us…

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Bernie Sanders and his colleagues are right to call out America's role in Yemen's nightmare.

The Senate is now considering a new bill that that would repeal protections and regulations put in place after the financial crash of 2008. We know that many banks put profit over people and continue to attempt schemes that defraud their customers. So why is the Senate making it easier for them?

Senator Crapo’s bill, S. 2155, puts consumers at greater risk of predatory lending and weakens other important safeguards passed after the last crisis. It would cut risk management r...equirements for 25 of the biggest banks in the country, banks that took tens of billions in bailout funds during the 2008 financial meltdown, including banks such as SunTrust and BB&T.

Banks are earning record profits. This is no time to roll back protections and open ourselves up to more schemes. Tell your senators: Protect consumers and reject S. 2155. 844-241-1141…/poli…/democrats-banking-rules.html

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The Senate is poised to approve significant changes to the post-crisis financial law. Some moderate Democrats are supporting the effort, even as their progressive colleagues warn that it’s too risky.