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Linda Kihl
· January 12, 2015
Not only have you got a winners attitude, you back it up with your sales actions!

Great and much more interesting things to ask instead of the not so good old “Are You Free For a Call?” or the even worse "Just Checking In"...

Don't just focus on booking a call. Here are 16 other ways to start a conversation with a prospect.

Welcome to the 2017, Sales Professionals! Same as last year we'll be keeping an eye on tools for B2B selling for you - also known as the B2B Sales Stack. Here are...

The Sales Tools for B2B Selling: http://lnk.al/3wKL
Enjoy - and good selling !

The sales tools in the 2017 Sales Stack - for B2B sales and selling for Inside Sales and Field Sales Professionals and teams alike.

Secret Sales Process: B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools http://lnk.al/3igI.

You asked - we shared: Here's a free process description to aid your leadgen efforts. Let us know what you think.

Get the free "B2B SaaS Leadgen via Social Tools" process from B2B SaaS Sales Outsourcing Company YourSales. Start social selling now!

YourSales turns 4 today!

In many ways a bit of a milestone!

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and for putting up with our endless sales-babble.


Thank you for your:
- Business (this one's for you, dear clients);
- Sales skills (we salute you, Sales Professionals around the World)
- words of advice, criticism and encouragement;
- social likes, comments, shares, forwards, introductions, and referrals.

It looks like we'll be around for a while to come. Please keep your invaluable feedback coming - it's a big part of what keeps this fun and interesting!

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In a World where broadcasting news about companies and individuals is often used by the sender instead of genuine personal human to human communication, we had the pleasure and honour to be at the receiving end of a rare and genuine gesture of gratitude and investment in a relationship.

You can duplicate it - with the proper intent. This post will show you how.

SaaS companies' genuine Social Selling has long been debated. Few get the execution right. This post demonstrates one way to master it.

Happy to see leadgen software company AeroLeads included YourSales in its "15 Best Sales Blogs You Need To Follow".

Go have a look at the post at http://lnk.al/2VJH and at our blog at http://lnk.al/2VJI.

A roundup of the best sales blogs from the best of authors who share their experience,insights & more to educate budding sales professionals.

We're proud to have been part of #StartupsUnedited. The series on startups throughout the World is an inspiring look into the World of Startups and the thoughts, passion, and dreams of the people behind the success.

This is episode 1 with Gretchen DeKnikker, COO at SaaStr. Enjoy!

Sotoventures Media & Films is feeling motivated with Gretchen DeKnikker.

Watch "#StartupsUnedited - Silicon Valley - Full Episode 01 featuring Gretchen DeKnikker, COO at SaaStr"

#Startups #Founders #SiliconValley

"The summer sales slump" - ever heard of that? It's that time of year where EVERYONE goes on vacation and NOONE is left in offices for B2B sales people to call, email, or visit. Word has it, Selling can't be done in this period of the year. Impossible! Let's just stop all activity... At least, that's what we hear a lot. [ 260 more words. ]


The myth of the summer slump - the excuse to stop B2B sales activity, and why you should continue selling during the summer vacation period.

We hear it all the time: "You Can't Sell During Summer"! We can. Can You? (of course, you can!): http://ursal.es/2ax08qb

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Just a few days ago, Jakob had a chat with Jorge L Soto of Sotoventures Amsterdam about how we see character at YourSales, and what it takes to get working with sales teams right - outsourced, remote, or not.

Sotoventures Amsterdam is feeling pumped with Jakob Thusgaard in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jakob Thusgaard, Founder and CEO at Amsterdam-based YourSales gives us #FounderTips on "character" and leading sales teams.

#startups #sotoventures

YourSales featured on Inc.com as the go to company for solid sales professionals worldwide.

YourSales has a network of more than 600 sales professionals across the world. Each client has their own set of challenges, and freelancers are matched with clients based on their own unique talents and past product sales experience.

Sales Professional wanted: Account Executive Netherlands & Nordics http://ursal.es/1Uuavsp

Would you like to help the internet faster for all of us? Do you feel like working in a startup culture? Are you passionate about ecommerce? Then check this out!: Full time Sales Execution role.

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Seeking: Account Executive Netherlands (Part Time)

Account Executive Netherlands (Part Time) Our client is helping companies to become more agile while increasing compliance. Our client improves results by cancelling meetings or making...

Someone asked where in the World we can help them sell.
It's simple, really: in any of the flagged countries...

No automatic alt text available.

5 Things to Consider in Social Selling: http://ursal.es/1TjiXGZ

Social Selling has long been misunderstood and hyped up by consultants eager to help us all understand the concept - and bill us all for it, of course.

Recently we sat down with salesteam motivational software company Plecto for an open talk on a few things to keep in mind when using social networking in sales.


Enjoy - and Good Selling !

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Recently sales team motivation software company Plecto and I talked through what's really important when selling using social selling tactics.