Did your family enjoy Your Santa Story last Christmas Morning? If so, please invite your friends and family to experience the magic created when Santa addresses each child by name and recognizes their special accomplishments. Check out our 2013 video!
Your Santa Story 2013. Autism
If you know a family dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Your Santa Story has some extra Christmas Magic for them! Check out our autism-friendly video enhancements at


"Your Santa Story" is a unique and magical company that exists to bring joy and delight to children and their families on Christmas morning. We bring the REAL Santa Claus into homes to tell children, all children -- Deaf, Autistic and Developmentally Challenged, (many of whom have never heard Santa say their names before), the story that Mom and Dad want told on Christmas!

In order to expand our operations and bring joy to even more children, we have just launched t...wo crowd-funding initiatives. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus and he knows how to use the internet!

Please take a look at our new campaigns and share the information below with everyone in your community if you would like to help make "The Best Morning Ever...Even Better for children across the globe.

We have launched a campaign on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowd-funding site. Our objective here is to secure $60K, in the next 30 days, while we pursue other larger investment opportunities with targeted faith-based organizations. The URL for our Kickstarter project is:…/help-us-make-the-best-morning…

Additionally, we have launched a campaign on Indiegogo, the second largest crowd-funding site. The strategy here is to secure $1.2MM, as this is the minimum amount of incremental funding required to fully execute our current 2015 business plan. The URL for Indiegogo is:…/help-us-make-the-best-morning-…/

An important factor in the success of crowd-funding campaigns is how well the current stakeholders and supporters of the organization seeking funding drive awareness of the campaign. We need your help in announcing the campaigns to those in your personal and extended communities.

We have attached some clear and easy suggestions on how best to make that happen and hope you can find some time to do a little marketing of our campaigns. The campaigns are limited to short windows of time by the crowd-funding sites, so your immediate attention here would be appreciated.

We have contacted other organizations who have executed successful campaigns on these sites. We have learned that we can favorably influence the algorithms that determine which campaigns receive higher visibility and promotion on the site's landing page. This will increase awareness of our "Your Santa Story" campaign to those we do not send to the site but visit on their own. The key driver is frequency--frequency--frequency, of visits to the site and the frequency/number of donations received. Net: we will incrementally benefit if a supporter who is willing to donate $10 makes five separate visits donating $2 each time vs. one $10 donation in one visit.

Thank you for your support and for helping make The Best Morning Ever...Even Better!

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Christy Dapko
December 24, 2014 at 6:32pm
We received our message from Santa today! The twinkle in his eyes and merry laughter after he speaks to our children kept tears in our eyes and a smile on our face!! We can't wait for the kids to hear how proud Santa is of them this year!! You have outdone yourselves and we hope our kids are lucky enough to hear from Santa again next year!!


Maria Tiongco Ramos
December 25, 2014 at 10:31am
Thank you for continuing to make Christmas morning magical for our kids! Their eyes light up and they get so excited to see if Santa left a Your Santa Story DVD for them. They enjoy hearing Santa recap their year and to find out where he stashed their presents. We love that they enjoy watching the prior years' DVDs to remind them of years that passed. Thanks again for extending their belief in Santa!

Kelly Patton
December 26, 2014 at 3:42am
Thank you Santa and his helpers! The DVD was the perfect final touch to the morning. He raced to the mailbox in record time. Watching his face light up when Santa came on, his pleased expression at leaving Santa a delicious snack, nodding head as Santa recapped the year, and finally the excitement of a hidden gift was one of the best moments of the day. His pure joy made me smile and tear up all at once. You offer a wonderful, heartfelt product, and one we hope continues for many more children. Your staff (especially Steve) made this is a smooth and easy process that got me excited for it to arrive. Merry Christmas!

Santa and his elves are running a little behind, but they expect to be emailing out the links to downloaded videos before he heads out for the big delivery tonight.

It's not too late to make the best morning ever even better! Place your order today to have Your Santa Story emailed to you just in time for Christmas! ****Orders will be taken through noon CST tomorrow.

When was the last time that Santa addressed your child by name and spoke about his or her accomplishments? If your answer is "never," custom-craft Your Santa Story and let the magic begin!

A digital version of Your Santa Story can still be produced and emailed to you in time for Christmas. What are you waiting for?

*** This is an important message from the North Pole to all customers who have already custom-crafted Your Santa Story! First of all, congratulations in wanting to make the best morning ever, even better. The elves in our production department have assured us that all DVD orders are guaranteed to arrive via FedEx on or before 12/24. The elves will be sending out shipment confirmation and tracking numbers within the next two days.
The elves in the e-production department have also assured us that families who opted for the digital version of their story will receive an email with your link and password no later than Sunday evening (north pole time!).

Rest assured, Santa and his elves have never missed a Christmas deadline!

If you know a family dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Your Santa Story has some extra Christmas Magic for them! Check out our autism-friendly video enhancements at

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Today is the last day to place an order for the DVD version of Your Santa Story! Order today! Streaming video available through December 23rd.

The signature moment of Your Santa Story is when Santa reveals the location of the one last hidden gift. Where did you place your gift last year?

We've teamed up with Our Military Kids to create a special version of Your Santa Story for families of deployed service members. Share this video with your family and friends who are serving in our armed forces and help them make the best morning ever, even better!

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If you want a DVD version of Your Santa Story, make sure this goes on your to-do list this week! DVD orders are available through December 18th and streaming video will be available through December 23rd!

Begin Your Santa Story. You are about ready to make the best morning ever... even better!

Your Santa Story proves that Santa is a George Washington University Colonials fan!! Craft your own personalized Santa video at

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Christmas can be an overwhelming time for children with Autism. That's why we partnered with Autism Speaks to create an autism-friendly version of Your Santa Story.

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Autism Speaks is with Cynthia Garcia and 3 others.

"Christmas is so hard for us. Our little David doesn't understand time yet. Everyday, almost every hour it seems lol, he asks for Santa. But there are moments like setting up this tree just for him that makes us remember our everyday struggles, are mostly undiscovered miracles." -Marlene