Did you know black cats wait longer to get forever homes, and are euthanized in shelters more often than any other cats? There are many reasons why this is h...

We started another page because we felt like this one was too limited with the title Youtube Cat Video's. These days cat content is being posted on a lot of different platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram & more. We wanted to have a page where you can see it all!

We need you too! If you make cat videos or love to watch them PLEASE LIKE & Share our new page! Come and be a part of the community so we can feel like one big cozy cat family!

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Furball Fables

Calling all Nipheads! Get the Catnip Toys you got for Christmas & let's PARTY!

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New Simon's Cat! Kitty love!

"A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine." CREDITS Directed by: Simon Tofield Animation: Sandra Gaudi Cleanup: Emma-Louise Wakley Sound: Shrooty Exe...

ouch! that hurts!

BEWARE! Kittens may be tiny, adorable and cute... but some are mini savages! Marmalade used to love chewing on my legs when I got home from work and as many ...


An awesome new video from Robert Dollwet features his amazing skateboard riding cat Didga, and follows the surefooted kitty on an adventurous day out.
Laser Cat Fast Mo - Buddha and Yogi have a blast chasing the ever elusive laser, while Merlin watches! Furball Fables features the Furball Cats; Merlin, Fair...
Sparta "The Mean Kitty" has no problem jumping into my office but jumping out is a whole different story.
Meet The Cat Pack! Every day and each week, Animalist has a brand new episode from your favorite celebrity cats. Get creative with cat crafts, stay in the lo...
Kodi turned 2 on Jan 17 so he spent the day doing exactly what he loves. But we take a short look back and look at the early communication going on between S...

Meowy Christmas!
Elf on the Shelf Watches Cats for Christmas

Someone's been naughty at the Furball house, so Santa Claws sends,Sparkle the Elf to watch the cats. We wish everyone a very Happy Holiday no matter what you...

This rocks! New Mean Kitty (plus Ding Dong) that was posted on Katers17! It will make you smile!

Sparta, Loki and Ding Ding enjoy some Dubstep. Music track 'Running to the Sea' by Capox. Support the artist by visiting; Facebook:

Climbing up the Christmas Tree now!

Shorty and Kodi demonstrate how they "help" with the festivities in their first Christmas carol! Please rate, share and subscribe

Cats vs Christmas! Please be careful humans!

The Furball Kitties delightfully discover it's Christmas time again. Holiday video's every Friday in December! Starring Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi...

Can u trust your kitty around the tree?

Naughty, Bad Boy Cat Yogi makes a Christmas Promise. Watch for another holiday video in the next day or two! PLEASE subscribe, tell your friends about us, hi...

Happy Caturday! Here is our Purr-reflections. I Purr Therefore I am
#catvideoyoutube #Caturday

Purr-flections : The Furball Fable cats ponder the meaning of life as a cat and offer their cat wisdom for all! Starring Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yog...