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It's really hot, be sure your horses and animals have extra and clean water, the more they drink, the better they can tolerate the heat.

The water should be clear to the bottom of the tank...if not dump it and refill.

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Jennifer Kaye to Yuma Horse Welfare
May 12

Hello fellow horse lovers!
I am offering lead rope repairs. Do you have old snaps laying around that are still perfectly good and just need some rope or perhap...s ropes that are tattered and frayed? I can replace it for you. If all material is provided by you the cost is $10/rope. If I provide the rope, cost will vary depending on length of lead and type of rope requested. Please private message me for more details. I'm also looking to buy old snaps that are either solid brass or nickel in good condition.

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Titus Lowell
· October 7, 2016
Planning to stay in Phoenix on our way from San Diego to the grand canyon, we blew a tire on our horse trailer setting us back to where it would be impossible t...o make Phoenix. Kim at Rocking 45 in Yuma was our savior. We put our 3 horses up for the night there and she even offered to let us camp in her driveway if needed. All of this very last minute. We didn't arrive until almost 10pm. They had the stalls all set up with hay and water for the horses before we even arrived. If you are ever stopping in Yuma for the night, you'll want to board your horses here! See More
Sue Hulslander-Lapi
· January 20, 2017
I am so happy t be at Rocking 45!!! What a blessing t be around amazing people who know what they are doing! M horses haven't ever been so happy and relaxed!
Barbara Lowell
· June 26, 2015
Stopped for an overnight on a cross country drive. First place we were comfortable leaving the horses alone. Warm, helpful, kind owners. They even paid attention to our horses health. Plenty fresh water and yummy hay for horses. Very safe and spacious shaded corral. Highly recommend!
Dalal Alromaihi
· March 1, 2014
This is our favorite hang out place on Sunday mornings. Kim is wonderful with kids. I have been recommending this farm to all my friends. Horseback riding has b...ecome a passion of my son, Nayef, since he was 2 and a half. He is five and a half now and loves it. It boosted his confidence and the way Kim and Jim training has structure and consistency which I like. See More
Jennifer Campbell
· June 17, 2014
This place was a second home for us while we were stationed in Yuma... We still make sure we visit and will always consider Kim and Jim family..
Dania Sweidan
· April 13, 2014
Our kids love this time of the week and always looking forward for it
Joan Duquette
· March 9, 2014
Great care and very proactive for the welfare of horses!
Lots of rain, the horses sure liked it!
Had some visitors. After the rain..m
Stella also getting her moves down!

Wow, thanks for being observant!!! Fresh poop this morning had these stomach stones... Kailee Andrade Kelley Andrade very happy you look out for all of the horses...

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Animal Health Trust
April 19

How do you tell the difference between a 'naughty' horse, and one in pain?...The answer is written all over his face.

Experts in our Equine Clinic are on a miss...ion to help vets and owners recognise pain in ridden horses, so that they can get help before it’s too late. Problems in horses are often labelled as training-related or behavioural (the horse is just being 'naughty'), not considering if a horse is injured or reacting to pain. Unfortunately that means pain-related problems are often disregarded, the horse continues in work, and the problem gets progressively worse.

Such problems, and especially lameness, are difficult for an untrained eye to spot. Many people will have heard to be wary of a horse when he puts his ears back, or would see a horse is spooked if he flares his nostrils and shows the whites of his eyes. So if spotting pain and lameness itself is a specialist art, perhaps it would be better to educate people to recognise changes in facial expressions? That’s why Dr Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the AHT, and her team have developed an ethogram to help them identify signs of pain from a horse’s facial expressions when being ridden.

Developing a practical tool for recognising facial expressions, similar to that of a body condition score chart (identifying if a horse is under or over weight), could dramatically improve the health and welfare of all horses – which is something Sue and her team at the Animal Health Trust continue to work towards.

To find out what they have achieved so far, visit:…/facialexpressions.html

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Kim Rocking at Rocking 45 Horse Farm, LLC.
April 8Yuma, AZ

Easter eggs, naturally colored by the chicken hen, no dye, raised organically and with no GMO or soy grains.
Blue and green, some tinted. Message me for pick up, $3 a dozen, bantam blue eggs $1.50 dozen.

Does anybody have fresh goat milk for sale? For a baby horse...

Do horses help children? More than you think, according to researchers at Washington State University. Young people working with horses experience a substantial decrease in stress. And the evidence lies in their saliva.

Something to ponder...

Millions rely on the glistening gel of hand sanitizer to get through the day, germ-free.

Chickpea the puppy, Blackie and Goldie the two ducks...


This dinner is at the Church at the end of our street, it's very good, we went last year and really enjoyed the dinner.

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John Lyons will be at the farm tomorrow too, he is continuing with a riding clinic limited to five riders in the morning, and five riders in the afternoon

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