I'll perform live tomorrow @Studio414 2П!
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June 2, 2017
Released by: MACRO REC Release/catalogue number: MACRO M53 Release date: Mar 20, 2017 Buy and support:
Mantra - a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. Literary mantra means a tool of consciousne
For Booking and Other Inquiries

I can't tell you how important this festival is. For the music. For the people. For me as an artist. 10 years after it all started.

Thu 8:00 PM UTC+03Bulgaria
1,025 people interested

One of my tracks was recently featured on Cold Fiction Music's VA release Eastern Depths Vol.2! It's a nine track installment from the promising Bulgarian artists @Hypnos @Res @Poligon Ring @Heisa @Protuberance @Neytral @V-Stok. #EasternDepths

This two track EP is made in repetitive form of music understanding. Synchronized and pitched by the heart beat of the child that we're waiting for. Much love 4o4ki!

Free download and/or name the price digital release!

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NSFPOT stands for new song for the ppl out there I share this with you because sharing is caring
A session track with Zarevo, chopped and arranged by myself.
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May 18, 2015

All in...

I'm quite exited to share with you the record from our yesterday's stream on Mellow Sounds Radio from my studio. There is a set with some tracks that shaped my vision and also a short live performance with the synthesizers. Many thanks to Hristo aka. RIDDIMBOX, it came that this was the first live performance ever in his Mellow Sounds radio station…/mellow-sounds-radio-live-wt-z3n-12…

This week's Mellow Sounds will be streaming from Z3n's studio! He will play some music live for us on the new TR-8 and other instruments, and will also share some of his favorite tracks by other arti

We are now live @Mellow Sounds radio!!!

Hello my name is Hristo.

Утре вечер ще бъда гост на радиопредаването Mellow Sounds с водещ Христо Пенчев ака. RIDDIMBOX. Ще направя кратко представяне на музиката, която ми е повлияла през годините, а пък в края, заедно Христо ще направим един лайв from scratch

Tue 9:00 PM UTC+03
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May 8, 2015

Днес ще имам удоволствието да споделя една сцена заедно с COOH / BALKANSKY / IVAN SHOPOV в рамките на фестивалът за мини изкуство @Mini Art Fest V в столичната Underground gallery/studio. Повече информация за събитието ще намерите тук:

Fri 8:00 PM UTC+03Underground gallery/studioSofia, Bulgaria
350 people went

Thanks so much to the Sofia Underground 2015 Festival for having me as a part of Maschines project. Thanks to the people who where there till the last moment. I'm quite exited about the positive feedback that i've got from the organizers. It was a real fun for me. Thank you, Y.

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