We haven't been very active on social media those past few months as we have spent quite a good amount of time working on the fight scene of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope. However, we also have a couple of ambitious feature film projects in the pipeline. More info coming soon. In the meantime, here is a compilation of some previous work.

Star Wars Dark Legacy directed by Anthony Pietromonaco starring Fabien Garcia and Erin Wu is here. Please like and share!

After over a year of work, we are thrilled to finally share Dark Legacy with you! It is live now on VICE Creators. Please like, share, and show the world the power of the force, however you choose to use it!

In 'Dark Legacy,' a female apprentice must kill a Sith Master to inherit his legacy, or become host to a strange parasite.

Check out the trailer for Star Wars Dark Legacy directed by our friend Anthony Pietromonaco starring Fabien Garcia and Erin Wu premiering exclusively on VICE July 10. Thanks to Philip Tan for getting us involved with the Fight Choreography.

Learn more at

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Dark Legacy

We are thrilled to announce that Star Wars: Dark Legacy will be premiering on Monday, July 10th via VICE Creators. Massive thanks to everyone who committed their knowledge, skills and long hours to this project. We are so excited to share it with the world!

Hollywood studios could learn a thing or two about how to successfully adapt a Dragon Ball Z movie for the big screen.

Check out the official trailer of RobotUnderDog's own DBZ live action web series in association with Z Team Films! Lohan Buson and Fabien Garcia were in charge of the making of the action scene from action design, filming, editing and VFX all the way to color correction.

Guys!! We're SO excited to finally share with you our official trailer for both episodes II & III of DBZ: Light of Hope! We couldn't have done it without you gu...ys and we can't tell you all thanks enough for all the support and patience!!! Please please pretty please make sure you share this trailer and get out the word!!!

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PLEASE SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! This is the trailer for Episodes II & III!!! Episodes II & III coming soon and we need your help spreading the word! WE LOVE YOU GU...
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BTS photo of Amy Johnston (Android 18) & Kenny Leu (Gohan) about to go to war meanwhile the masterminds behind the epic fight scene Lohan Buson & Fabien Garcia are planning the next shots. #DBZLightOfHope

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Hope you guys had an awesome holiday break! We’ve been hard at work and have lots of things to catch you up on! First of all, THANK you so much for being so sup...portive of us, WE LOVE YOU GUYS & GALS and are so grateful!!! Now for Light of Hope Updates!!! *FIRST MAJOR UPDATE - We will be releasing Part 2 AND Part 3 of the web series on the same day! BOTH episodes are 100% filmed and about 85% edited.. so very close to the end…ahh so close we can smell it & we’re so freakin excited! WHY the change: It was important to us to tell this part of the story arc together and we needed 2 full episodes to develop the characters and do the story right. During the editing process, it became super clear that it would be a disservice to the story to split up the release. As you guys know (or should know) the source material here is pretty heavy and there’s a lot of character development for mainly Gohan & Trunks, but also for Bulma, 17& 18. These next two episodes will focus on & conclude the Future Gohan storyline… Which means.. we’ll be doing an extra standalone episode after the web series that focuses on Future Trunks (so 4 episodes total now!) Okay so recap - Part 2 & 3 will focus on Kid Trunks/Future Gohan & will be released the same day. After the web series, we will be doing an extra standalone episode focusing on Future Trunks!
*SECOND UPDATE - We will be releasing the official trailer for episodes 2/3 very soon! We’re aiming for late next month but we’ll keep you guys updated!
*THIRD UPDATE - We are going to dedicated to keeping you guys in the loop and updated throughout the final phase of our editing! We’ve been swamped for sooooo long with pre-prod., production, and editing that we haven’t had time to post, but now the final editing is with Lohan & the action team, so we will have more time to post! We will make sure to post at least 1x week and do some more behind the scenes. Thank you guys again, we promise that we will be better about updating and we can’t wait to start sharing more pics/videos with you! #dbzlightofhope #robotunderdog #dragonballz

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#DieFighting is available to own at Walmart for only $9.99! Please support independent film and get your copy today!

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Die Fighting

#DieFighting is available to own at Walmart for only $9.99! Please support independent film and get your copy today!

Z Team Films updated their cover photo.
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Thanks Danny Templegod/Dan's Movie Report!

All Exclusive: worldwide reviews-interviews-pictures-film and TV news. Background Image: Leigh Guda (C) 2014 Jeff Centauri

Short film produced by Creative Action Development, in association with Z Team Films. Written/Created by Tim Storms. Co-Directed by Fabien Garcia & Lohan Buson. Thanks to all involved! If you LIKE it, please SHARE it.

Short film produced by CREATIVE ACTION DEVELOPMENT, in association with Z TEAM FILMS. Directed by Fabien Garcia & Lohan Buson Written/Created by Tim Storms P...

#DrainedWorld: Pilot = Apocalyptic ass kicking!

Watch the full episode ->

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Drained World: Web Series

Welcome to #DRAINEDWORLD! Kill or be killed!

Watch the full episode ->

Last fall, we approached the very talented singer & songwriter Tyler Stenson to write the dark and dismal Screwtape song you can hear during the opening moments of the pilot of Drained World (

If you like it as much as we do, the song can be downloaded from Tyler's brand new website: or purchased directly on iTunes:…/alb…/screwtape-single/id934699875

Thanks Tyler Stenson!

The official website of Tyler Stenson, Portland Singer Songwriter of the Year and acoustic folk music recording artist. Watch, listen & share. #ElegantFolk

Thanks Lee B Golden/Film Combat Syndicate!

A site dedicated to discussing a variety of action & martial arts film entertainment, and part time contributor to The Action Elite. If you have a scoop, contact me via e-mail at --- DISCLAIMER: This site does not profit from the dissemination of any copyrighted photos…

#DrainedWorld pilot episode has arrived! Check it out and if you like it, please share and support.

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Drained World: Web Series is with Clement Huet and 26 others.

The pilot episode has arrived! We apologize for the delay.
Big thanks to the cast & crew and all the talented stuntmen, couldn't have done it without them!

We n...eed you right now to spread this video across the web. LIKE and SHARE on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel. Tell your friends, co-workers and classmates!

Drained World: Pilot

In a world circling the drain and filled with plague, a man finds brief solace in a bunker deep within a forest. He moves to continue his journey but scavengers will make a simple task seem much more difficult.

#DrainedWorld #ZTeamFilms

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#DrainedWorld pilot episode coming July 12th, 2015!

The pilot for Z Team Films's debut web series "Drained World" is coming July 12th, 2015!

The pilot for Z Team Films's debut web series #DrainedWorld is coming July 12th, 2015!

Check out the teaser and please help us spread the word by liking, sharing and inviting your friends to like the Drained World: Web Series's official Facebook page.

Drained World is a post-apocalyptic action packed web series created by Fabien Garcia and produced by Fabien Garcia and Lohan Buson.