Here's one of our current restaurant campaigns - it's been running for about 30 hours, the restaurant is now packed out for tonight (a Tuesday night) with 2 sittings. As you can see it's created some great viral interest, all from locals, 85 Likes & 180 Comments and all comments have tagged 1 to 6 people and all in just 30 hours. This not only fills tonight's tables (twice), but creates great general awareness for the restaurant - as a by product. Let us know now if you would like us to switch on your marketing.

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Here's what we did for a local restaurant - We bought in new diners for $3 per person, who then spent an average of $50 to $70 each! Not a bad ROI?

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Keenan Gillespie
· May 23, 2017
The very best in facebook marketing. The guys helped me tremendously with my brand.
F45 Turramurra
Restaurant Marketing
Joel Egan F45 Owner

Did you get married on your first date?
Probably not.
We usually like to get to know someone better before we take the next step and marketing is no different - it's all about a relationship.
Most people don't want to buy your stuff, they don't want to attend your seminar etc. They want to build a relationship and once they feel some trust and know that you have an understanding - then maybe they'll buy your stuff!
That's why re-targeting is such an effective marketing tool. Staying in front of those who have already shown some initial interest. If you are not doing it, you are leaving lots of money on the table!

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Getting some crazy good results for this well known Northern Beaches restaurant - helping to fill them up on what used to be their quiet nights! You can check out our full case study here to see how we did it:

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We've had a few clients of late wanting to confirm that their clients will be on Facebook and the answer is: "YES" If it's the 18 to 29 age group 99% are accessing social media, and whilst the numbers slightly drop off as the age group increases, it's still at 86% in the 40 - 49 age group & 47% in the 65+ age group.
Just this week alone we are currently setting up or running campaigns for a:
Mortgage Broker
Investment Property Agent
Several gyms & Fitness Studios...
Several beauty salons
A restaurant
A major school district
A yacht broker
So as you can see a diverse group of clients but all with one thing in common - their clients are on Facebook.
94% of Social Media users are on Facebook and 60% of users access their social media on most days.
There has never been a better platform to pin point target your audience at a very cost effective rate than Facebook.

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Helping F45 owners like Joel Egan implement automated lead generation strategies for their studios.

Results after 3 weeks:
Exposure to over 10,000 potential clients within the studios location, capture of over 300 potential clients that can be re-engaged in the next campaign and 106 highly targeted leads (new local clients into the studio).


"A whole heap more people through the door, more word of mouth, more referrals” - Joel

We'd love to show you how these strategies can work for your studio, we can have you up and running within 7 days:
We're a boutique agency, so don't delay - our capacity is limited.

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How You Can Generate More Income From Existing Customers!
Here's 5 income generating tips that have the potential to add more profitability to your bottom line faster, easier and more cost-effectively than any other method.
1. Increase The Value Of Each Sale:…/

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Another success story for a Beauty Salon owner using our "New Salon Clients" programme. This programme is hugely successful and comes with guaranteed results! If you own a beauty salon, gym or have a similar service based local business, give us a call and we can chat about how you can achieve these sorts of results.

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New Salon Clients

Another happy Beauty Salon owner on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Over 100 new clients have opted into her offer so far in under 3 weeks. If an average loyal cus...tomer is worth around $1,000 per year and she just converts 10% of these new clients into regulars (just 10% - and these are all new LOCAL people, so 10% should be an absolute minimum) that's an extra $10,000 into the salon over just the next 12 months - that's not a bad return and all generated in less than a month. Let us know if you would like a similar result for your salon:

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School Marketing The Cost Effective Way!
We just launched a new ad campaign to target Year 7 enrolments for one of our schools. A 1/3rd page ad in their local paper costs over $2,000 and many of their students come from outside that area anyway. The paper has a readership of 144,000, which sounds impressive, but most of those 144,000 are not their target audience.
We have just set up an ad which will only go to their target audience - mums of a certain age, living in spe...cific locations, with specific religious affiliations (to cater to this specific school) - an audience of around 10,000 - a laser targeted audience.
With a Facebook budget of around $20 per day we can reach almost all of them in around a week. You do the math! Let us know if you would like us to laser target your future parents:…/

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Continuing to get some crazy low cost, pre-framed local clients using our "value ladder offer" for local businesses. We have primarily used this model for local gyms and beauty salons, but this same model works for a variety of local businesses. These businesses are bringing in 5 to 10 new clients each day - so very predictable. Let us know if you would like these kinds of results for your business:

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Your School Marketing - Read How Facebook Outperforms The Traditional Options!
Facebook is not just way more affordable but it ensures that your message is laser targeted to your specific audience!
Don't place another media ad until you read this article - if you're not the one who looks after the marketing, please share this article with the right person, they and your school will thank you.
Here's the article:…/

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Just wrapped up a slightly different job for our clients who were recently displaying at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. In addition to setting up some Facebook advertising leading into the Boat Show, we set up a fully automated system so that they could enter the details of their new prospects, directly onto their mobile phones, as those people came on board their boat. Info went straight into their database and the new prospect received an automated email with further details soon after they stepped off the boat. With full tracking of course, so they can view who opened the email, did they click through onto the video that was included etc.

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Zephyr Social “You can't become a decent horseman until you fall off and get up again, a good number of times.
There's life in a nutshell.”
― Bear Grylls, Mud, Sweat and Tears

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For Specific Results – Be Specific!

Where on your website are you sending your traffic? Websites are basically our on-line presence, our shop/office/display centre etc, so they generally have lots of info on them about us, our services etc.

But if you are running a specific marketing campaign for a specific offer, promo etc then you can maximise the response by ensuring that the traffic that you are driving to your website for that campaign is being driven to a specifically... designed landing page that has the one and only objective of addressing the campaign, the offer etc.

Too many times people respond to your offer and end up on your general website pages, they get lost, they lose focus and the next thing you know, their gone! Be sure to have a specific landing page, the design and implementation is a service that we offer and we can tell you from experience that when the campaign leads to a specific landing page – the results are way, way better.

Here’s an example of a specific landing page that we recently put together for one of our clients, so clients landed here after responding to an ad – our page copy is very similar to the ad copy, but with a little more info and the opportunity to then opt-in. This campaign is currently live and doing very well.

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School Enrolments Marketing - If your school currently spends money on marketing to increase your enrolments then you'll appreciate this apple for today!

Read How To MASSIVELY BOOST the return that you are getting from your current marketing initiatives. Check It Out Now (No Opt-in, just an article):…/

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