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ZepterInternational (official page)
104 Reviews
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Jay Smith
· May 3, 2018
I have been harassed by a sales rep named Igor phone number 646-312-9113. He has called me over 100times in the past day all bc i said what we wanted to buy was not in my budget. If your company conti...nues to allow this person to do this. I will be forced to take it up to another level. This person needs to stop calling my family. He also sent text messages to us threatening us and sending fuck you emojis. This is very unprofessional See More
Zeinab Ali Abdelsalam
· October 22, 2017
Truly I am astonished for a big company like yours ignoring its customers inquiries.
I thought that you mature enough to understand your position in the market and what customer care mean.
I hope you ...get my problem solved asap. See More
Vladan Damjanovic
· February 17, 2018
I was your customer and bought an apartment from you. You and your lawyers tricked us and now wants double the money we paid. I hear that this is very common when doing business with you. Hope you wil...l not be successful as you were before the internet. Avoid this company at any cost. See More
Victoria Peneva
· March 18, 2017
I have ordered Medolight from the website. The device came with the instruction in Polish language. No idea how the language choice was made when we the order was made in English and the parcel was sh...ipped to Germany. After the complaint to the customer service via email, we have received instructions in English and German in pdf. From my point of view the pdf is not enough for such a price and normal instructions in appropriate language should be sent via post. But unfortunately customer support doesn't answer anymore... See More
Monika Kobylec
· May 30, 2017
I bought many Zepter products through the years: about 10 top your products (Bioptron small and medium, pots, cutlery, knives, miksy, WOK, grill pan, vacuum cleaner with steaming function and an iron ...and some others). I was quite happy with some of them. Until the time I had to contact with your service in Poland. They are the most incompetent people I ever met! I spent a lot of money for repairs but they send me back sharpened knife which was still blunt !!! I paid for this even if I bought knifes which were advertised as not required sharpening! I got repaired blender cracked and not working - they did not even checked it before and same: I paid for repairing it more than cost average brand new blender. The worst situation was with my vacuum cleaner. I sent it asking for checking. It was leaking but I was not sure is it possible to repair it. I paid for it and they told me that it required some replacements which were quite expensive but I was assure I would have repaired vacuum cleaner after that. I was not sure, because I could buy quite good quality vacuum cleaner but I liked my old one so I agreed. "Imagine my surprise" when I god back my stuff leaking... I sent it back but they told me the reason is not the pert they replaced! And asked for extra repair. And another... I was furious. My vacuum cleaner never was working after this ... I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. There are many brands as good and sometimes even cheaper See More
Pavle Stanimirovic
· September 15, 2016
Zepter only offer the worlds finest and best with anything they touch or create this is a branded name of highest calibur and diamind quality high end products of approval, if you want the finest a...nd highest quality Zepter International is the answer ! See More
Magda Ibrahim
· December 17, 2016
I want to complain Egypt branch.. products are great no doubt. But after making a contract in 2015 and paying 30% deposit they said you are free to pay as you like in the contracts period which is 2ye...ars . During which I was buying too many products suddenly increases the contract by taxes then delay penalty .... I want to ask if there is any solution plz See More
Алина Красовицкая
· June 7, 2017
I've got zepter set as a gift. But I feel it might be fake. Where can I check my doubts? Thanks
Ludmila Pakhomova-Shaffer
· September 27, 2016
Still waiting for replacement of my lid handle. It has been more then a month...
Lina Gaspard Bassila
· November 14, 2015
I love the flavour of vegetables cooked without water.
Mary Swanson
· September 3, 2016
Love Zepter, recipes are great, keeps us up to date
Anna Zaporozhan
· February 8, 2016
It's my love and my life style))
Bodó Dániel
· September 14, 2015
These imbeciles are trying to con everyone in their "job interviews" which are rather product presentations. Business as usual, or shall I say MLM as usual?
Maria Ronlund
· November 4, 2016
I have pots, glasses, coffe cups about 34 years! YES
Thanks, Maria
Irmina T. Kubiak
· August 13, 2017
Strona może być, natomiast przykre jest to, że gdy chce się coś reklamować, dowiedzieć o naprawę/wymianę, to jest jedna wielka cisza....nikt nie odpisuje i udaje, że tego nie czyta. Szkoda, że przy ta...kich cenach i zapewnieniach o 100-letniej gwarancji, gdy coś się psuje traktuje się klienta jak intruza:-((( See More
Andrzej Zebrowski
· October 3, 2017
Pani Kubiak,kiedy i w jaki sposob zwracala sie Pani w sprawie naprawy sprzetu.Jeszcze nikomu nie odmowilismy.Pozdrawiam.
Valentina Halbichová
· August 22, 2017
Со всеми продуктами мы в семье довольны! Надо не только купить, но научиться ими пользоваться, а это можно как на презентациях Цептер, так и семейных презентациях, просто быть в контакте с вашим репре...зентантом! See More
Ainagul Temirkhanova
· May 25, 2017
Добрый день! Пишу вам из Казахстана! Очень прошу разобраться с произволом вашего официального представительства! Мы заказали фильтр для воды ещё 17 апреля, нам обещали доставить его в срок 10 дней.
Се...годня уже 25 мая!!! Фильтра нет! Представитель через которого заказывали, ссылается на проблемы офиса, которые клиента мало интересуют!
Неужели компания не дорожит своими клиентами?! Как можно в сегодняшнее время развитой конкуренции так относиться к заказчику?!
See More
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