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  • And who the fux are you?

    ♥ I love to party and go clubbing. ♥

    ♥ Im always trying to make people laugh. ♥

    ♥ I get along with ALMOST everyone and I am easy to get along with. ♥

    ♥ I watch some sports but I only like a few. ♥

    ♥ I look good and I know it, but I am NOT concieted. ♥

    ♥ I like preppy and skater guys, mainly but also like emo, & thugs. ♥

    ♥ I like guys around my age. ♥

    ♥ I love to take pictures and especially love having my pics taken. ♥

    ♥ I want to become a model some day. ♥

    ♥ My favorite color is green. ♥

    ♥ My favorite singer is Jesse McCartney. ♥

    ♥ My favorite food is spaghetti. ♥

    ♥ I listen to all different kinds of music. ♥

    ♥ I love to shop but hate spendig money. ♥

    ♥ I love to laugh. ♥

    ♥ I think thats it, if you wanna know anything else, message me. ♥
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