They’re back! #Astros #neversettle
A budding Olympic skater? 😂 ❄️⛸
Celebrating the new year an hour early. #HappyNewYear everyone. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018! 🎆🎊 Btw-that’s sparkling cider for the kids. 😊

This guy is both really lucky and really unlucky. FUN FACT: I have major bear anxiety every time we go to the mountains.

YOWZA! How do you survive a shark, bear and rattlesnake attack and live to tell about it?

This survival story is so crazy it almost sounds made-up.


You've got to see this hilarious video! After a White Sox fan told Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander that he 'sucked,' an epic clapback was delivered.

Love this! She didn’t just watch. She kept score!

Many Houston Astros fans know that Barbara Bush was a huge baseball fan.

But, did you know she kept score the old-fashioned way?

What a nice surprise for visitors and how sweet of him. #BarbaraBush #RIP (and thanks to Laura Hines Conner for first alerting me to this)

Officials and dignitaries have arrived to pay their respects to former First Lady Barbara Bush. The public viewing takes place from noon to midnight.

A #Pearland man’s plot to have his ex and her family killed was well-planned, court records show. He specified manner of death and wanted pictures as proof when the deal was done.

A Pearland man is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend and her family because she rejected him, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Cool under pressure...
I applaud her and her co-pilot, a father and husband who lives in League City.

Tammie Jo Shults' training as a Navy fighter pilot helped her stay calm and collected while guiding her Southwest jet with a blown engine down safely.

Stranger danger! This story will make you think twice about ever leaving your car doors unlocked.

"I would have crashed my car if I had to. I was not going to go somewhere by myself with this guy in my back seat," she said.

A Pasadena woman who was nearly abducted after a suspect popped out up from her back seats speaks out about the incident.

Who goes to Whataburger for salads anyway? Whataburger with cheese for me, please.

No whata-salads?!

If you've been to Whataburger recently, you may have noticed a healthy option missing from the menu.

We mourn her passing. Mrs. Bush was such a classy woman and good example for all. She leaves behind quite a legacy.

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ABC13 Houston

BREAKING: Former First Lady and beloved Houstonian, Barbara Bush, has died. She was 92 | Remembering Mrs. Bush:

I was there with ABC13 Houston photographer Damion just 4 hours before this happened. We highlighted how the store puts all its guns away in a concrete vault before they go home and how an armed guard is always on property. Clearly, the crooks don’t watch the news. This store has been hit 22 times now in 6 years. The owner says they’ve never been able to get to the guns.

TARGETED AGAIN: This gun store in west Houston was hit again after suspects tried to break into the business. This is the 2nd time in 24 hours. But this time, a security guard fired several rounds at the suspects' vehicle.

This is cute!

This might be the cutest thing you see all day!

Omg! It’s April!

Wild, wild, winds!

In Green Bay Wisconsin, a spring blizzard broke records with more than 20 inches in some areas.

What rain? #BellaireTrolleyRun was still a go. #Houston #running
Have a good Saturday.

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This brings me to tears every time it. As a mother, I can’t imagine my son having to say those words. That poor boy and his family. There are so many questions I hope they can get answered.

HORRIFIC TRAGEDY: Authorities investigating what went wrong in the death of a teen who became trapped by a minivan bench seat in a school parking lot and whose body was found about six hours after he first called 911.

I still want one! #Astros #WorldChamps

If you missed out on getting your specially-crafted World Championship Fan Ring, don't be discouraged, because there's another ring to come.