We're getting closer to spring, which officially starts Tuesday. Of course, our forecast calls for snow that day.... #reston

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RA Transformation!

In the past year, the New Board:
* Lowered your assessments--for the first time ever—while increasing our pool hours for 2018
* Paid off the Tetra loan, giving RA a sound financial footing for years to come...
* Revamped RA’s policies and procedures to help ensure Tetra never happens again
* Developed a code of ethics and whistleblower policies for RA staff and volunteers to foster a culture of transparency and accountability

Next year, we have more to tackle:
* Reviewing our amenities and programs—driven by YOUR inputs!—to best serve our members’ needs while not harming local businesses or duplicating offerings from other Reston organizations
* Reviewing the health of our existing facilities and what it will take to get them in shape and a comprehensive evaluation of new amenities we should consider
* Working with Reston stakeholders to further engage with the county over density, zoning and infrastructure
* Improving the way RA communicates with all of us

It is election season, and now we NEED YOUR HELP! As you consider your vote, please help us finish the job and complete the transformation of our Association. We need experts, ready to engage constructively with the board and community stakeholders, people who will roll up their sleeves and put the needed effort into finishing the job. Help your New Board finish these reforms!

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I'm trying to explain March to them, but they're not listening.....

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Folks, take a look at Travis Johnson, RA Board candidate. Travis is dedicated to continuing the positive progress we've made over the past year and helping us FINISH THE JOB!

Travis G Johnson - At-Large Candidate (3-Year Term) Details:

Friends, I want to draw your attention to Travis Johnson, a candidate for the RA Board. Travis and his family have lived here many years. He has an IT and project management background, and he brings energy and a fresh perspective to the big issues in front of us. Travis is the kind of candidate Reston needs to help the new board finish reforming the Association.

Travis Johnson for Reston Association Board of Directors's photo.
Travis Johnson for Reston Association Board of Directors
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Days like this, I feel sorry for the birds

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Friends, take 60 seconds to read John Lovaas' new column in the Reston Connection. John makes the case for continuing the reforms that our board is undertaking, and for holding those involved in the Tetra fiasco to account. I couldn't agree more--on both counts!

Election season is upon us. Tune in and get engaged. Watch this space for more on the candidates, and which ones I think can best help the New Board finish the job!

Upon our return Friday from a short visit with friends in St. Pete Beach, Fla., the first news I heard was not more quackery or the latest mad musings from the White House. Instead, we were greeted with a video of community volunteers Moira Callaghan and Jill Gallagher presenting their investigation...

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Friends, this is well worth your time.

Volunteer members of RA's Environmental Advisory Committee put this report together, investing much of their free time to do so. It is thoughtful and comprehensive, and gives us a needed snapshot of how Reston is faring environmentally.


As the wave of redevelopment rolls through town, we will use these findings (which will be updated annually going forward) to guide our interactions with developers and the county.

Thursday, Feb 1, 7-8pm at the Walker Nature Center.

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The results of Reston's first "state of the environment" report are in. The review gives a baseline against which future changes to the environment can be measured.…/critique-of-tetra-purchase-flag…

Jill and Moira have been digging into the Tetra fiasco for almost two years, and last night they laid out the whole sorry mess in painstaking detail.

Their presentation paints a damning picture of a staff cutting deals on the property many months before ever asking permission and a board that didn't want to challenge the staff's recommendations, to say nothing of the outrageous price we paid for the property.


This year, the NEW RA BOARD has taken some big steps toward cleaning up this mess. We paid off the loan. We put processes in place designed to prevent no-bid contracts, no-contract work, double-dealing and conflicts of interest among staff and contractors. It's a good start, but there is more to do.

Elections are coming. Watch this page for my thoughts on the candidates over the next week or two. RA needs candidates committed to continuing our reforms. Everything we have accomplished this year--and our reform plans for next year--is at stake.

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A year-long study of Reston Association's $2.65 million purchase of the Tetra property raises blistering concerns about the process that drove the controversial decision.

Fellow Restonians, the 2018 RA board elections are fast approaching!

This election matters as much as the last one. In 2017, you elected a new board and we got a lot done, including financial reforms, admin and budget process changes, and programmatic changes that resulted in the first ever lower RA assessment. However, there is more to be done!

We need to continue our reforms. We are looking at our capital assets and the programs we offer. I hope you give all the candidates ...close scrutiny, ask them the tough questions, and give your board a fresh mandate for constructive, productive reform in 2018.

Finally, a Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

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Fellow Restonians, I want to wish each of you a peaceful holiday season.

It's been an amazingly productive year for us on the RA Board, and we have more planned for next year. For now, we're spending time with our families and recharging our batteries for 2018.

I hope this message finds you well, and that your holidays are filled with joy and friendship.



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Folks, tune in tonight for our December board meeting. Our agenda includes updates on our capital projects and local building projects. As always, please reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have about tonight's meeting or RA business in general.

Heading into the new year, we will be conducting a full scale review of our capital projects, so stay tuned for more on that front.

A majority of the projects were put on hold for a major part of the year and last year, including the renovation of the Central Services Facility, the renovation of the Pony Barn Recreation Area, the replacement of a dock at Lake Anne, pathway lighting at Hunters Woods and the upgrades to the Lake A

It probably goes without saying, but I think this is insane. We have spent months holding public meetings and engaging the community in our now-very-transparent budget process, and to try to push this under the radar flies in the face of everything we've worked to accomplish in the name of good governance.

We have a full scale capital assets review coming up, and that's the appropriate time to look at this. Not that I am at all interested in zeroing our baseball, softball, and soccer maintenance budgets, of course, but at least we will have a public conversation about the level of support RA provides to our many assets.

See you tonight!

Local community groups, including the Reston-Herndon Little League, plan to oppose the recommendation.…/restonians-line-up-to-speak-ou…/

Great turnout!

Safe to say our Supervisor does not get the point about infrastructure. In her closing comments, she summarily dismissed the community's criticisms.


Few of us expect Reston to never grow, and that certainly is not my position. This is not a case of putting up a legal wall around our city.

This is, however, a case of development run amok without corresponding improvements to our infrastructure. That's the real issue here - infrastructure!

We were promised the Soapstone Connector by 2014 when Wiehle Station opened. Supervisor Hudgins said so. Now? We are promised this bridge ... in 2026. The same project. Promised by the same Fairfax County Board.

Where are other road and multimodal transportation improvements?

Where is school expansion and/or new school construction?

Where are our parks and recreational facilities?

We are not angry about growth. We are angry about broken promises on infrastructure. Because those promises were not kept, the current development is straining our city.

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County Planning & Zoning staff presented information on the proposed density cap increase and were met with nearly two hours of dissent from residents.