Are you struggling to speak clearly when giving a presentation, or even when just speaking in a group? Here are 5 tips to help you speak more clearly.
Whether your goal in 2017 is to be more successful at work, or simply to speak more clearly when networking, clear communication is key. Here are 5 tips to help you speak more clearly.
5 Tips to Speak More Clearly plus an audio to listen to.

Rose Byrne expertly learns a new accent; so expertly, that she was nominated for two Emmys and two Golden Globes for playing the supporting role of Ellen Parsons.


Becoming fluent in English can be tricky! English’s crazy vocabulary is almost definitely to blame.
Here are 15 words that look and sound totally weird.

There’s nothing more impressive than learning an actor is learning a new accent, and doing it flawlessly. This is no easy task, but the actors listed below are just a few of those who pull it off without effort.

Actors are often asked to play a character whose accent is different from their own, which can be daunting. However, these are just some of those who fully put on the character and surprise us when they take it off again.

Actors Portia de Rossi, Anthony La Paglia, and Charlize Theron have received training to reduce their native accents and develop American accents. Interested in learning how? Contact me today.

What is accent reduction? It helps you communicate more effectively and gives you the confidence you need to excel at work. Book a free screening now.

Overcoming an accent is difficult, even for people who have lived in a foreign country most of their lives, or actors who have spent years training themselves to sound authentic in a second language.

Accents are extremely difficult to lose because our infant brains codify a lifetime's worth of sounds before we've spoken our first word

From ‘Kerfuffle’ to ‘Discombobulate’ here are 15 weird English words.

It is always great to have a wide vocabulary. You speak a lot clearer. Have fun as you learn with these weird and wonderful English words!

If your accent is getting in your way of success at work, here are some ideas and tips.

For Tony Danza, having a thick regional accent keeps him working. But for the rest of us who are interviewing and looking for jobs, sounding like Snooki from Jersey Shore or Matt Damon when he played that "wikkid smaht kid," is not helpful.

Is your goal in 2017 to be more successful at work? Or maybe it’s to speak more clearly when networking. Here are 5 tips to help you speak more clearly, and be more successful at work.

9 Tips if You’re Making Work-Related New Year’s Resolutions.

The new year is here, and for many of us, that means new year’s resolutions. And many of us make resolutions related to our work lives.

Confidence is the first resolution mentioned in this list of resolutions for successful people. What is your New Year’s resolution?

"Only then will I be on par with his other great hero, Spiderman."

Is clear communication on your to-do list this year? Get a free screening now and let me help you achieve your goals.

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Do you want to see more gigs, get more sleep, keep a diary, or learn a language this year? Here’s a roundup of the best goal-oriented apps.

Do you want to see more gigs, get more sleep, keep a diary, or learn a language in 2017? Here’s a roundup of the best goal-oriented apps

Happy New Year! Here is to a successful 2017!

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