Rabbi David Rosen ACCESS Summit Preview
ACCESS Pre-Summit Party
Kevin Chen, a leader of CCC, talks to ACCESS NY
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When it comes to campus pro-Israel advocacy, it is our students who must lead us. AJC fully supports these young leaders, and reiterates our stance that Canary Mission’s McCarthyite blacklist is detrimental to real advocacy.

(JTA) — We are Jewish and pro-Israel students who are active within our Jewish communities on college campuses across North America. Many of us have helped organize against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions-affiliated movements throughout our time on campus. Over the course of our time fightin...

Did you know that in honor of Israel's 70th Anniversary, our annual conference will be held in Jerusalem, June 10-13, 2018!?!

*Hear from Israeli Leaders and Decision-Makers
*Visit Historic and Strategic Sites
*Network with Jews from Around the World...
*Meet with Members of Knesset and Foreign Diplomats

Join us:

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