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Brina Greis
· January 20, 2018
You guys love your rude cashiers. I'm not one for dropping names, but, this is necessary. In the Brigantine store, Meg, is a miserable troll. She's only nice to customers that she likes. She never say...s good morning, ask how you're doing, or even talk to ME. This troll has been working in that store even before it was an Acme. Her attitude is terrible, she has absolutely no people skills, she has a very nasty temperament. This morning I ended up leaving my unpaid groceries behind because of her attitude. She could have fun putting them back, I went to ShopRite in Absecon after I walked out, they greeted me. Those employees at ShopRite were very warm. They were friendly. Maybe it's worth the drive offshore not to deal with Meg. See More
Loretta Rogers
· February 15, 2018
So disappointed in the Acme at 19th & Oregon in Philadelphia. I went on Tuesday, around Noon, and purchased a Tuna Hoagie. Either the person who made it does not like their job or they were not ins...tructed on how to make a hoagie or the store tells them to make it like they did. There is no way this was 1090 calories. There was not 4 T of tuna on the hoagie including the lettuce smashed into it. Really, you could not put 4 tomato slices on it?! I like the store but this is not right. See More
Melissa Frabizzio Smith
· December 18, 2017
Your King of Prussia store management is nothing short of atrocious.

It was more than appalling today when the manager of the store was yelling across the store at an employee who was doing nothing w...rong at the register. Customers literally were telling the manager to stop and the manager scoffed it off a few times and customers let her know you can’t talk to people that way and that she needed help. She refused
to help and proceeded to continue yelling at her. Until enough customers started defending the cashier at which point the manager flippantly said she didn’t feel well today. Customers told her it was no excuse and she defiantly said “you don’t deal with her all day, I constantly have to deal with her.” This is beyond appalling that your management degrades employees like this... it was absolutely disgusting. I have no desire to be back in your store ever again.
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Anna Matthews
· February 18, 2018
I bought their fresh guacamole on Saturday February 10,2018, priced 2 for $6 from the one on City Line Avenue in Bala Cynwd and me and my daughter both had food poisoning. They never apologized or wel...comed me to return to get my money back. I was told by the manager that their insurance company would be calling me and I have yet to receive a phone call. I told them to make sure they pulled that batch off the shelf so no one else would get sick. They never thanked me for letting them know. See More
Chelsea Oller Shellenbarger
· April 2, 2018
Why do you even have self check lanes in your Mt. Airy store if you are 1. not going to keep them working properly, and 2. have a rude employee double check the contents of the bag while muttering her breath? If I were going to steal, it would not be a 49 cent package of ramen. You seem to forget that there are like 5 supermarkets in a 3 mile radius. I haven't. See More
Adam Kushner
· March 26, 2018
Fed up with the ACME in Fort Lee N.J. And from Manager to District Manager to Reginal Manager They all are no Help. They try to Quote Store Policies. While at Store Level do not even acknowledge Th...eir Names and seem to not really care about Customers. And when told to call Store Manger while He was sanding right in front of Me and ask for His number being told just look at My Receipt it’s right there and can’t even being bothered to give a business card was like get lost attitude. The Store never gives Me issues when buying multiple offers of 12 pack sodas or rain checks. This Visit went for the tail end of the sale everything was sold out. Got last of the 4 offers were left. And asked for a bunch rain checks. They called the Manager over He called the District Manager over and started about I cleaned out the Shelf no one else can buy anymore. Then got from District Manager how hard it is for the Manager to order the Products for the rain checks And Then tried tell Me should try call the Manger to see if can order extra for the sale for Me. Like I know way a head of time what’s on sale. Then They were complaining about the offers getting. Told them I was told way back. If it’s a problem will pay for one go out side and buy another. Like was told years ago by the District Manager in Long Beach Island Region. He said no Hd will not let Me. So lead to a few calls to ACME Corporate and Regional Manager He called Me gave Me a Story that Coke. and I was Buying Canada Dry has a agreement with Acme not to sell bulk and long sob story. Then told Me it’s up to the Manger if He wants to sell anyone bulk a compleate reversal of what just told Me. So told Hin it’s ok will just come up with My Freind and His Nephew to come buy more. He said the Manager can refuse to sell it to Us because Shopping Together. 3 people are 3 customers. Really fed up would like to talk to someone in Corporate Office to go over all these issues. I am still Pissed being told it’s a problem making more work for the Manager comments. That’s His Job. ( and what pissed Me off the most in the Wise Ass District Manager said to Me when said was Calling the Corporate Number. That is does not matter He is the one Corporate is going have call Me back. ) you have had Managers . Lead by bad Dustrict Managers and a Reginal Manager that just pissec Me off more. ) See More
Amber Nicole
· December 30, 2017
Location in Montclair NJ. I usually ignore the incredibly rude cashier that we always seem to get, but tonight I can no longer ignore him. I had never used a gift card before at Acme, and I had receiv...ed 2 for Xmas. I handed them to him to scan at the end (mind you that I have a neck brace on after just having spinal surgery on Tuesday). And he looks at me and goes “what? You need to swipe them. (Pointing to the credit card scanner that I can’t look down and see) that’s obviously there for a reason”. When I said, “excuse me?”He ignored me. And he’s lucky that there was a young child behind me, or I would have lost it. He then KEPT my gift card at the end of the transaction. I was so angry and embarrassed , that I didn’t care that I just lost $1. Unacceptable Acme!!!! See More
Marie Romantini
· March 9, 2018
I want to express my disappointment in one of your products that come from China. GARLIC . Please do not do this to our farmers in the USA. Gilroy, California grows wonderful garlic and they are no...t half way around the world. Also, a bag of nuts from China? What is that about? I will not be an ACME customer any longer and will be advising friends and family of my findings there. In the future, Please try to support our farmers in the USA. See More
Vasilios Mitropoulos
· April 25, 2018
So can a customer go into your store and type the code “1050” and get discounts? Or is it reserved for your own employees to use and steal money just like in the RANDOLPH store currently? Oh and no on...e gets In trouble😂the white privilege is strong with this company See More
Francheska Torres
· December 5, 2017
I was shopping in the Acme in Edgewater NJ and was about to buy the "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" Lancaster chicken breast (@$5.99/lb) when I noticed one had the price tag still on it from BEFORE the sale (@3.99.../lb). I took a photo as proof and the store would not honor the 3.99/lb price. Is this the reality of your sales? Raise the price and put it as Buy 1 Get 1 Free? See More
Saundra English
· November 25, 2017
Went to buy some Purdue chicken nuggets and to my surprise the regular price was $6.49 per pack but was on sale for $4.99. Giant has the exact same product at a regular price of $2.99 and on sale for... $1.99. I literally just walked out in disgust. You know a few pennies difference I can understand but not $3. Does anyone do any comparable shopping at Acme vs competitors? See More
Sharon Feducia Tidwell
· March 30, 2018
In general I like Acme and always have a positive experience when I go. However I just purchased Signature Kitchens chicken noodle soup, it was horrible! I've been trying to navigate the site to pos...t a complaint and there's no way to contact the company to complain about the quality of their product. See More
CaptainJohn GiddyUp Bunch
· December 2, 2017
JC! You are dearly/sorely missed by everyone at the Easton Acme. Things began to depreciate about 2 weeks after you left. Can you imagine walking into the Acme Market/21601 on a Saturday Morning and f...inding O-Nada-Zilch Chicken Fryers? Successful & smooth running businesses require effective leaders. Jamie Clough ran a tight ship. The Acme Brand in Easton. Md was formerly a quality Super Market. The current is adrift with no direction. And if they wish to know who posted concern on FB, print this out for Management & have them contact me. Suggest they zoom into the letter & connect the dots. Acme Markets should NEVER lose Market Share because of attention to detail & bad management. Jamie needs to return to Easton to help this struggling location. See More
Monica G Kellogg
· January 22, 2018
You know what is rude? When a cashier is talking to another employee while ringing and no one is bagging the customers groceries! If your employees are going to stand around talking to each other they... could at least bag groceries at the same time. Retraining is in order in Upper Darby PA! See More
John Meg King
· March 6, 2018
I just wanted to let you know you have the most AMAZING employee at the ACME in Scarsdale, NY. Every Tuesday and Saturday, my girls attend gymnastics in the same shopping center as the ACME. The, kindest soul, Matt, can be found greeting costumers in the parking lot, organizing shopping carts, returning food to their proper place in the aisles, etc. He always goes out of this way to talk to the customers, ask how they are and to be helpful! Do I need something from ACME...not always, but Matt is a true draw.
Today, I had three of my children... 4, 2 and 1 with me. We crossed paths with Matt several times. He took the time explain to my little guy (with all the questions), that he was not shopping but rather bringing products back to where they belong. When we were leaving...I walked out with the double stroller with my 4-year-old leading the charge. My 2-year-old was right behind me, but the automatic doors closed on my son catching his hand. Matt saw this before I did and rushed to him. To made sure he was ok when I scooped him up and then assured that the customers the came out behind me were also ok and were not hurt by the door.
Matt has so many characteristics that make him special...not different! It is easy in this life to be hurried but we should all be more like Matt. We should take time to say hi, tell someone..."I missed you buddy", run to someone’s aid when they are hurt and just show absolutely happiness at what we do.
I am certain, I am not the first and definitely won't be the last customer that is in awe of the person Matt is! I hope the ACME family is aware of Matt and how absolutely wonderful he is! Thank you for seeing the person Matt is and I hope you appreciate what he brings to the Scarsdale ACME!
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James Henderson
· October 16, 2017
Bare and switch Markets should be the name of the Levittown Pa store. We went into the store to purchase some fresh vegetables and could not find them in the store. The produce person went in the back... and retrieved them in the back. He told us they were out of the packaged veggies. The veggies were $1 more per pound. As a retiree on a fixed income this is a lot. The store did not offer a rain check since they had the veggies nor did they offer the lower sale price. I will shop at Giant from now on! See More
Sadie Soto Badillo
· April 1, 2018
Pretty sad that I bought a pork shoulder and a tray of mixed vegetables and did not notice that it had a passed expiration date, I opened both and it smelled horrible. I will never shop their again
Dennis Gottschalk
· February 20, 2018
In ACME On the PA >>>...."TY for shopping ACME, where safety is always first. Please have children remain seated while in carriage kiddy seats, and leaving children unattended in a carriage is a no, n...o."

A No, No. He's not speaking to the children, he's speaking to parents, adults I hope.... telling them, not to do this, it's a "NO, NO".

No one went up to the courtesy counter and said, "Do I look like a 6 yr old or a puppy? I haven't responded well to . "it's a NO, NO" since I was 10.

This is America.
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Joan George
· October 31, 2017
Acme in old Bridge, NJ took over an A&P. Prices are higher, selection is less . I was under the impression that Tuesday is Senior Discount Day. When the discount was not given today a call to customer... service informed me that it was not EVERY Tuesday. He did not know how one could find out if this week was lucky. Suggested that I carefully check their flyer weekly. What total nonsense. Instead I will seek another food source. See More
Katherine Garrison
· December 7, 2017
Never again will I buy from acme! I purchased beech nut organic baby food and a pork loin. When I got home I noticed neither of the items had expiration dates. This could turn into a huge problem for ...acme if they are rubbing off expiration dates and still selling these items! See More