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Before/After shot of a dump bed truck our store in St John's, NL. just finished up!
#ProfessionalGradeInstallation #ram5500 #dumpbed

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Action Car and Truck TV Commercial
All set for Trailfest 2017- DAY 1. Nice day to get dirty! #trailfest17 #bobcageon
Check out this install from our store in Mississauga, ON Front and Rear Bumpers with build in LED's by Paramount Automotive and Side Steps by ARIES Automotive #ProfessionalGradeInstallation
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Allen Goland
· February 24, 2018
I usually keep quiet when dissatisfied but this bothered me I had the privilege of seeing your products at the auto show yesterday I have a 97 tj that is presently in Michigan. Bringing it here a...nd it needs many products. Has been sitting for many years As I looked at your display your three sales people stayed at the desk ignoring me and others. I even sarcastically asked for info and they pointed to your bags no attempt at help. Anyway. We walked quite a bit and wound up back there. Same people. Same inactivity. Very interested in their cell phones. Still ignoring us as well as numerous people. I was a retail
Manager for 40 years and lack of customer service is a killer. I plan on having to spend thousands of dollars getting my Jeep back to roadworthy but sadly none of this money will bd going your direction. This is just a heads up for the future. Thank you for your time
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Roger Michaud
· December 12, 2017
Fantastic place to shop for vehicle products but I am very upset that you guys do not have a location in Fredericton NB. It is not fair. Why do St John and Moncton get a store but not Fredericton? We ...are the capital city, Why not here, I'm tired of driving so far. When will we have a store??? See More
Pierre-Luc Noël
· November 23, 2017
Thanks Action for the fast delivery of my tonneau cover. Bought it yesterday online and it was delivered at my door today!!! I love my new Undercover ultraflex and fit perfect on my f150!!

Thank you again
Kevin Morris
· November 10, 2017
Stood in that place for 30mins ready to spend lots (there were 2 other customers who left) 2 guys just answered the phone an one said be right with you" 2 guys came in and were served first. Stay away... folks service is fkn awful in WPG. Will not be back. See More
Richard Palmer
· September 27, 2017
I wanted to take the time to thank and acknowledge George, John, Connor, and the entire team at Action Car & Truck accessories CALGARY for a job very well done!

There was a misunderstanding in regard...s to what I thought I was ordering and what was delivered in regards to the roof rack system for the Thule hullavators that were to be installed.
George, John, and Conner went ABOVE AND BEYOND to rectify the situation and remedy the misunderstanding. Their professionalism and outstanding customer service is very much appreciated.

I am very happy with the end results. Great job guys!!
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Sylvie Schaffer
· December 6, 2017
Awesome service as always and great quality products! This is our one stop shop for any and all our accessories needed!
Lorraine Wales
· March 30, 2018
Kingston, Action Car and Truck Accessories... Great service, got what i wanted and installed in a timely manner. Amazed at the amount of product they have on hand and at competitive prices. Will retur...n if i need anything else. See More
Ken Peters
· February 16, 2017
By far the best people to work with I'm the A.R.E. driver that delivers to Moncton,NB every week as you all know weather as been pretty bad with three back to back storms this last one on 2/16/17 kin...da made me sit for extra day in Moncton they made sure I had everything I needed it's like being at home away from home I'm from Ohio 1200 miles away it's not all about retail and sales but kindest of the employees at that Facility that really is appreciative Thank you . See More
Brodie Kutcher
· February 8, 2017
The regina store manager is a shyster. The regina store put the wrong lift in for my truck and when I told them about it was met with anger and almost threats. I had to replace my tires on my own bec...ause the lift cupped them. They wouldnt even replace anything their mistake had messed up. In the end I just got the right kit at a reduced cost... Which im sure they made money on and a 200 dollar gift certificate because they couldnt give me money back.. Wich ive unfortunately lost because it has been 2 years since I have darkened their door.. The guy even recommended me a bad brand to replace it with and ive had a-arm issues..This company doesn't do customer service very well. Even if they f#ck up you will have to pay for their mistake over and over again and that isnt right... See More
Jerry King
· October 21, 2017
After all the bad reviews, which is shocking, I will never purchase from this store.
I give them no more than a year...
Corey Landry
· February 3, 2018
Thay have a hard time finding parts even when the truck is parked by the front door .
Sean Oshaughnessy
· October 31, 2017
I've gotten 2 snow plows over the years from the Saint John NB Location. I'm physically disabled and no longer able to use a snow blower. On both plow purchases, the Management & Staff of the Saint NB Location couldn't have done or shown anymore of a professional & positive site rep than what they did. One plow was a snow bear, the other was a snow sport plow. See More
Amber Joyce Perry
· June 18, 2016
My fiance and I went to the Peterborough location looking for a roof rack and kayak carrier. We spoke with a man who seemed knowledgeable and helpful, and provided us with a quote for a complete syste...m for my two door car. We brought the information he provided home, and returned the next day to order it. The woman who was working couldn't seem to find a compatible rack/kayak carrier for my car, so we returned with the paper we had been provided, and she ordered it based off of what the man had given us the previous day. We waited over a week for the delivery to arrive, and finally got to installing it 2-3 days later. My fiance fought with the roof rack, which was supposed to be 'custom fit' to my car for three days, upon which point I decided to look into the Thule company website, only to find that the system we were sold is for a four-door car, not a coupe. So $700 and two wasted weeks later, we are left disappointed, and still without a proper carrier system. I will not return, waste of time and money. See More
Matthew Murdie
· April 29, 2016
By far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I went in to purchase rims and tires on April 18 was advised after I paid my deposit 1200 that they would be ready to be installed by Mond...ay April 25. On Monday April 25 I called to find out when I can come in to do the install only to be told that the rims are on back order and it would be another week. That wasn't acceptable for me so they offered that I come in and pick out another set and that they would try to keep it close to the same price. I picked out another set and was told they would call me on Thursday or Friday to do the install. So still not receiving a call today by noon Friday I called and was advised the tires would be in at 330 and I would get a call for the install to be done today. Knowing they close at 6 I went to the store in Saint John at 515 only to find out that the guy that does the installs left at 430. So at this point I asked for a refund to which I was told I have to wait for a manager on Monday. This is unacceptable and your business will never get a cent of mine again. Had I ordered on eBay I would already have my rims and tires and not wasted multiple hours on 3 different days See More
Andrew Finn
· April 20, 2016
I debated giving Action a 2 star review for their installation of a Ranger Shelving System in my 2016 Ford Transit, probably should have. Clearly they did a rush job leaving plenty of the nuts and bo...lts loose and at least one missing. When I pointed this out when picking it up I was told they could add a bracket to stop the banging as it was a flaw of the shelving system. As for the other rattles and noises I was told to drive it for a while and they could look at it later if I wasn't satisfied. It was easier to tighten up the loose nuts myself and to use a piece of carpet to muffle the sound of the side that bangs until I get a couple of hours to take it apart and fix it myself. Facebook is blocking the link to the video I did of the install so search this phrase "Ranger shelving installed in Ford Transit 250 by Action Trucks" Unfortunately there is no one else to supply the ranger system in St. John's that I could find but I recommend saving money and installing it yourself if you buy one from them. See More
Josh Taylor
· December 21, 2015
ordered a plow system from the saint john nb location 2 weeks ago and paid 1000 dollar deposit . they said when originally ordered it will be on by x Mas . called today because never heard from them ...since day I ordered it. they took a message and said they would call back. waited 4 hrs no call . called back and come to find out the plow system I had " purchased" isn't in stock . not only did they not try to rectify the problem they tried to upscale me into a more expensive plow witch was 500 dollars more . . and I would have to wait longer ..went to the competitor in the city and will have my plow on by x Mas . thanks a lot action very disappointed in customer service . BTW I would have bought the more expensive plow if I was called a week ago. See More
Linda Bissonnette
· May 18, 2017
Stay away. Took for 2 months to receive ventvisors, mud flaps and rubber mats and that stuff was order back in October and was received some time in January. After asking me for half the value of the... whole order (something I wouldn't recommend you might be a fly by night but guess who is?) including installation, the ventvisors on my husband's truck did not fit. Another set was order and still they had issues with it because they said a black molding piece was missing on the windows. So I took it to the dealer and now we have Ford ones so I sent Shawn Atwill an email about installing those ventvisors because I've already paid for installation time, I had no answers to my email. My ventvisors on my car the driver's side every time I open the driver's door the passenger's door ventvisor come off bad installation. The mat in my car on button was always coming apart, I called Shawn and he said that they screw on the mat that's fine but there was a defect so I handed up gluing the button with my gorilla glue and now it doesn't come off anymore. I went back to that place at least 3 times with my husband; clear across town I live in Carleton Place. No more, now that they've been paid for installation for ventvisors on my husband's truck that were never installed the thieves are not even returning my emails. See More
Richard Shamy
· September 24, 2016
I ordered items from Action and their customer service and the retail stores staff are amazing. A great place to shop for truck supplies. I would recommend them highly. They will bend backwards to hel...p you and look after you. See More
Jamie Harms
· January 3, 2016
Went there to get a slip tank and pump installed on my truck they charged me 350 so I thought I'd would get done properly....fist tank of fuel every joint leaked had to redo it all...then but 3 mouths... after the tank moved they didn't even bolt it done just used little srews. ...and it only took them 6.5 hours to do it...never again will I go there...that was the Winnipeg one See More
Michael Macdonald
· May 10, 2016
I bought a seat from action car and truck in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island... When it came in , it wasn't what I thought it was, the employe didn't tell me it was a special order and none refunda...ble... They won't take it back the next day, "well I thought you knew that.. I just assumed he said"
The worst customer service ever, you don't assume anything, it's your job to tell the customer...
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