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Happy for those who will be helped.
Pissed off about those left out!
Who is ready to continue fighting for human rights, relief for immigrants both here and those already deported, income equality and getting money out of the political process?

We are at a crucial point in the history immigration policies and need your support. Do you know anyone who is currently in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program?

The DACA Project UCLA is currently conducting research on the economic benefits of DACA recipients. Findings will be presented to the White House in December to further contribute to the conversation towards a comprehensive immigration reform and empirically support President Obama's prospective ...executive order. If you know anyone under DACA, please help us make an impact on progressive immigration politics by putting a number on their success! Please follow the link, and help us spread the word!!!

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Please support The DACA Project UCLA . You can contribute with a donation, share this page with friends, or help fundraise online for us today with Fundly

If you are able, please help a friend raise funds so her family can be reunited.

Support Orlando: Call ICE and urge them to release Orlando: National Headquarters: 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100 Sign the petition:
So you’re at a party, and someone says something ignorant. And while you know that they’re in the wrong, and that you could totally engage them and win if you were a bit more prepared, your words
A critically ill five year old U.S. citizen, Isabelle is about to lose her daddy to deportation. Her disabled mother, Lisa, is also a U.S. citizen...

Please make the calls!

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1. End policies that rely only on enforcement and deterrence as the sole means of regulating migration.
2. Address the root causes of immigration, and change US policy so that it doesn’t foster and produce conditions that force hundreds of thousands of people each year to leave their countries of origin in order to simply survive.
3. Tie all current and future trade, military, and foreign aid agreements to not only worker pro...

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Adrian Israel Ocampo Roman (A# 077-23-2385) is currently being held in immigration detention in Washington state. He was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and suffering from ketosis, an illness which if not treated could have serious medical conditions, including death.…/father-of-autistic-…/ is a project of NDLON to foster collaboration between individuals, organizations, and artists to support individuals in deportation proceedings to stay in the place they call home and to build a movement to push back against criminalization and toward inclusion through orga...

Via Mohammad Abdollahi
Just now
Hey folks 10minutes until we do a quick check in with dreamers from mexico before the big day tomorrow.

Deportations have exploded in recent years, topping 400,000 in 2012, more than double the number seven years earlier. U.S. lawmakers are debating an overhaul to the country’s immigration system that could include a fix for immigrants who were brought in illegally as children. Many have grown up in A...

My Friend Darwin Chanaba has a new page he would like for people to check out.
He hopes to establish a good community organizing foundation. The page is about a community radio station and topics will cover will immigration, workers rights, the labor movement, the growth and the influence of the Latino community in this area, civic engagement and cultural enrichment!

1) ICE Field Office Director in New Orleans, Brian Acuna, at (504) 599-7868
2) New ICE Director John Sandweg at (888) 351-4024
3) Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor at (877) 259-9602
4) Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe at (501) 682-2345


When you call, we recommend that you speak from the heart, but here is a suggested script:
"Hello, my name is _____________,
I am from ___(town)___, Arkansas. I am calling to ask
____(the name of ICE Director/Senator that you are calling)____
to please grant prosecutorial discretion to Arkansan Oscar Perez-Vasquez, (A-093-460-970) and stay his deportation scheduled for this Wednesday. Oscar is a valued member of the community of Rogers, Arkansas and a loving father of two U.S. citizen children and a husband to a loving wife, Amanda. Oscar is an avid community volunteer and worker, and deserves to stay with his family and his community.
(For Sen. Pryor and Gov. Beebe only please add) Arkansas Congressman Womack submitted a letter last week requesting a stay and permanent residency for Oscar. As an Arkansas elected official, I would appreciate if your office would do the same by calling ICE Field Office Director Brian Acuna in New Orleans and ICE Director John Sandweg today.

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Please help an amazing young man achieve his goal. Sergio C. Garcia is a good friend who has not only achieved much himself but has also helped many others in his journey so far. If everyone would please sign, share and promote this to your friends it would be greatly appreciated!…/support-sergio-garcia-s-american-d…

ADT- Action Dream Team updated their cover photo.
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“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
~Michael Jackson