Warren Buffet - October 11, 1999
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Robert Reich
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In the wake of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, Barack and Michelle Obama penned this beautiful letter to the students. These are the words of a President and First Lady whose eloquence, intelligence, and integrity made them worthy of the White House. Your thoughts?

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The power of empowerment. Education and citizenship in practice.

The students of Stoneman Douglas have been the beneficiaries of the kind of 1950s-style public education that has all but vanished in America.

Power to the people...

Two weeks ago, 17 people lost their lives in a senseless and tragic school shooting in the U.S. The issue of gun violence and questions surrounding responsible gun use, ownership and manufacturing have made headlines around the world. While these issues are seemingly unrelated to MEC, it has recentl...
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Masses Unite

Please read this single page of reasonable measures that Dick’s Sporting Goods will now live by ... so that others may as well.
It’s this easy, ladies and gent...lemen, and this is what we must insist upon. It will not stop all gun violence, but it is a step in the right direction and will, no doubt, save lives.

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“It’s going to be full of failure, and we’ll rejoice in it, and we’ll move on."

A local teacher wants her students to fail and get over it – and the Burnaby school board has just approved a new course to help them do it. Burnaby school trustees have approved Improvisation 12. . .

“Society demands conformity at the expense of individual liberty. Let us be for once a non-conformist to be fully alive.” — Wayne Dyer

New Year's Resolution Reboot

Got something you don't need in your life? Old boxes, makeup, clothes? Relationships? It's time to put all that behind you.
Mark MacNicol

Adults: Kids are more depressed these days I wonder why?

Kids: You destroyed the economy. The earth is dying. We'll be working until we die. The Nazis are back.

Adults: It's tablets and smart phones.

Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan believes ADHD is the result of fuzzy diagnostics.

As Australian white supremacists surrounded an Iranian-born lawmaker at a pub in Melbourne, calling him a "monkey" and a "terrorist," a colleague stepped in.

“This type of extremism, this white nationalism, this is what leads to Charlottesville in the U.S.,” said the Iranian-born lawmaker.

I have a sense that the hate and spite that has filled so much of our national discourse is spurring a backlash of decency and civility. "Enough!" The majority ...seems to be saying. "We are better than this. And we know it."

It is incumbent on those with platforms to try to change the tenor and tone of our civic life. So tonight, when the President tweets insults and name-calling befitting a grade school bully, a professional athlete rises as an alternative example of leadership.

A big Texas tip of the Stetson to the NBA superstar Stephen Curry. I implore you to read and share his Veterans Day message. It is worthy of contemplation. It is worthy of this moment in time. It is worthy of America.

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One thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, especially today on Veterans Day, is what it means to have a platform.