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Brett Graboyes
· December 9, 2016
Lived here for a few months and absolutely hate it. The management is horrible and rude. Forget calling to complain about anything because nothing comes of it u...nless for sound complaints. I Can barley even watch tv with out ppl calling in, and they are quick to tell you that your being loud. Yet I've complained over 15 times about ppl walking there dogs with no leash.Even given names and apartments yet nothing happens. On top of all this I called today to see if they did there annual maintenance in which the office lady confirmed that they had done it. But when I checked my hvac filter it's 2 and a half years old.... They never came In my house I have a camera and the filter to prove it. I'm sick of being lied to. This place is terrible. Not to mentions there's always kids parked in the back hotboxing, littering, drinking. They don't even live here. See More
Felicia Harris
· June 24, 2016
Ever since the new company took over it has been horrible for anyone who has been a long time resident. If you paid a security deposit with the original company... don't expect to actually see that money when you move out. Also apparently 3 years with a dog isn't long enough for the carpet to need to be changed so be careful when you move in too. I'm sure they will treat new customers great but the old ones on their way out will be screwed over at every point so be prepared when it's time for you to move out. See More
Rogerick Currie
· November 28, 2016
This new management team is nasty, lazy, neglectful and rude. They are nice to people when it's time to sign your lease, but after that, they DO NOT care about ...customer service. They don't have anyone maintaining upkeep of the complex as they should. Leaves are everywhere. There are constant break-ins and they have not explored measures to keep the community safe other than having a security car patrol ONLY the front of the complex. They lie about what is in their power to do. They also push you off to someone else when you have an issue and if that person is not there they, they WILL NOT contact you back. I have never had run-ins before with property management until now. My dishwasher can't clean wet ketchup off of a fork.

And Jennifer does not care about her residents. All she seems to do is listen to herself when you speak. Smh
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Brenda Lee
· March 9, 2016
The apartment were beautiful until Waterford bought them straight unprofessional, ratchet office management, the property grounds are horrible it used to beauti...ful cleaned every day josh them maintenance were neat and clean now maintenance looks like should I open the door manager Rene is straight rude and ratchet just a dummy with a job don't know who hired her but they should be fired along with her shameful just shameful don't move here don't move here don't move here See More
Alexis C McNeil
· February 10, 2016
It was a amazing place to live until they were bought out by waterton now management is very rude. I may buy out of my lease just not to deal with them any further. Miss bh management team they were the greatest and always polite and understanding in situations
Rae'onna Storm
· February 29, 2016
Wish I knew they were changing management because I would have moved with them.... things are TOTALLY Different & somethings can't be accepted...Customer service is inconsiderate, no social skills
Kesha Evans
· May 28, 2016
It's an all around well community. Friendly staff as well.
Jamey Campbell
· March 22, 2015
It was a great place to live for 3 wonderful years
Vladimir Gillette
· April 27, 2016
Nicely built and very quiet it is a great place to live
Monica Wilder Hickman
· June 7, 2014
Friendly staff & great community events!

Coat drive success!! This community is amazing!!! Thank you for coming together to give selflessly for our last event. What a gift it has been to be your CARES team. Thank you for welcoming us in with open arms! To keep in touch send us a message! - your CARES team, Kristen Rae and Thaddeus Fennig

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Reminder to bring all clothing donations to the leasing office!! Tax deductible donation receipts and a barrel for the donations are near the package check out! Thank you so much for contributing!